I Should Be Charlie’s Sub For a Day

September 25th, 2011 by AmyMac | Filed under Baseball, General, Phillies.

By Amy McCormick

Eight. Eight games. Right down the toilet. It hurts to think about, and it’s painful to see it in black and white on my laptop screen. I suppose the insult to injury is that 75% of those losses have been to the Nationals and the Mets.

People keep asking me, “Is it ok to start worrying now?” Listen, I’m not worried. Coming from someone with an anxiety disorder, that speaks volumes. The reason that I’m not worried is that I know that this team has the talent, ability and skill to pull this off. They’ve plowed through this season owning MLB. We should rename the month of June to “Cliff” and August to “Lee.” We should all be wearing our socks above the knees. We should have “Good game, let’s go eat” in the dictionary with the definition, “You just got your asses handed to you by the Phils.” I fully believe and have total faith that this is the best team in baseball. I would marry this team if I could.

So, what’s my problem? I’m pissed off. I’m frustrated. I’m dumbfounded. Sure, these games are “meaningless,” as we all know. That doesn’t mean we should roll into the postseason with zero momentum. They’re better than this. This is not a team that mails in eight consecutive games. We’ve seen offensive slumps this season, but this is out of hand. I love Charlie Manuel, but I don’t know that his style of management is what we need this week. We need someone with zero tolerance for sloppy, lazy performances. We need someone who won’t hold back and get in these players faces. We need someone like me.

I’d let them know that these past eight games have been depressing to watch, and they’re breaking my heart right now. Why end a stellar season on such a sour note? The jam-packed September schedule? Not an excuse, fellas. Everybody’s tired, and Mother Nature happens. What it comes down to is you either play to your potential or you don’t. Right now, I see a lot of talent being crapped on.

Phillies, you’re better than this. Please pull it together. Doc takes the mound at 2:10 today, and while I trust that he can stop the bleeding, I want to see aggressive offense, too. We fans need a win to lift our spirits just as much as you do.

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2 Responses to “I Should Be Charlie’s Sub For a Day”

  1. ChrisLeo33 says:

    Great article Amy, you do have a talent for writing.

  2. Schmitty says:

    Amy, could not agree more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great article!