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A Long Way Out – 2010-2011 76’ers Preview

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Could Jrue Be Part of a Sixers Resurgence?

I have a couple quick observations before we get into a look at the 76’ers upcoming season.

1- There is a very clear and distinct separation between where football and baseball (and maybe even hockey) stand in terms of popularity, and where the NBA has fallen to.  With both football and baseball you can find offseason dates with little effort.  The date pitchers and catchers report, the start of NFL training camp, heck even the dates the position players report and mini camps are readily available.

With the NBA, not so much.  I double dare you to take 3 minutes of your life and try to find me the official date for the start of training camp for the 76’ers.  Even tried and trusted Google let me down.  It’s almost like a bad secret no one wants to talk about.  If no one really cares about the regular season (including the players) for first 6 months of the year, then there may not be a single person alive, outside of those of us who are trying to write about it, who cares about the NBA training camp and preseason.  It’s sad really.



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Polanco Clutch in Game Two

Jekyll or Hyde?  Two different Phillies teams showed up yesterday as they split their day-night doubleheader against the Marlins.

In Game One, Phils fans all over the region were pulling their hair out as the offense went to sleep yet again.   Marlins rookie pitcher Adalberto Mendez (who?), making his major league debut, one-hit the Phillies through six innings, before Mendez injured himself running to first base on a single.

Dan Uggla drove in three runs for the Marlins, and Mike Stanton and Chad Tracy each homered for the Fish.