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TSP Radio and Talk Radio Podcasts, 10th Anniversary

April 22nd, 2020 by Leo | No Comments | Filed in 94WIP, Events, General, Interviews, TSP Radio

Well, as most know who follow TalkSportsPhilly on the Internet and our various adventures in the Sports World of Philadelphia and Beyond, it is TSP’s 10th Anniversary year.  And what a year it has been, saying sarcastically :).  Over the years we have done different podcasts on a variety of subjects and guests.  It hasn’t been the mainstay for TSP like the Internet and Social Media but another outlet of content for sports in a different format.  A few co-hosts even moved on to larger broadcasts and continue in Sports today.

TSP would like to Thank all that supported, participated, contributed, and read and listened over the last 10 years and will be here for many years to come.

Below is a Radio Player with a lot of different episodes on it if you want to take a listen, just Sports Talk:


TSP Radio 


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Who’s the Best Phillies Catcher of All Time?

July 13th, 2019 by Philly Pressbox | 1 Comment | Filed in Baseball, General, MLB, Phillies

The boys are gathered at the Philly Pressbox for a few cold beverages and some baseball talk. We recently posted a note that it was Mike Lieberthals birthday and received both positive and negative comments about Lieby and him being honored on the Phillies Wall of Fame. That led us to the conversation of Who’s the Best Phillies Catcher of All Time. We quickly decided on the four finalists, Bob Boone, Darren Daulton, Leiberthal and Carlos Ruiz. This pretty much covers the last 40 years of full time Phillies catchers.

We’re going to provide some statistical information, as Phillies only, on each of the four and allow you, the fans, to vote on your favorite. The players are listed in alphabetical order.


Bob BooneBoonie was the Phillies full-time starting catcher from 1973-1981. He caught 1000+ games in 7 seasons.

He ranks 2nd to Lieberthal in games caught in the modern day with 1125. He caught 100+ games 7 times

He is 3rd in Batting Average, .259, behind Lieberthal and Ruiz.

He is 3rd in Home Runs, 65, behind Lieberthal and Daulton.

He ranks 3rd in RBI’s with 456.


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TalkSportsPhilly Sports Radio

April 4th, 2014 by Leo | Comments Off on TalkSportsPhilly Sports Radio | Filed in General, Interviews, Sports, TSP Radio


If you didn’t already know, TalkSportsPhilly has a radio show.  We air thru a site called BlogTalkRadio which is one of the largest Internet Radio sites, the link to our page is . Although personally I find their site a little ad spammy, if you can ignore that, it’s a good site.  We also post links to the Radio show here on and on FaceBook and Twitter, as well as our other social media portals.

Here is our latest episode:

Discover Sports Internet Radio with TalkSportsPhilly on BlogTalkRadio

We talk about a variety of subjects regarding Philly Sports: from Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, Sixers, Soul, MMA, Philly Events, Interviews, and more! So give us a listen or better yet Call In at (646) 652-4334 anytime TSP is on the air!

Here are a couple more episodes, for a full listing check out our Radio page.  Thanks to the best Fan base in the USA!


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Randall Cunningham Signing by MJR Sports Integrity

January 21st, 2014 by PhillyMary | Comments Off on Randall Cunningham Signing by MJR Sports Integrity | Filed in Eagles, Events, General


RANDALL CUNNINGHAM PRIVATE SIGNING. Full Size Rep Helmet $140, Mini Helmet $65, 16×20 – $60, 8×10 – $45, Logo Football – $65. Shipping will be additional. I’ll need to know by Tuesday 1/21 at Noon to get my list in. Thanks for the interest!!!! Signing is 2/1. Prices include the item with the autograph it’s not just for the ticket.

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TSP Radio Roundtable: Eagles Season and NFL Playoffs

January 20th, 2014 by Leo | Comments Off on TSP Radio Roundtable: Eagles Season and NFL Playoffs | Filed in Eagles, TalkSportsPhilly, TSP Radio


Listen to the lastest episode of TalkSportsPhilly Radio where Leo, Chet, Kyle, and Philly Pressbox discuss the Eagles season and the NFL Playoffs. TalkSportsPhilly will be putting out a radio show on a regular basis, also keep an eye out for some more one on one interviews with Philly sports, media, and entertainment personalities.

Listen To Sports Internet Radio Stations with TalkSportsPhilly on BlogTalkRadio

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Pete Pihos – The Eagles Legend

January 17th, 2014 by Philly Pressbox | Comments Off on Pete Pihos – The Eagles Legend | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

When old-time Philadelphia Eagles fans talk about the greatest Eagles players of all time the first two names spoken are Steve Van Buren and Chuck Bednarik or Chuck Bednarik and Steve Van Buren, and rightfully so. However, lost in the history of the Eagles and the NFL is the legend of Peter Louis (Pete) Pihos.  Why should Pihos  be mentioned in the same breath as Van Buren and Bednarik?  Lets look at the numbers and career of the man.

Eagles Pete PihosPihos played his entire professional career with the Eagles from 1947-1955. During that time the Eagles went to the NFL championship game in ’47 and lost, before winning the championship in ’48 and ’49. In the ’47 playoff game, to reach the championship,  Pihos blocked a punt that set up a touchdown in the 21-0 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. In the ’49 championship game he caught a 31 yard touchdown pass.  He made 6 Pro Bowls, 4 as a Tight End and 2 as a Defensive End. He was also named 1st Team All Pro 5 times. All the while he missed one game in his 107 game pro career.  Pete Pihos excelled on offense, defense and special teams throughout his career.

So what else sets Pihos aside from the rest that he should be considered a legend.  When he retired Pete was #4 in every receiving category behind fellow Hall of Famers Don Hutson, Elroy “Crazy Legs” Hirsch and Donte Lavelli, the difference is that Pihos, 373 receptions, 5,619 yards and 69 touchdowns, was a tight end while the other three were wide receivers. Pihos was the pioneer of the Tight End position in the NFL. He led the NFL in receptions 3 times and receiving yards twice. He also had a 1,000 yard receiving year in 1953 with 1,049 yards. What fans have seen through the years from John Mackey, Mike Ditka to todays Tony Gonzalez all started with Pete Pihos.

Prior to joining the Eagles, Pihos was as a 5th round pick in the 1945 draft, he was a 2 time All American at Indiana University as an end and fullback.

Before he could join the Eagles and the NFL, Pihos served his country in World War II, 1944-46,  for 14 months in Europe on the front line in the 35th Infantry Division under General George Patton as a 2nd Lieutenant. He was awarded the Bronze and Silver stars for bravery.


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TSP Radio Live………Listen in

January 15th, 2014 by PhillyMary | Comments Off on TSP Radio Live………Listen in | Filed in General, TalkSportsPhilly, TSP Radio
TalkSportsPhilly TSP

Click image to go to show

TalkSportsPhilly broadcasting live on the air today at 12:30pm ! Listen in at

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