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Fatso Andy Reid Dresses as Santa; Eagles Grant Bears Early Christmas Gift

November 28th, 2010 by Schmitty | Comments Off on Fatso Andy Reid Dresses as Santa; Eagles Grant Bears Early Christmas Gift | Filed in Eagles, Football, General


The Philadelphia Eagles carried over bad habits from the Giants game. These included horrific dropped touchdown passes, sloppy nightmare red zone efforts, pathetic arm tackling and even worse play calling and coaching by the fat man Andy Reid today!

Last week the Eagles survived against a good Giant team at home to win. This Sunday they dug too much of a hole to climb out of against a good Bear team. I still don’t think that highly of the Bears after their performance today. Yes, Hester, Peppers, Urlacher, Suggs and sometimes Cutler are pretty darn good players. But the Eagles  forgetting  how to tackle, turned Bear dink and dunk plays into game breaking long plays that was hard to watch as an Eagle fan!

The offense better practice the red zone this week catching TDs and the defense better practice wrapping tacklers, before the Texans come to town.

Between overthrows, tipped interceptions, dropped TD passes and lackluster play inside the (redzone)the 20 and especially insude the damn 10 yard line fields goals don’t win games! Luckily for us the Texans super hero and all world receiver (Johnson) will probably be suspended for protraying Rocky Balboa against the Titans!


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Another Phillies Throw Up!

June 12th, 2010 by Schmitty | Comments Off on Another Phillies Throw Up! | Filed in Baseball, General, MLB, Phillies
Throw up

Throw up

Fellow fans I will make this brief. It is not even July yet, but this Phils team has sent me to the toilet several times already. And I don’t even hit booze anymore!

Seriously, what the heck is going on? Someone tell me so I can sleep!  We came in as a pretty heavy favorite in the NL this year again, but this becoming a joke.  There are tons of games left, but enough is enough!  I may have to turn to golf, which I hate, until they at least show respectability.  The Bad News Bears, with that loud-mouthed blonde shortstop could beat this team right now!

Is heart, hustle, mental cases, over-evaluation of talent, complacency?  I seriously dont know!

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Schmitty’s Rant!

May 22nd, 2010 by Schmitty | 5 Comments | Filed in Basketball, General, NBA, Sixers

I Didn’t Want Brand!

Nobody in Philadelphia is more of a clown GM than Ed “Stealing Money” Stefanski! Seriously, what has this GM done aside from having this year’s ping pong ball bounce his way?  And hire a safe choice coach (Doug Collins) with barely a 500 winning percentage?  Besides, WHO is he going to coach?  You tell me! Lower Merion High School – without Kobe – could give this no-talented, heartless bunch of scrubs a run for their money!

Maybe Ed is a nice guy, but somehow, someway he will screw up this years draft! Is John Wall the most dazzling player out there? Yes!  But we will most likely land Turner who could pair with Holiday for the backcourt of the future.  Dump your mistake Brand while you are at it too!  For God’s sake, you tell us the Sixers are gonna run and gun, then lock up oodles of money in this stiff who looks like he plays under water! 

Speaking of guys getting on my nerves is that Ruben Amaro.  Are the Phillies the cream of the NL crop?  Yes!  My beef is they should be the cream of the entire baseball planet!

We had a MAJOR rarity with 2 aces and Cy Young Pitchers. Ruben in one day took us to baseball Utopia, then brought us down in a nano-second.  He acquired Roy Halladay then traded away Cliff Lee in 2 two separate deals. Why?  Why?  Why!!!   Stupity & Money!


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Schmitty’s Rant: Why Do We Love to Hate Kobe?

May 3rd, 2010 by Schmitty | 5 Comments | Filed in Basketball, General, NBA, Sports

Kobe\’s Annoying

I am a native Philadelphian and make a living while residing in sunny Los Angeles as does the Lakers Kobe Bryant, (well sort of). Bryant spent half his youth being raised in Italy by his father and former Philadelphia Sixer Joe “Jellybean” Bryant.

Bryant attended the pristine Lower Merion High School on the Main Line of Philadelphia. Many students went on to become doctors and lawyers. My college sweetheart Nora’s brother Peter Gottlieb played along side Kobe. I had the pleasure of watching literally a man amongst boys while attending several games. It was jaw dropping and almost unfair watching a 6’3″ Kobe slash, juke and dunk on less adroit, 5’7″ non-athletic kids!

After coming to the NBA we starting hearing the Michael Jordan comparisons immediately. While Kobe has flourished, I wonder why the Julius Erving’s, Magic Johnson’s, Larry Bird’s, Shaq’s and Lebron’s were and are widely popular and fan favorites, when Kobe is not.

A few years ago, at Allen Iverson’s wedding at The Mansion in Voorhees, NJ, Shaquille O’neal stated he would rather have Allen Iverson on his team than Kobe, and that Allen had more heart and a better attitude. Interesting that his own teammate would put Kobe down.


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