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Cliff Lee may require elbow surgery, if so, would miss entire season/6-8 months, possibly end career

March 11th, 2015 by Kyle Lutz | Comments Off on Cliff Lee may require elbow surgery, if so, would miss entire season/6-8 months, possibly end career | Filed in Baseball, Phillies

Unfortunately, the Phillies didn’t get any good news on starting pitcher Cliff Lee today. Dr. James Andrews determined that Lee has a tear in the common flexor tendon in his left elbow. This is not-surprising, but it’s unfortunate news in the long list of Phillies’ off-season problems.

The common flexor tendon, left-elbow tear is the same injury from last year and matches the initial diagnosis from last weekend. Lee will try to throw through it, to see if his condition improves, but surgery would sideline him for 6-8 months, if that option is explored- which seems like the most-likely case now, after Andrews’ opinion.

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. isn’t optimistic about Lee’s chances of avoiding surgery, so it’s starting to look like Lee won’t pitch at all this season, which many fans, analysts and writers anticipated, considering the previous problems with his elbow. Although Amaro, Jr. isn’t optimistic, he noted today, succeeding the news, that there’s still a chance that Lee plays this year.

Lee is owed $25 million this season and has a $12.5 million buyout on his 2016 club option. All of this is according to Phillies’ Comcast Sportsnet insider Jim Salisbury, who is following the team first hand in Spring Training, especially the Lee injury updates and Cole Hamels’ continuous trade news. We’ll see what happens ultimately, but we hope for the best, for both Lee and the Phillies.

With this news bit, it looks as if, at least for now, the Phillies will lose a huge chunk of their remaining investment in Lee, who, as mentioned, is owed over $20 million in 2015. This afternoon, prior to the injury update, Lee played catch, with Phillies’ pitching coach Bob McClure noting that he saw Lee increase his distance throughout the (throwing) session.


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