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Countdown To Opening Day 2012: 2 Days

April 3rd, 2012 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Countdown To Opening Day 2012: 2 Days | Filed in Baseball, Phillies

The Phillies are just two days away from starting the 2012 season, and with Chase Utley out for an indefinite amount of time, what exactly does Freddy Galvis have to do to be considered a success. Obviously, Galvis’ game and Utley’s game in his prime are two completely different games and Galvis will probably hit for nowhere near as much power. So what does Galvis have to do? A lot less than you may think.

We need to establish that Galvis isn’t trying to replicate Chase Utley’s 2011 as a base, but that of Utley, Michael Martinez, Wilson Valdez, and Pete Orr, as all four players made up the 162 games at 2B. Without getting too in-depth, the four players hit a combined .239 and got on base at a rate of .309. Granted Galvis has absolutely zero big league experience and he hasn’t really proven he can hit for average consistently, but over the 365 days, Galvis has played AA, AAA, Winter League and Spring Training baseball. In that time Galvis has amassed a line of roughly .270/.320, but as long as he continues his superb defense and hits at least .240/.315, the Phillies will not lose too much at second base.

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Countdown To Opening Day 2012: 11 Days

March 25th, 2012 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Countdown To Opening Day 2012: 11 Days | Filed in Baseball, Phillies

I know it’s been a while since my last “countdown”, but let’s get back into it as we hit the home stretch. Today, I wanted to chat a little bit about a subject that is close to everyone’s heart: Chase Utley. He’ll always be known for Harry referring to him as “the man” and the iconic “World [expletive deleted] Champions!”, but is that all he will be known for? (more…)

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Amaro Says Trading Valdez Was a Mistake

March 23rd, 2012 by Johnny G | Comments Off on Amaro Says Trading Valdez Was a Mistake | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies

Well that was fast. Ruben Amaro Jr. appeard on 97.5’s the Fanatic earlier today and said it was “foolish” to trade Wilson Valdez. He also said that if he could go back, he wouldn’t have made the deal.

While it is somewhat refreshing to hear a GM admit his mistakes, most casual fans were perplexed by the Valdez deal at the time. Amaro basically gave him away, only acquiring a journeyman minor leaguer in Jeremy Horst. It is really concerning that a majority of Phillies fans saw this as a bad deal for the team when it was announced, while it took the General Manager two months to figure it out.

If you look further, he had to have known it was at least a possibility that Utley could miss time, considering he was blatantly lying to the fans and the media for weeks. What changed in the last two months that made the trade foolish? Bizarre stuff from Rube.

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Phillies Notes: Past, Present, & Future

January 27th, 2012 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Phillies Notes: Past, Present, & Future | Filed in Baseball, Phillies

It’s been a busy week for the Phillies that started off on a sad note when news broke Monday about the passing of former announcer Andy Musser. Musser’s career with the Phillies spanned three decades. Musser retired in 2001 and is survived by his wife and daughter.

The Phillies were in the news two additional times on Monday. First came the news of a Cuban defector not named Yoenis Cespedes being declared a free agent by Major League Baseball. The 18 year old left-hander, Gerardo Concepcion, had established residency in Mexico and is now available to sign with any team. At least nine teams, including the Phillies, have expressed interest and Concepcion’s agent, Jaime Torres, has stated there are offers on the table and that he expects his client to sign before pitchers and catchers report.

The second tidbit from Monday that came across the wire was that the Phillies had expressed interest in reliever Francisco Cordero. He was being sought after as a setup man to new closer Jonathan Papelbon. Cordero eventually signed with the Blue Jays later in the week for roughly $4.5 M dollars.

In a real head scratcher, the Phillies announced Wednesday that they had traded utility infielder and emergency relief pitcher Wilson Valdez to the Cincinatti Reds in exchange for 26 year old left hander Jeremy Horst. Horst is the “bend, don’t break” pitcher. He allows his share of hitters to the tune of a 1.565 WHIP (1.240 in the minors). The transaction brought the total number of players on the 40 man roster down to 38.

Personally, I believe, as do others, that this move is a precursor, or “companion deal” as Ruben Amaro likes to refer to them as, to a bigger move. I believed that it possibly meant the acquisition of a player in the Ryan Theriot ilk, only to see him sign with the Giants later in the week. The Phillies will continue to search for a viable back up to Jimmy Rollins, while only having Freddy Galvis and Michael Martinez as in-house options.


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Wilson Valdez Traded to the Reds

January 25th, 2012 by Johnny G | Comments Off on Wilson Valdez Traded to the Reds | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies


Wilson Valdez was traded to the Cincinnati Reds on Wednesday. The Phillies receive pitcher Jeremy Horst in return. Horst is a 26 year old left with only 15 innings pitched in the big leagues,albeit with a 2.93 ERA. Valdez is most famously known for the scoreless inning he pitched in an extra inning game for the Phillies. Valdez hit .249 last season with one home run and an OBP below .300. Good luck, Wilson.

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Herndon, Martinez, Orr IN, Stutes OUT

March 30th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Herndon, Martinez, Orr IN, Stutes OUT | Filed in General

After releasing Luis Castillo earlier in the day, the Phillies announced their 25-man roster. Rule V pick, Michael Martinez and Pete Orr will be on Charlie Manuel’s bench. Wilson Valdez is going to be the Opening Day 2B on Friday. Orr and Martinez beat out Delwyn Young and Josh Barfield for the final two spots on the roster. I wonder if the Phillies are going for versatility and defense over offense with these picks. Valdez, Martinez, and Orr collectively can play every position but pitcher and catcher.

The final spot in the bullpen saw David Herndon beat out Michael Stutes. Stutes had a stellar spring with a sub-one ERA. Herndon had a very nice spring and probably got a vote of confidence due to Charlie’s loyalty and Herndon’s presence in 2010. Either way, it looks like the Phillies will have some depth waiting in the wings in Lehigh Valley.

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Countdown to Opening Day: 21 Days

March 11th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Countdown to Opening Day: 21 Days | Filed in Baseball, Phillies

Only three weeks left until they start counting. Great matchup yesterday between the Phillies and Yankees. Doc vs. CC and they both go 5 innings, with Doc going 6 innings. Then the Phillies beat the Yankees relievers and rookies into submission. Things are going to get interesting and quick in Phillies camp. I’m thinking about calling it the “The Chase for the Base”. Today, I think we should take a look at the internal options before we get all out of sorts on acquiring a superstar. (more…)

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