TSP Babe of the Year 2020-21

Every year since 2012 TalkSportsPhilly in conjunction with Philly Babes has chosen one person to be the Babe of the Year, and thru the feedback received from the fans, it is Julie Abramson.  TSP couldn’t agree more with this year’s pick as she is both Beautiful and Stunning to look at, and really interesting to watch her travels around the World.  This total package is happily married and quite the Head turner in the business world as well as the social world.  Her name is Julie Abramson and she is the CEO of Jewelz Entertainment, a unique brand that adds a high class experience.

As you can see, Julie is very artistic in her modelling and photography.  She just adds a compelling view to any environment and still has that humble side.  TSP sends its congratulations to Julie and thanks her for our interactions over the years.  2020 has been a wild one so we need a real Jewel to pull us up from these trying times.  Julie is certainly one of the most beautiful women in the World.

Update: Julie is continuing to be the Babe of the Year in 2021 as well.  TSP and Philly Babes did this as well with Loren Wolf 2014-15 and Philly Soulmates 2017-18.  We had an Angel guiding us thru 2020’s moments, might as well keep her on board for 1 more…

Below is a partial portfolio of Julie’s work as a model, CEO, and World Traveler.  TSP is sure that any who look would agree. Stay Strong, Stay Bold, Stay Free… PHILLY SPECIAL: 

Some Really Amazing shots of Artistic Beauty



Julie on Instagram @ https://www.instagram.com/travel_jewelz/

She belongs on covers of the World Class Magazines!!, but we here at TalkSportsPhilly and Philly Babes are Happy she has shared her Beauty.  Julie has very good company with the former TSP Babes of the Year, Kourtney Reppert, Sarah Clayton, Loren Wolf, and The Philadelphia Soulmates… Just scroll down to enjoy some of our favorite shots of Julie, and Thank You!

We have a lot of High Praise for Julie’s Style, Speechless

Julie AbramsonYes there is so many incredible shots, it’s hard to pick just a few, A Rarity and Gift that only a few know how to bring Beauty with such Flavor, Presentation and Variety.

Check back in the Future to see Updates and More of the TSP Babe of the Year 2020 Julie Abaramson

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