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Do the Eagles need to make a Change??

September 25th, 2012 by Hanks Corner | Comments Off on Do the Eagles need to make a Change?? | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

Vick or Nick??

I am 5’10” which means no matter how much I want to  I will never be a center for the Sixers; I am also over 50, which means I will never beat Usain Bolt in a race, there are some things that you can never achieve no matter how hard you work or desire,  which leads me to the question of the week, can the 32-year-old Michael Vick become a pocket passer? If you look at his first three games the answer is no.

Nick or Vick??

Vick has turned the ball over at a record pace, which isn’t a problem if he can deliver big plays but in Sunday’s game he could not do that, in fact he looked like a rookie who was confused by the blitz and  slow to react. I am not saying that the Eagles offensive line was at it best , they actually looked like Winston Justice and his friends when they played the Giants a few years ago, a revolving door leading to the quarterback but Vick needs to get rid of the ball quicker so he doesn’t get hit play after play

Lets just assume that this crazy experiment of Andy Reid’s of turning one of the greatest weapons in NFL history into a pocket passer just can’t work, as it is looking now here is what they should do, give up. That is right they should just let Michael be Michael and run around make plays and let his feet make the plays and when the defense is finally worried that he will run again then he can pass the ball to wide open receivers. It worked two years ago and it will work again.


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