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The Eagles Perfect 20/20 Vision for 2020

May 13th, 2020 by Leo | No Comments | Filed in Eagles, Football, General, NFL, Sports

TSP has been watching from the sidelines for most of 2020 as the world fights off the worst pandemic in a century. Especially hit hard are the Sports and Entertainment worlds, as they count on Social gathering and crowds to flourish.  Most of us are left wondering what will happen to sports for the next year and sports and entertainment in general.  There may have to be a paradigm shift in the way we approach Sports in order to adapt to conditions on the ground and overcome the obstacles that the Corona-virus has created.

This brings us to the point of this article, the Eagles 2020 season and the schedule.  TSP believes there will be a season and it can be managed safely even if the crowd aspect is diminished.  As with anything there is risk involved and should conditions warrant an adjustment during the season, then the NFL and Players have to be willing and able to do so.  Petty bickering over contracts and money between billionaires and millionaires just isn’t gonna fly during a pandemic where people are losing everything and wondering what they will do to survive.  Being sore winners in not a good look to the peasants.

With all that said, below is a graphic of the Eagles 2020 Schedule and TSP thinks it’s going to be a tough one.  I’m gonna go with a 10-6 or 9-7 record with the Division Title and hope for better if possible.


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Ryan Braun: The New Barry Bonds?

March 1st, 2012 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Ryan Braun: The New Barry Bonds? | Filed in Baseball, General, MLB, Phillies, Sports

For years, there was always the suspicion that Barry Bonds was taking performance enhancing drugs. For years, Bonds vehemently denied using anything despite signs of proof existing. Most notably the fact that Bonds’ head was actually increasing in size as an adult, and not just from his ego. After years of denying use, Bonds admitted to unknowingly taking a performance enhancing drug, claiming that he had taken what he thought was flak seed oil.

Last Friday, Ryan Braun stood in front of the media to make his first statement after having his 50-game suspension for testing positive for an elevated testosterone level overturned.  Braun, the reigning National League MVP, allegedly had testosterone levels more than three times than any other player had ever tested for in the short history of Major League Baseball’s current testing policy. Braun spoke of support, adversity, integrity, honor, class, and dignity in his opening statement, but his tone reeked of animosity. (more…)

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