TSP Babe of the Year 2017-18

Every year TalkSportsPhilly and PhillyBabes pick out one woman to be TSP’s Babe of the Year …. Past Babes’s of the Year were Kourtney Reppert, Sarah Clayton, and Loren Wolf.  TalkSportsPhilly is going to do something a little different and have the Babe of the Year represent a team and a Captain Babe to represent them.  This Year TalkSportsPhilly has named Danielle and the Philadelphia Soulmates past and present as the TSP Babe of the Year 2017-18.  Congratulations Soulmates, you define beauty, class, and talent in the Philly Sports World.  TSP gives you a Salute! Thank you for your great service around the City of Philadelphia and Jersey.

Represents the Philadelphia Soulmates Past and Present, True Philly Babes

Philadelphia Soulmate Danielle (Bella)



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