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Mcgwire Comes Clean

January 14th, 2010 by Johnny G | 8 Comments | Filed in Baseball, General


As we all know, Mark Mcgwire came clean several days ago about his steroid and PED use throughout the 90’s, including his record-breaking 1998 season. Some have applauded him for “voluntarily” coming forward with this information and others are left feeling a little suspicious. Here’s my take:

First thing is first, this was not by any means voluntary. Mcgwire was recently hired to be the hitting coach for the St. Louis Cardinals and going into this season every person in the Cardinals organization knew this situation was going to have to be addressed before the season started, or this would be a severe distraction to the team during the season. It just so happens, they decided to get this out of the way in January and clear the air.

Secondly, Mcgwire claimed that “steroids didn’t help his statistics” because he was only using the drugs for health purposes. The fact that for most of his career without steroids, he could rarely stay on the field, it is pretty evident that by taking steroids, it enabled him to remain healthy and stay on the field to accumulate more homeruns, RBIs, and hits. This would unfairly aide his case for the Hall of Fame and would unfairly give him advantages for more lucrative contracts than his fellow “clean” MLB players.

Another popular question asked by several media outlets is “If you were only using steroids for health purposes, why did you continue using them even while you were healthy?” If you were an athlete who struggled to stay healthy for the majority of his career and you suddenly began taking a drug that made your body feel stronger and healthier, would you ever stop taking the drug just because you weren’t injured anymore? I know I certainly wouldn’t. Why take the risk that coming off the drug will negatively affect your health again? Why fix it if it ain’t broken? These hypothetical questions are all assuming you made the decisions to use steroids in the first place, which I am not an advocate of.


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Slip McNabb A Valium

January 7th, 2010 by Christian | 10 Comments | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

Relax, take a Chill Pill

The dude obviously gets more nervous in these big games than Tiger Woods around his wife’s lawyer, so can someone please slip him a valium and a glass of water about 7:30 p.m. Saturday night?

It’s not a performance ENHANCER, so it shouldn’t violate the league’s substance abuse policy. It’ll take the edge off. Relax this cat a little. Maybe enough to hit his stride out there. Or at least hit a receiver in stride.

While I’m dispensing advice, here’s some more:

Andy— blitz the shit out of Romo. He gets more rattled than your QB, so send the kitchen sink at him from snap one.


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DEJA VU all over again, DEJA VU?

December 23rd, 2009 by | 8 Comments | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

Eagles Nest

While I was a tad upset Donovan missed Jackson twice on bombs to break the longest TD record I was satisfied with this game.  In all honesty I thought it should have or at least could have been a blowout minus some bonehead pics by McNabb.

While I like seeing the Eagles make yet another late season run like the Garcia year and last year.  My fear is I am being set up once again for heartache. The Eagles have this knack for getting me amped then throw in a clunker when they are at heavens gate.  Who knows, maybe the Vikes will lose yet another and we can get a bye and have a legitimate shot at another title game.  Or it could swing the other way and Dallas pulls out the division, which I doubt with their choke history.

The only way I see anyone getting the right to play SD or Indy in the big dance is to have to literally knock Drew Brees out with a concussion.  Sure the Boys looked good against the Saints but they were due for a loss, like the way the Colts should have lost on Thursday.


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