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SuperBowl Facts and Firsts… 54…

January 31st, 2020 by Leo | No Comments | Filed in Football, General, NFL, Sports, Trivia

In collaboration with CBS Sports

Super Bowl LIV, at its core, is a game that includes one of the best defenses in the league against the most explosive offense in the NFL. With a razor-thin point spread (Chiefs -1), the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs are expected to take part in a close, classic battle this Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. We put on our hard hats and did some digging, and we came up with 54 things you should know about the 54th Super Bowl. From gambling insights to NFL records on the line, this list has everything you could want to know about the big game, and it will all go down this Sunday. 

Let’s not waste any time, we’ve got lots to go over:

1. The game will be played between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, marking the first time these two have met in a Super Bowl.

2. This is the first Super Bowl appearance for the Chiefs in 50 years. The last time Kansas City made it this far, it was Jan. 11, 1970, when the Chiefs topped the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV for their first — and only — Lombardi Trophy.


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Answers to the Super Bowl Trivia

January 30th, 2014 by Emily Phung | Comments Off on Answers to the Super Bowl Trivia | Filed in Football, NFL, Sports, Trivia

Here are the answers to the Super Bowl Trivia  :-) . Hope you scored a  TOUCHDOWN by guessing correctly on all of them!

1) What NFL team has won the most Super Bowl games to date? 

  • Pittsburgh Steelers

2) Which NFL franchise is the last Wild Card team to win a Super Bowl?

  • NY Giants beat the NE Patriots in 2007.


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Superbowl Trivia Questions for those who think they know football

January 27th, 2014 by Emily Phung | Comments Off on Superbowl Trivia Questions for those who think they know football | Filed in Football, General, Sports, Trivia

So do you think you are a football trivia fanatic? If so, I challenge you to answer these 15 questions. I will post the answers up on Tuesday morning so you can see how well you fared. Enjoy :-).

1) What NFL team has won the most Super Bowl games to date?

2) Which NFL franchise is the last Wild Card team to win a Super Bowl?

3) Which city has hosted the NFL Super Bowl more than any other city in the US?

4) What NFL teams have never played in the Super Bowl?


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SuperBowl Sunday and Funday 2012

February 4th, 2012 by Leo | Comments Off on SuperBowl Sunday and Funday 2012 | Filed in Football, General, NFL, Sports

SuperBowl Sunday is the most celebrated event in our sports calendar for the year.  We have all types of decisions to make in preparation for the game.  These include “where are we gonna watch the game”; “who’s parties we are going to attend”; “who do you want to win the game”; “will I bet on the game”; “if I celebrate too much, how am I going to get home”; and a host of other gameday decisions.  In our bid to enjoy the Superbowl we need to remind ourselves that the important thing is to share it with our family and friends.

The Superbowl has many traditions associated with it over the years. There is the pre-game show that starts at 12 pm and ends just before the game is going to start at 6:30 pm.  That’s twice as long as the actual game!  There is the half-time show in which a featured artist will entertain the fans. Most of the time is doesn’t quite live up to the hype.  There are the infamous TV commercials that are costing 3 million plus for a 30 second ad this year.  It adds an interesting component to the game, some really good and some really bad.  Finally, there is the phone call from the President to the winning team.

This years SuperBowl will match-up the New York Giants vs. the New England Patriots.  The Giants are making a surprise appearance this year as most people didn’t even factor them in as a possible candidate.  Although it’s no suprise the Patriots made it, the line on the game is slightly for the Patriots at a 2.5 to 3 points. This is a repeat match-up of four years ago when the Giants ended the Patriots bid for immortality with a perfect season.

All of the SuperBowl’s have been special in one way or another. This year the Super Bowl will be available for streaming through Verizon mobile devices and online, where viewers will have access to multiple camera angles, live stats, and replays of Super Bowl ads.

The game itself should be exciting, the QB comparison between Eli Manning and Tom Brady will be interesting.  The Giants receiver’s are a potent threat and will probably provide some great highlights for the game. The Patriots strength also revolves around the offense with it’s receiver core. So I believe the game will be decided by which ever teams defense steps up and plays a better game.


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Johnny G’s Super Bowl Pick

February 6th, 2010 by Johnny G | 11 Comments | Filed in Football, General, Twitter

Indianapolis Colts vs. New Orleans Saints

Indianapolis Colts (-4.5) over New Orleans Saints/ Sunday 6:25pm on CBS

We have been spoiled by the last several Super Bowls that have come down to last minute heroics. That won’t be necessary this year. Peyton Manning is attempting to win the second Super Bowl of his career and Drew Brees and the Saints are attempting to win their first. As much as I’d like to believe the Saints have a chance in this game because of the great story line it would be and the trials and tribulations of the city of New Orleans, I just don’t see how they win this game.

Let’s break it down simply. If you watched the NFC Championship game it is fairly evident that the best team is not representing the NFC in this game. The Minnesota Vikings and 40 year old Brett Favre sliced this Saints defense to death. The Vikings outgained the Saints by 220 yards in the game, compiled 15 more first downs, and dominated the time of possession. The only reason we are not looking at a Favre Manning matchup is because of 5 fumbles by the Vikings, 3 of which they lost. Favre also threw 2 interceptions, one of which should have been called back on a roughing the passer penalty, as the NFL admitted just last week. Don’t get me wrong, the Vikings have a prolific offense, but when you compare the Vikings and Colts it is not close. Peyton Manning, the best QB of this era, and possibly ever leads an offense that just embarrassed the #1 defense in the NFL. The Jets defense was shredded so badly in the 2nd half in the AFC Championship; they had to stop blitzing completely, which is their signature.


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