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Al DeMarco’s Friday Video Report

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Phillies vs. Mets – Series Preview

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Roy Halladay (17-10 2.36 ERA) vs. Jenrry Mejia (0-3 3.86 ERA)

TBA vs. Mike Pelfrey (13-9 3.96 ERA)

Roy Oswalt (5-1 2.30 ERA) vs. Jon Niese (9-7 3.85 ERA)

After taking two of three from the Marlins in Philadelphia, the Phillies take their one game division lead on the road to Citi Field for a three game set against the New York Mets.

In game one of the series, Roy Halladay will take his sparkling ERA and match up against young right hander, Jenrry Mejia. Mejia is a hard throwing pitcher with a couple of out pitches. He is very raw and worked primarily out of the bullpen until injuries to the rotation caused him to be pushed into that role. Halladay has been incredible as always but has a pedestrian 4.29 ERA in his last three starts. This Mets lineup should be just what the doctor (get it?) ordered to get Halladay back on track.


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Kendrick Vs. Worley – Choose your Mediocre Starter!

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Is there still time to send him to Japan?OK, maybe the title is a bit harsh.  No, nevermind… it’s pretty much accurate.  Maybe even a little nice.

As far as I can tell, the Phillies have yet to name their starting pitcher for Saturday’s tilt versus the NY Mess (see what I did there? Not the Mets, but the Mess… so original.. so insightful…I digress).  From all I have seen it looks like we will see the continuation of a below average season from Kyle Kendrick, and I really think that not only is it the wrong decision, but it is the wrong role for Kyle.

As I write this article we are creeping up on the one month anniversary of the last time Kyle was effective pitching a baseball.  I hate that I wrote that.  It sounds like high school kids celebrating that they have been holding hands, or whatever high school kids do these days (give eachother vd?).  In this case, however, its the truth.  On August 15th, Kendrick held the Mutts (there is again! I crack myself up) to one run over 6 2/3 fairly effective innings.


Since then, Kendrick has been a train wreck.  Four starts – 20 2/3 innings pitched, a sterling 7.84 ERA, 32 hits allowed, 5 strike outs, 6 walks.  Those numbers are flat out awful no matter how you slice them.  He only was able to throw more than 20 innings because the team was in the middle of playing 24 games in 23 days and Charlie had to force him to eat up innings to save the pen.  Otherwise, he’d be averaging roughly under 5 innings per start, and basically giving us a big steaming pile of crap on the mound.