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SuperBowl Facts and Firsts… 54…

January 31st, 2020 by Leo | No Comments | Filed in Football, General, NFL, Sports, Trivia

In collaboration with CBS Sports

Super Bowl LIV, at its core, is a game that includes one of the best defenses in the league against the most explosive offense in the NFL. With a razor-thin point spread (Chiefs -1), the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs are expected to take part in a close, classic battle this Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. We put on our hard hats and did some digging, and we came up with 54 things you should know about the 54th Super Bowl. From gambling insights to NFL records on the line, this list has everything you could want to know about the big game, and it will all go down this Sunday. 

Let’s not waste any time, we’ve got lots to go over:

1. The game will be played between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, marking the first time these two have met in a Super Bowl.

2. This is the first Super Bowl appearance for the Chiefs in 50 years. The last time Kansas City made it this far, it was Jan. 11, 1970, when the Chiefs topped the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV for their first — and only — Lombardi Trophy.


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Eagles (3-0) vs. 49ers (1-2) Preview and Staff Predictions

September 28th, 2014 by Sam Shipley | Comments Off on Eagles (3-0) vs. 49ers (1-2) Preview and Staff Predictions | Filed in Eagles, Football, General, NFL


When the schedule first came out, this looked like a game that everyone had circled as a huge game in the season for the Eagles. Many months later it is still a huge game, but it just has a slightly different feel going into it. The Eagles have been far and away the better team of the two as you can see by the teams records, and the Niners really do reflect their record, which is odd for a team with Super Bowl hopes coming into the season.

The two teams are complete opposites when it comes to the way their games have been played so far, and I am not talking about the styles. The Niners have been a much better team in the first half of games, as they are being outscored a whopping 52-3 in 2nd halves so far this year. While the Eagles on the flip side have outscored opponents 74-24 so far in the 2nd half this season.

The Eagles, led by Nick Foles, are sixth in the NFL in total offense, while the Niners come into this game ranked sixth in the NFL in total defense, which means something will have to give in this game.


Injury Report:  (more…)

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A Family Affair at the Super Bowl

February 1st, 2013 by Emily Phung | Comments Off on A Family Affair at the Super Bowl | Filed in Football, General, Sports

Are you Ready to Rumble!!

It’s the most anticipated time of year for many Americans. It’s officially Super Bowl weekend! This year’s Super Bowl will certainly be one of the most interesting football games to watch! Here’s a quick rundown to the moving factors that will make it more exciting than prior years.

One thing is for certain. It’s definitely a family affair! Both coaches (Jim and John Harbaugh) are brothers with similar football backgrounds. The sporting world has nicknamed this matchup as the ‘Bro Bowl’, which is so fitting. Jim and John both played football in college. Post-college though is where the road splits a bit. Jim Harbaugh was able to excel at the sport, which led him to some NFL time. Ironically, Jim was a player on the Ravens at one point (where John coaches now), and Ray Lewis was his teammate! Funny to know he was on the opposing team at one point and that he may have a bit of the insider scoop to how the Ravens work. John, however, went directly from college football to coaching, specifically special teams for many years. It is apparent that the Ravens benefited from his style of coaching the last few years since the Ravens are more known for their defensive style. John has had a longer tenure of coaching and has been quite successful at it. It will be interesting to see how these two brothers will coach their respective teams on the field: Jim with lots of ‘internal’ playing experience & John with a lot of ‘internal’ coaching experience.

A major factor for a Super Bowl win is the quarterback. The Ravens’ Joe Flacco has a lot of experience in seasoned situations. Flacco is known to be one of their big playmakers. He has broken franchise records since becoming a Raven such as setting passing yards and passing touchdown records. He has brought the Ravens to the playoffs numerous times. Flacco been around for awhile and is known for his consistency. The San Francisco 49ers brought in Colin Kaepernick after Alex Smith got injured, and this decision certainly changed the dynamic of the 49ers around.

Kaepernick has proven from playing just 10 games that he has the momentum to bring the 49ers to a Super Bowl win. He has given new life to the team since he works with them well. He knows where his receivers are and brings it down. His versatility as a quarterback makes him a force to be reckoned with. His dead on accuracy to his speed is something that Flacco seems to lack right now. This matchup will be exciting to witness which is a young amateur quarterback vs. an older experienced quarterback. It shall be interesting how Joe and Colin perform under great pressure since it will be both their first Super Bowl match.


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Johnny G’s Week 15 NFL Picks

December 19th, 2009 by Johnny G | 14 Comments | Filed in Football, General

Money Picks

After a rough loss on Monday Night, the updated record now stands at 13-6.

Houston Texans (-14) over St. Louis Rams/ 1pm Sunday

How can It get any worse for the Rams? They lose starter Marc Bulger to a broken leg, they lose back up Kyle Boller to arm soreness, and are left with Craig Null to start last week. The former back up to Ryan Leaf was nothing short of awful last week against the Titans. To top things off, the swine flu made its way around the locker room, causing head coach Steve Spagnuolo to cancel practice on Thursday. One of the many players affected by the swine flu is Steven Jackson, the best player on the football team. Add that to his balky back that has been bothering him for several weeks and this spells disaster for the Rams.

Look for Matt Schaub and the Texans to jump out early, and score quite often. It is sad what the Rams organization has become to this point and it will only get worse this afternoon. Take Texans minus the points.

Double Your Money Pick Of the Week


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Johnny G’s Week 14 Monday Night Pick

December 14th, 2009 by Johnny G | 4 Comments | Filed in Football, General


After a 2-0 sweep yesterday with Green Bay and the Indy Colts, my record now stands at 13-5. Lets breakdown tonight’s Monday Night matchup.

Arizona Cardinals (-3.5) over San Francisco 49ers/ Monday 8:35 pm

At the ripe age of 38, Kurt Warner may be playing the best football of his career. As anybody who watched last Sunday Night’s game against the Vikings can see, Warner is releasing the football before the defensive line has a chance to pressure him. With receivers like Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald on the field, Warner is deadly when he is in a rhythm. The duo of Tim Hightower and Beanie Wells are also doing a fine job mixing power and speed just enough to keep the defense off balance. With each passing week this offensive unit gets more comfortable. It is evident when you have the back shoulder throws that are almost impossible to stop when thrown correctly. Boldin and Warner connected on several of them last week, where Boldin just manhandled the opposing cornerback and took the ball away from him. It is a pretty common concept on how to stop a quarterback in the NFL, and the concept also applies to Kurt Warner. To stop him, you must pressure him. The only problem is, when Warner has been pressured by the blitz, he has stepped into the blitz, taken a shot and still delivered the football. He does not get happy feet, he does not flee the pocket prematurely, and he does not throw off of his back foot to avoid a big hit. He is fearless in the pocket and hangs in there until the last possible second. The way to stop Warner will be to bring outside pressure that he does not see. Outside linebackers and cornerbacks will have to blitz for the 49ers, catching Warner off guard.

For the 49ers, who started the season 3-1 and then went into a complete tailspin after having to make a quarterback change, they are very tough to figure out. With Frank Gore in the back field and Alex Smith behind center you would think this would be a run-heavy offense. In reality, the 49ers have decided to transition to a spread offense, similar to what Alex Smith ran at Utah in order to make him feel more comfortable. Of course they now have the ability to run this type of offense now that Michael Crabtree is on the football field. Even their defense has been extremely inconsistent, giving up 34, 6, 30, 3, and 20 in their last five games all against inferior offenses than this Cardinals team. After an impressive victory against the Jaguars, they came out last week and laid an egg against the terrible Seattle Seahawks and gave Frank Gore just 8 carries on the game. I realize they are trying to make Smith comfortable but he is not Peyton Manning, where you can drop him back 30+ times a game and expect to compete. Frank Gore is a power runner and thrives off of the carries you give him. He needsto get in a rhythm just like a quarterback does and until the 49ers start to return to a balanced offense, they will not win games. On top of all of this, Nate Clements, the niner’s starting cornerback is doubtful and left tackle Joe Staley is most likely out tonight. With the way the Cardinals defense likes to put pressure on the passer, Staley’s injury may be a very big part of this game.

All in all the Cardinals are clicking on all cylinders right now. They confused Brett Favre last week, causing him to have the worst game of his brilliant season, they shut down Adrian Peterson fairly easily, and they scored at will on a very talented Vikings Defense. The offense for the Cardinals will be too much for the 49ers to handle as their spread-run style similar to the Colts system is also taking effect as the players learn the complex scheme and it is apparent they are more comfortable with it after each passing week. The 49ers are nothing more than a slightly below average NFL football team right now without a clear identity on the offensive or defensive side of the ball. Alex Smith cannot win football games by himself for you, and when you expect him to do it for you, you are going to end up on the losing end more times than not. Roll with the Cardinals minus the points tonight as we look to push this to our 4th winner in a row. Enjoy the game.

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Johnny G’s Week 10 Picks

November 12th, 2009 by Johnny G | 17 Comments | Filed in Football, General

San Francisco 49ers (-3) over Chicago Bears/ Thurs 8:20 pm- These are two teams that are in an absolute tailspin but the one thing the 49ers have that the Bears don’t is a consistent running game with Frank Gore. Look for the 49ers defense to rattle Cutler early and for Gore to have a field day. Lay the Field goal on Thursday Night Football, the 49ers are the play.

49ers 24 – Bears 17

Tennessee Titans (-7) over Buffalo Bills/ Sun 1pm- After being installed as the starting QB for the Titans, Vince Young has provided the spark that Jeff Fisher was looking for by leading the Titans to their first two wins of the season. The Titans have finally went back to the game plan that worked for them the entire 2008 season, and that is run, run, and run some more. Chris Johnson is tearing through defenses and I don’t see the Bills defense providing much resistance. Week 1 starter Trent Edwards returns from several weeks off due to injury, but struggled mightily before coming out of the lineup. This Bills team has zero threats on either side of the football at this point and the Titans should easily cover the touchdown.

Titans 31-Bills 13

Baltimore Ravens (-11) over Cleveland Browns /Mon. 8:35pm- What is the cure for a talented defense that has struggled for the last several weeks? None other than Brady Quinn and this anemic Browns football team. The Browns stripped Brady Quinn of the staring QB job just seven quarters into the season and switched hands to Derek Anderson, who posted the worst QB rating in the NFL. Now Eric Mangini has decided to change his mind and once again go back to Quinn. Against this Ravens defense and their countless types of blitzes and schemes, this is the equivalent of throwing Quinn to the wolves. Put aside the fact that he cannot stretch the field and only throws short and intermediate routes, his offensive line is horrendous, and he is handing the ball off to well past his prime Jamal Lewis. Take the Ravens laying double digits on Monday Night Football.


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