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The Best & Worst of Ruben Amaro Jr. (Part 1: The Best)

October 6th, 2013 by Mike H. | Comments Off on The Best & Worst of Ruben Amaro Jr. (Part 1: The Best) | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies


The fall of 2008 was a happy time for Philadelphia Phillies fans. Jimmy Rollins’ prophecy of being the team to beat had finally come true, and Pat Gillick’s genius shined thru and brought the team’s second world title in franchise history. We were on top of the world. As the future Hall of Famer stepped aside from the game, Ruben Amaro seemed primed to be next in line to take over the reigning World Champions. Since then, Amaro returned the Phillies to the World Series, but luck (and health), has not been on the team’s side. In the meantime, let’s look at the top ten moves the current GM has made to keep this team successful. (more…)

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Phillies Notes: 4/9

April 9th, 2013 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Phillies Notes: 4/9 | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies

Oswalt back to Philly??

by Michael Haftman

When asked by a fan on Twitter if he would return to Philadelphia, Roy Oswalt said that not only would he come back due to his friendship with Roy Halladay, but he hasn’t felt this good since 2010. Could a mid-season reunion be in store?

With the Phillies having question marks in the outfield, one has to wonder if the recently designated for assignment Julio Borbon would be worth placing a claim on. He’d definitely be both an offensive and defensive upgrade over Laynce Nix.

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Return To Oz?

May 19th, 2012 by Mike H. | 2 Comments | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies

Oswalt a Phillie again??

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports tweeted Friday that Roy Oswalt recently threw a bullpen for the Phillies. He also went on to report that it is very possible that Oswalt may sign as early as next week.

Now if the Phillies are attempting to bring back Oswalt for a second tour, one of two scenarios seem inevitable. The first is that Vance Worley’s injury is worse than reported. Would it really surprise any Phillies fan that the Phillies would not be entirely truthful about the health of a player.

The second scenario involves a complimentary move. Specifically, trading one of your current pitchers in the starting rotation. There would be no room for Oswalt if Worley is in fact healthy. Right now the only options that will potentially bring back any value are Cole Hamels and Joe Blanton, with Hamels bringing back a better return. Each day (and start) that passes, each pitcher’s value drops a little more. So if the Phillies are in fact close to bringing back Oswalt, a complimentary trade could be announced simultaneously. Which pitcher is involved is the more important question.

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Oswalt Remains Unemployed

February 8th, 2012 by AmyMac | 2 Comments | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies


By Amy McGinnis


With ten days left before pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in Clearwater, it seems that Ruben Amaro, Jr. has no plans to offer Roy Oswalt a contract.

Little Roy is seeking a one-year contract, but with the Phils, there seems to be one thing standing in his way. “We really don’t have any room for him. We have five, six starters, and our resources are about where we want to be right now,” Ruben said. “I think he wouldn’t mind coming back, but I don’t know that’s feasible or a real possibility.”

Joe Blanton and Roy Oswalt missed portions of the 2011 season due to injuries, and some would say that the two RHPs are interchangeable.  It makes sense: each has four pitches, postseason experience, and less-than-stellar numbers from their abridged season last year.  The biggest difference is that Blanton will be making $8.5M this season, and Oswalt appears to be set to make nothing.

If we look at last season’s numbers, they’re not a fair assessment for either pitcher, since Oswalt pitched 139 and Blanton pitched just 41.1.  The fact is, though, that Blanton’s 1-2 record, 5.01 ERA and 1.476 WHIP fall just short of Oswalt’s 9-10 record, 3.69 ERA and 1.338 WHIP.

So, let’s visit a fantasy land for a minute where another team would agree to take Blanton for this season.  I would love to have Oswalt back for one more year.  I’ve always been a big fan of his.  His tempo still impresses me, because he wastes no time between pitches.  He and Blanton each throw a fastball in the low 90s, but Oswalt always looks more aggressive.  In addition to the fastball, Blanton and Oswalt both throw a curveball, slider and a changeup (Oswalt added the Vulcan changedup in 2010).


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Offseason Decision: Roy Oswalt

November 2nd, 2011 by Mike H. | 4 Comments | Filed in Baseball, Phillies

Of the early decisions Ruben Amaro needs to make, one of the most crucial is whether to offer Oswalt arbitration. Oswalt was ranked by the Elias Sports Bureau as a Type A free agent. That means Oswalt’s future will go one of three possible ways.

1. The Phillies offer arbitration and Oswalt accepts. The Phillies are trying to avoid this. If Oswalt accepts he’s probably inline for a contract valued around 15-16 million dollars.

2. The Phillies offer arbitration and Oswalt declines. This would net a first or second round draft pick plus a compensation round pick if he signed elsewhere.

3. The Phillies don’t offer arbitration and Oswalt leaves for another team. The Phillies would receive no compensation in that scenario.

Despite struggling through back problems for a good part of the season, Oswalt managed 23 starts and posted a 9-10 record with a 3.69 ERA. It marked the first time since 2004 that Oswalt had not made at least 30 starts.

If healthy, Oswalt would be an attractive target for a lot of teams. The Yankees and Rangers both could be potential fits. The Yankees don’t have much proven depth behind Sabathia and the Rangers could potentially lose C.J. Wilson to free agency.



Happy Anniversary!

August 24th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Happy Anniversary! | Filed in Baseball, Phillies

Thou shalt not question me!

You wouldn't like it if I was angry.

This time last year the Phillies lost a heart breaker to the Houston Astros in 16 innings. The stories of the night eclipsed the outcome of the game as Scott Barry ejected Ryan Howard in the bottom of the 14th inning causing Howard to go ballistic and the ensuing use of Roy Oswalt in left field the following inning.

My versatility increases my value as a player!

Oswalt had the first pitch hit almost directly to him for the first out. Ryan Howard hasn’t been ejected since that game, while Barry’s most recent ejection was that of former Phillies farm hand and current Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Carlos Carrasco after throwing at Kansas City Royals’ Billy Butler’s head.


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Random Thoughts 5/18 Edition: Dirk Wins Game 1 for Mavs, Flyers Sign Goaltender, Heat-Bulls Game 2, Phillies Struggles Continue

May 18th, 2011 by Scott Dargis | Comments Off on Random Thoughts 5/18 Edition: Dirk Wins Game 1 for Mavs, Flyers Sign Goaltender, Heat-Bulls Game 2, Phillies Struggles Continue | Filed in Baseball, Basketball, Flyers, General, Hockey, Phillies

Last night was a fantastic television night for sports. The Thunder-Mavs, Bruins-Lightning, and Phillies-Cardinals were within six channels  of each other, so I hope you used your clicker as much as I did last night.

Dirk takes over, Barea plays huge minutes

The comparison that is dominating the sports airwaves today is Dirk Nowitzki’s performance to that of Larry Bird. It is a fair comparison,  Dirk put on a show last night that included setting the record for the most consecutive free throws made in a game with 24. He scored 48 points on just 12 shots, he went 12-15 from the floor. It was the best performance in a playoff game in the past decade.

Oklahoma City could not find the correct scheme to shut down the big shooter. Ibaka did just about everything he could, but it was no where near enough. Dirk is in a zone right now the likes of which we haven’t seen before. The only answer is going to be finding the two people who can play the correct double team because it is clear that if you leave one person on him he is going to burn you.

Again Russell Westbrook took too many bad shots, he was able to get to the line 18 times, but you can’t shoot 3 of 15 and expect to be effective. Thunder coach Scott Brooks finally had enough and went to Nate Robinson early in the 4th quarter instead of putting Westbrook back into the game. Robinson responded with two air balls and a shot that barely hit the rim. Brooks had no choice but to put Westbrook back in. If there was a game to bench your second best player, Game 1 is the time to do that.


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