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Riley Cooper N-Word Controversy

January 1st, 2020 by Leo | Comments Off on Riley Cooper N-Word Controversy | Filed in 94WIP, Eagles, General, NFL, Video

Thinking about all the Racism and Discrimination as the main topic of this year’s discussions besides COVID-19 has brought back the thought of the Riley Cooper incident at Lincoln Financial Field.  It garnered a lot of attention then for insensitivity, I wonder what people think of this now during the current climate??

Leave your thoughts in a comment if you wish…

TalkSportsPhilly does not support Racism of any kind…

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Phillies Beat Reporters Full Of Glitter And Unicorns

April 25th, 2012 by Mike H. | 27 Comments | Filed in Baseball, General, MLB, Phillies, TalkSportsPhilly

Misinformation passes for reputable reporting?I hate to bring up sore subjects, but a few weeks ago, when Johnny G and Mikey Miss were having their little tiff, Missanelli pointed out that people such as your TSP contributors only wrote things to cause trouble and to see if something would stick to create a name for ourselves. I’d like to point out that sites like TSP are a great alternative to get honest opinions as it is becoming clearer that the majority of “reputable” sources for reporting information is clearly tickling the testicles of the Phillies front office.

Yesterday, Ruben Amaro released an update on Ryan Howard’s injury. He used the following statements.

It really has improved. The wound itself has gotten smaller, and we just want to get it over the hump so he can start his activities down in Clearwater.

Because the Achilles is healed, and all this time waiting for the wound to heal over — the residual effect is that we’re going to try to be aggressive with him when he can start baseball activities.

We’ll see when he starts what he’s able to do, what he’s not able to do.


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