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Philadelphia Eagles (3-4) at Dallas Cowboys (2-5); Game Preview

November 7th, 2015 by Ryan Waterman | Comments Off on Philadelphia Eagles (3-4) at Dallas Cowboys (2-5); Game Preview | Filed in Eagles, General, NFL, TalkSportsPhilly

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Oh boy, here we go again!    Seven weeks after the first meeting between these two teams, and they meet yet again….practically in identical positions. The Birds will walk into AT&T Stadium on  Sunday Night, with a 3-4 record.  They will once again wage war, with the 2-5 Dallas Cowboys.   The Eagles are coming off of a bye week, in which they had to reflect on a demoralizing loss to the Carolina Panthers.  Meanwhile, the Cowboys are riding a two game losing streak, having dropped games to the Seahawks and Giants.  

This game couldn’t be more pivotal for either team, as it will essentially eliminate one of these teams from the NFC East divisional race.  The ‘Boys have dropped four of their last five games against the Eagles in Arlington, and are current owners of a five-game losing streak.  The Eagles fourteenth-ranked defense will look to take advantage of the Tony Romo-less Cowboys, and make it six-straight losses for Dallas.

Injury Report: 


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Philadelphia Eagles (9-6) vs. Dallas Cowboys (8-7)

December 30th, 2013 by Kyle Lutz | Comments Off on Philadelphia Eagles (9-6) vs. Dallas Cowboys (8-7) | Filed in Eagles, General, Sports


So alas Dallas we meet again, this time with playoff implications and a division title/playoff spot on the line. Plain and simple: the winner tonight wins the NFC East division title and will be, and can only be, the # 3 seed in the NFC come playoff time. If the Eagles win they can face a number of teams, depending on what occurs today in games around the league. Come January they would play the second (and last) NFC Wild Card team, aka the # 6 seed, with home field advantage. Depending on how the scenarios play out today, they would either play the 49ers, the Saints or the Cardinals.

Getting in is half the effort. All Philadelphia has to do tonight is focus on Dallas and Dallas only, considering they wouldn’t have to worry about winning and trusting another team to lose/tie in order to make it in.

Dallas is coming off of a close 24-23 win at division rival Washington last Sunday, in which starting quarterback Tony Romo threw a late TD with 1:08 remaining in the game to seal the deal for Dallas. In the game, Romo threw two touchdown passes, on 17 completions (out of 27), to an interception, for a quarterback rating of 98.7. He threw for 226 passing yards in the game, an average of 8.4 yards/passing attempt, and completed 63% of his passes on the day. Dallas scored 10 late 4th Quarter points in the game, in the span of five minutes, to give themselves a shot at a playoff berth come tonight.

As for Philadelphia, they went the easier route by handily defeating Chicago 54-11 in a route. In that game, quarterback Nick Foles completed 84% of his passes, throwing for 230 passing yards with two touchdown passes to 0 interceptions, with an overall QB rating of 131.7. Foles, with his ply this year,  is among the best of all time as far as single-season statistics are concerned. He’s ranked third all-time among quarterbacks for the best single-season quarterback rating, with 118.7.

Kyle Orton has 69 career starts, so he has experience, but I firmly believe his rustiness will be a factor. Then again, if Dallas sticks to their running game early, and more importantly, are successful with the latter they can win.


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“View from the Philly Pressbox” – FOR THE EAGLES THIS IS THE WEEK!!!

December 6th, 2013 by Philly Pressbox | Comments Off on “View from the Philly Pressbox” – FOR THE EAGLES THIS IS THE WEEK!!! | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

Eagles Logo

The Philadelphia Eagles have run off four victories in a row, however, there is no bigger game in the season to date than this weeks matchup against the Detroit lions at Lincoln Financial Field. Here’s why this is a must win for The Birds:

  • The Eagles are presently 7-5 and sitting in the #7 playoff position making them the first team on the outside looking in.
  • The Eagles must gain at least one game on the Cowboys prior to the final week showdown in Dallas. As it stands now, Dallas wins the tiebreaker even if the Eagles beat them.
  • Detroit will be the toughest opponent remaining on the Eagles schedule.
  • An Eagles loss to a Detroit Lions team, that is presently in 1st place in the NFC North, would be difficult to overcome especially if the Cowboys beat the Chicago Bears.
  • The Eagles have the Lions followed by the Bears and Minnesota Vikings while the Cowboys have the Bears, Green Bay Packers and the lowly Washington Redskins remaining.

So what’s the good news?

  • The Eagles are the hottest team in the NFL other than Seattle and Carolina.
  • The Eagles have a 1000 yard rusher, LeSean McCoy, 1088, a 1000 yard receiver, DeSean Jackson, 1021, and a QB, Nick Foles, that has thrown 19 TD’s with 0 interceptions.
  • The Eagles defense has allowed just 102 points over the last 6 games.
  • Dallas is 11-16 in December with Tony Romo as the starting QB.
  • Aaron Rodgers should be back for the December 15 game between the Packers and the Cowboys in Dallas. The Cowboys are 5-1 at home, however the Packers are a completely different team with Rodgers.
  • The Bears will start Josh McCown against Dallas. McGown has done a nice job replacing Jay Cutler. Cutler may be ready to go the following week against the Eagles.

The bottom line:


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NFL Week 4 Preview and Predictions

September 29th, 2011 by Scott Dargis | 1 Comment | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

Even though last week was only the third week of a 5 and 1/2 month long season, we learned a good amount about some teams and more question marks were raised about others. The Lions showed that they have some poise beyond the team’s young age. They knew that they could come back from the 20 point deficit and they went out there and took care of business. Why Adrian Peterson only ran the ball 5 times in the second half is beyond me, but know this, Matt Stafford to Calvin Johnson is a combination that looks like it is going to be impossible to stop this season.

We also found out that indeed, no one circles the wagon like the Buffalo f’n Bills. Admit it you thought that after Ryan Fitzpatrick was intercepted and Tom Brady threw his second touchdown of the first quarter that it was going to be a rout. Then after the Patriots made it 21-0 in the first half you called your friend and complained about why the Bills were getting any respect going into this game and then it happened. The Bills began to expose the one dimensional Patriots and made the comeback that no one saw coming. Great comeback and what an atmosphere in Ralph Wilson stadium, here’s to hoping that both of these teams are in the race come late December.

Let’s take a look to this week, where I will try to improve with my selections, 7-8 last week is just flat out embarrassing, even though over a handful of those games finished with a one score differential.

Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys 1:00pm

The Lions had a very tough comeback on the road last week in a place that they had not had success in years. The offensive line really looked shaky in that first half, but was able to settle down and give Stafford time to actually look down the field. When he gets time to look around things can be dangerous. Now finding Brandon Pettigrew will be tougher this week because the Cowboys have done a great job of shutting the tight end position down, but stopping Calvin Johnson will be something else. I expect Jahvid Best to have a much better game this week.


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2011 NFL Week 3 Preview & Predictions

September 22nd, 2011 by Scott Dargis | 1 Comment | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

With two weeks under the belt, the 2011 NFL season has looked more like a 7 on 7 two hand touch game. That’s not to take away from the great drama that has taken place on the gridiron especially in prime time, but the offensive explosion is just flat out crazy at this point. Tom Brady is on pace for a 7,500 yard season, Cam Newton (CAM NEWTON!) is on pace for just over a 6,800 yard season. Obviously both will come back down to earth, Brady maybe not as quickly, but still we are in store for a memorable and a very unpredictable season. Who would have thunk that the Bills would be 2-0? The Chiefs would have been this unlucky/bad and that the Lions would have lived up to the hype? I’m going to do my best to predict this weeks games.

Carolina Panthers at Jacksonville Jaguars
1:05 pm

The battle of the two expansion teams in 96′ comes full circle as both franchises will be starting rookie QBs. Jaguars QB Blane Gabbert will be making his first NFL start. He saw some action last week in the 4th quarter against the Jets in what was a blowout, so obviously we didn’t get to see what Gabbert had to offer. After a full week of preparation he will be ready to go. This really should be his third start, beginning the season with Luke McCown behind center. The safety valve that is known as Maurice Jones Drew will be used often in the Jags attack, but don’t be surprised to see Gabbert air the ball out early. The Panthers have given up the 7th most yards through the air this season.

Cam Newton gets his chance to try and go for a third consecutive 400 yard game and he might come close. It might be only a small sample, but the Jags have been very tough against the run so far (5th in the NFL) and average against the pass. Carolina has shown that they are obviously not afraid of airing it out and I expect them to do just that early and often. This game will be a fun shootout that will have fantasy football owners buzzing.

I’m taking Carolina 35-27, we have seen that Cam Newton can be a productive passer in the league and that question mark lingers above Gabbert. The Panthers may go down early, but Newton will be able to bail them out.

Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings 1:05 PM


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Week 1 in the NFL

September 12th, 2011 by Scott Dargis | 1 Comment | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

I hope everyone out there enjoyed the first Sunday in the NFL yesterday, the one stat that I would like to know is the amount of button presses on remote controls yesterday. Speaking of remote controls, there maybe a sale on new ones in Dallas, but I’ll get to that later. Yesterday it felt like you just had to just absorb everything you possibly could. If you watched the games yesterday you saw a beautiful tribute to 9/11 across the entire league. Still hard to believe that it has been a decade since the disaster.

Anyway back to football. Yesterday the NFL was in the bizarro world, the Bengals won. The Ravens-Steelers didn’t end in a 3 point differential. The Bills, yes the Bills dominated in a regular season game and Steve Smith was relevant again thanks to a rookie QB who threw for 422 yards. There were somethings that stayed the same however, Tony Romo once again found a way to collapse under the pressure. Calvin Johnson showed that he can be uncoverable at times and Ted Ginn Jr. is fast, really fast. All in all an exciting, eventful, exuberant Sunday that will not soon be forgotten.

Broadway Mark got gets some serious help, Rob Ryan gets some serious air time

Sanchez had an impressive stat line against the Cowboys on Sunday night (26/44 335 yds 2 TDs 1 INT), but it was the Romo interception that will be the moment remembered from this game. It is a shame too because Romo looked very good up until when his team needed him the most. He orchestrated a quick moving offense that made the Jets secondary look like they were still in the preseason. I guarantee that Rex will have a few choice words for those guys during the film sessions this week.

For someone who made a very heads up play earlier in the game in recognizing that a toss was going to get picked off and then keeping it on the fly for a 3 yard gain, that throw to Dez Bryant was just downright awful. That was a panic pass thrown at the worst time, if Romo would have noticed Revis his next read would have been to Miles Austin who was open on the right side of the field.


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2011-12 NFL Preview: NFC East

August 22nd, 2011 by Scott Dargis | Comments Off on 2011-12 NFL Preview: NFC East | Filed in Eagles, Football

For years in the first decade of the new millennium the NFC East was regarded as the toughest division in football. It was always a slugfest between the Eagles, Giants and Cowboys (sorry Redskins fans). Last year it was the Eagles who fought through and won the NFC East, it was not easy. The Giants were a quarter away from blowing the Eagles out and putting themselves in contention to win the division, but thanks to Desean Jackson (excuse to include video), the Eagles went onto win the division and the 3rd seed in the NFC.

By now everyone knows of the offseason additions for the Philadelphia Eagles. The Vince Young quote dream team has a lot to live up to this season. Many are saying that this year is Super Bowl or bust for the Eagles and quite honestly it is. For so many years the Eagles have had a solid regular season only for something to go astray in the playoffs. This year the plan is clear, have the best record in the NFC, get home field advantage and the first round bye. Make the division round and NFC championship come through Philadelphia, obviously we will have to wait and see if the Eagles are able to accomplish this feat, but I’ll tell you what they are the only team in the division without question marks all over their personnel.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles come into this season as the clear favorite in the NFC East and for good reason. The prospect of having Asante Samuel, Dominique Rodgers Cromartie, and Nnamdi Asomugha in a collective secondary is something that you see only on a pro bowl team. Adding Jason Babin, Cullen Jenkins to line up along side Trent Cole wasn’t a bad move either. This team is loaded with talent all over the place, but using the talent correctly is going to be the key on the defensive side of the ball.

There are some serious questions at middle linebacker. So far in the preseason Casey Matthews has struggled and after all he is a rookie so there are going to be some speed bumps, but for a team that has admiration of playing the second week of February there cannot be a gaping hole in the middle of the defense. I expect Jamar Chaney to lineup in the MLB spot week 1 in St. Louis.


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