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Eagles vs Vikings NFC Championship Preview

January 20th, 2018 by Leo | Comments Off on Eagles vs Vikings NFC Championship Preview | Filed in Eagles, Football, General, NFL

In the beginning of the season, no one saw the Eagles actually going to the NFC Championship game, yes we in Philly say we are going to the SuperBowl every year but this time it may actually be true.  Once again the Eagles are in the Underdog position which personally I like, even if it’s undeserved, and I also think the Eagles will win this game too.  I believe there are a lot of factors in the Eagles favor and the teams matchup very similar in strengths and weaknesses.

First off, Home field advantage is huge and the fans can be a big factor in the game, second I think the weather will favor the Eagles as well since the Vikings are a dome team but there is no denying that they can handle cold weather as Minnesota is no picnic in the winter time.  Both teams are sporting relatively inexperienced QB’s in this type of game and both teams have an outstanding D, which of course is why both of them are there.  It’s the D or lack there of D that will decide the game and many look for it to be a low scoring game and a close matchup.  I myself am predicting an Eagles win with a score of 24-20 and an Eagles trip to the SuperBowl.

For the first time in 13 years, the Eagles will host the NFC Championship on Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field.  Just how unlikely is it for these two to square off at 6:40 p.m. ET on Sunday for the NFC title?  The last time a conference championship matchup featured two quarterbacks who weren’t their team’s respective Week 1 starter was at least 1970. The last time two quarterbacks with fewer than three games of playoff experience faced each other in the conference championship game was 2006.

Since Carson Wentz went down in week 14 with an ACL injury everyone has counted the Eagles out.  Yet the Eagles and Nick Foles managed to win home field advantage, tied in the NFL with the best record, and won the Divisional playoff game against the Falcons to make it this far.  No, Nick is not Carson but he is a competitor and has the ability to lead this team to a win.  Make no mistake this will have to be a team effort.

Here is a preview video from on the game:


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Eagles Crash

January 5th, 2010 by Rossi711 | 6 Comments | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

Take Flight Eagles Fans

Well another Eagles season is about to go down in flames. An 11-5 record looks a lot better than the 6-10 I was expecting but then when you look deep it is pathetic!

Yes they won 11 games but against teams that were 59-85 overall.

The only team they beat with a WINNING record was Atlanta (9-7). Atlanta was without their starting QB and RB. The two teams they played with double digit wins were Dallas (11-5) and New Orleans (13-3).

They lost those three games and one to a Raiders team that was 5-11! The Raiders loss cost them the bye. Now to Sunday’s debacle. This was all on the fat redhead! This team was not ready to play, had no interest in playing and got their ass whipped.


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Philadelphia Eagles @ Chicago Bears

November 22nd, 2009 by philliesfan0705 | 7 Comments | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

Soldier Field Showdown


When: Sunday 8:20 P.M

Where: Soldier Field, Chicago

Line: Eagles -3

Relax Eagles fans. That’s the three most important words I can say going into this weekends match up with the Chicago Bears. The Eagles are reeling, coming off back-to-back losses that now have them sitting at 5-4 in a tough NFC East Division. The majority of Eagles fans have already pushed the panic button. The ongoing saga that Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb must go has begun yet again. The Eagles are also a little bit banged up as well. As saddening as it is to say it, it looks like Brian Westbrook’s dazzling career might have finally reached it’s last hoorah. This means that “Shady” McCoy will need to assume the role of the Eagles starting running back. Jason Peters is another key injury and his availability will be key in how well the Eagles will be able to protect Donovan McNabb.

Now you may wonder why I told you Eagles fans to relax. It blatantly seems that this Eagles team is in a state of turmoil that they will have a difficult time getting out of. To those people who believe this, I say look back to last year. The situation the Eagles are in right now is eerily similar to the one they were confronted with last year; only it’s a little bit easier this time. Going into a November 9th battle with the Giants last year, the Eagles were sitting pretty at 5-3, similar to their 5-2 record they had this year. They went on to hit a rough skid in November, dropping a close contest with the Giants, tying the lowly Bengals, and humiliating themselves in a blowout loss to the Ravens that included the controversial benching of Donovan McNabb. We all know how that season ended. The Eagles miraculously, and luckily, made the playoffs and even gutted it out to the NFC Championship Game.

So I say to you Eagles fans, please do not panic yet. The Eagles were in far worse shape last year than they are this year. I also believe that this year’s team is more talented than the Eagles of last year. As much as this game is a must win game, it’s just as much not a must win game. Don’t get me wrong; this game is huge in determining where the Eagles will go this season. However, the division is so close and playoff spots are easily up for grabs, meaning that a 9-7 team could very well make the playoffs this year. Losing this game will certainly not sit well with the fans. After all, we are Philadelphia fans. Winning is the only option and there is never an excuse for losing.


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Eagles Face Stiff Test in SD

November 15th, 2009 by Christian | 8 Comments | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

Chargers On A Roll

The Eagles have been an enigma thus far. After starting the season 3-1, they fell to the hapless Raiders. The following week, they blew out the Giants, only to lose to Dallas in last week’s nationally televised Sunday night game, that was highlighted by horrendous clock management and all too familiar tight play.  When the Eagles are good, they’re very good. Their five wins this year have been by an average of 20 points. But in close games, they’re terrible. In their last 10 games decided by seven points or less, the Eagles are 1-8-1, including a 32-25 defeat at Arizona in last year’s NFC championship game.

The Chargers appear to be a team on the rise. After starting the season 2-3, San Diego has won three in a row, including last week’s 21-20 victory over the Giants in New York that was capped by an 80 yard scoring drive in the final minutes.  It was the fourth time in the last thirteen games Chargers QB Philip Rivers has engineered a game winning drive in the fourth quarter.

Rivers has thrown for over 2,200 yards through eight games and his receivers should give the depleted Eagles secondary some trouble.

Key Player: Brian Westbrook returns after missing two weeks with a concussion.  San Diego is 26th in the league against the run.

Prediction: In spite of what looks like a game favoring the Chargers, I think the Eagles will thrive on being the underdog, and benefit from getting away from the Philly media.  They play well with a lead, so if the Eagles get up early, it’s trouble for San Diego.  I like the Eagles in a high scoring game:


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Donnie Mac’s Panic Attacks

November 7th, 2009 by Christian | 9 Comments | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

Defining Moment?

We all know the look. The glassy eyes. The goofy smile. The quizzical expression that’s a cross between ‘I have gas’ and ‘uh-oh…’ It’s the signature Donovan McNabb look, and it usually arrives on his face around the same time the other team takes the lead late in the fourth quarter. The Brady stare it is not.

John Elway has ‘The Drive.’ Joe Montana has ‘The Catch.’ And Donovan McNabb has ‘The Vomit.’ It’s the defining moment of his career. I don’t know of another athlete in sports history that actually got so nervous they threw up during the biggest contest of their career. And to be brutally honest, he’s known around the country as a choke. It’s not just angry Philly fans. The top five Google Image searches for McNabb come up as:

McNabb puking
McNabb hurt
McNabb jersey
McNabb crying
McNabb injury

I’m not kidding. Friends in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, Kansas City and Charlotte have all expressed the same sentiments to me about McNabb that many in Philly have witnessed with excruciating agony over the years. When the chips are down, late in close games, he folds.

It happened again last year in the NFC Championship game against Arizona. It has also happened against Saint Louis, Tampa Bay, Carolina and New England, to name a few. It’s happened so often, in so many games, that when it comes time for the two-minute drill, our confidence level is as low as a pimply faced teenager who just got dumped by his girlfriend.


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