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Philadelphia Eagles (0-2) at New York Jets (2-0); Game Preview

September 27th, 2015 by Ryan Waterman | Comments Off on Philadelphia Eagles (0-2) at New York Jets (2-0); Game Preview | Filed in Eagles, Football, General, NFL

Eagles vs Jets

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Oh man, we’re back on the grind again. Two weeks in, and two weeks the Eagles have been a disappointment. Nonetheless, here we are again on a Saturday afternoon, getting ready to cheer the Eagles to victory against the New York Jets. Contrary to public belief, we as
Philadelphia sports fans may bash our teams, but we’re always right there to bleed witdownload (1)h them til’ the end. This time is no different.

Chip Kelly’s Eagles have no identity. In the past, they’ve been known as either an offensive powder keg, or they’ve been considered a defensive juggernaut. This year, they’re nothing. It seems that only a mere two games into the season, Chip has lost the locker room. Players hear the criticism from the media, and the fact that Kelly has publicly stated that the players are the issue, thus far. That being said, it’s for obvious reasons that this is a must-win game. Since 1990, only three teams have begun the season 0-3, and went on to make the playoffs.

In twenty-four seasons, those are very minute odds. Very minute… So, without rambling on to much longer, let’s get right down to the reason why many of y’all are reading this article…..


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Report: DeMarco Murray will play Sunday vs. Jets

September 25th, 2015 by Sam Shipley | Comments Off on Report: DeMarco Murray will play Sunday vs. Jets | Filed in Eagles, Football, General, NFL

Eagles running back DeMarco Murray will play this Sunday according to a report from ESPN’s Ashley Fox.

The report is good news for the Eagles and their fans after Murray suffered a hamstring injury this week at practice, which caused his status for Sunday to be up in the air.

The Eagles are desperate to get their new running back going, after rushing for 11 yards on 21 carries in the first two games of the year. This week won’t get any easier for Murray or the Eagles against a very good defense in the New York Jets.


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NFL Serves Up 3 Shitty Games For Thanksgiving

November 24th, 2010 by Christian | 2 Comments | Filed in General

I Can't Watch!

Which of these turds will have you riveted to the tube?

Patriots vs. Lions (Please, for the love of God, remove the Lions from the Thanksgiving Day schedule!) 
Prediction: Patriots 172 – Lions 0

Cowboys vs. Saints (The Cowboys are 2-7 and have a knack for lying down like dogs.  Go Saints!)
Prediction: Saints 38 – Cowboys 17

Jets vs. Bengals (What could be worse that watching Chad Ochocinco?  Watching Chad Ochocinco AND Terrell Owens!)
Prediction: Jets 28 – Bengals 3


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Johnny G’s Wild Card Weekend Playoff Picks

January 8th, 2010 by Johnny G | 8 Comments | Filed in Football, General

Wildcard Money Picks

As the regular season comes to a close, my overall record stands at 16-9. This year in the NFL playoffs there are several story-lines to follow and it should be as entertaining as any year in recent memory. Without further ado, here are my picks for Wild Card Weekend.

Cincinnati Bengals (-2.5) over New York Jets

These two teams match up pretty well across the board except for one small problem for the Jets. Both teams have very good defenses. Both teams have very good running games. Both teams don’t really have any explosive, dangerous Wide Receivers besides Ochocinco for the Bengals, who will be covered by Darele Revis. Then we move on to Quarterbacks, and you have Carson Palmer and Mark Sanchez. The NFL has transformed over the last several years into a passing league. In years past this Jets team would have a chance in “any game they played” as Rex Ryan says but in today’s day and age you need to be able to throw the football consistently and effectively to win.

The Bengals’ game plan will be very simple and very straightforward. Take away the run and make Mark Sanchez beat you. If the Jets cannot run the ball effectively, can Mark Sanchez win a game for you? I wouldn’t put my money on it happening. On the other hand you have Carson Palmer, a time-tested veteran who wrapped up his division title two weeks before the season ended. Cedric Benson for the Bengals also is coming off a career season in which he was almost unstoppable, except for the 3+ games he missed due to injury.

Overall this Jets team is a nice little story. Rookie QB rallies his team to the playoffs when it was win or go home. If you look deeper though, the Jets should not even be in the big dance. There are many more deserving teams out there who could potentially make much more of an impact in the playoffs. The Jets went into Indianapolis and found themselves down by 4 mid-way through the third quarter and like an angel sent from above, Jim Caldwell decided to call off his quest for the perfect season and pull Peyton Manning and the rest of his starters. The Jets went on to win that game and their playoff hopes remained alive. They then needed to take down the same Cincinnati Bengals that they are facing this week in order to clinch a playoff birth. Keep in mind this game meant absolutely nothing to the Bengals and them losing this game would only guarantee that they would be facing by far the worst team in the playoffs, the Jets.


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Johnny G’s Week 16 NFL Picks

December 27th, 2009 by Johnny G | 5 Comments | Filed in Football, General

Money Picks

After a blowout winner on the San Diego Chargers on Christmas Day, my record now stands at 14-8 as we look to keep the good times rolling. Let’s get right to the Sunday Card.

Green Bay Packers (-13.5) over Seattle Seahawks/ 1pm Sunday

How bad are the Seahawks? That is the question this Sunday. Surely giving almost two touchdowns in the NFL is not very common but in this case it is necessary. We are talking about a Seahawks team that has struggled with every facet of the game for the entire season, and just last week lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. To an outsider looking in, it appears that this team has completely packed it in on Jim Mora. They have nothing left to play for this season, and in general are an aging team with no clear cut signs for growth in the future. Matt Hasselback is having the worst season of his career and it continues to spiral downward, big free agent signing TJ Houshmanzadeh has been nothing short of awful for them, and their defense has not stopped anyone all season.

The Seahawks have been held to 9 points or less, a league-leading four times this season. Three of their five wins came against the Lions and Rams, they have lost six games by 17 or more, and they have lost 8 games by 10 or more. Now the Seahawks head on the road out to Lambeau to face a Packers team with playoff aspirations, coming off a tough loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. As well as Aaron Rodgers is playing right now, it is going to be almost impossible for this horrendous Seahawks defense to slow him down. Look for this game to get ugly very quickly as Rodgers and the Packers make a mockery of an already disgraceful football team. Roll with Green Bay minus the big number.

Doubel Your Money Pick of The Week


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Johnny G’s Week 13 Thursday Night Pick

December 3rd, 2009 by Johnny G | 21 Comments | Filed in Football, General

Thursday Night

After a Sunday split, my record now stands at 9-3 on the season. Picks for Sunday will be posted by Saturday Morning. Enjoy the game and the winnings.

Buffalo Bills (+3) over New York Jets/ 8:20 PM NFL Network

After stepping in for Trent Edwards, Harvard graduate Ryan Fitzpatrick has surprisingly thrived in the once stagnant Bills offense. After years and years of throwing his quarterbacks under the bus, what does Terrell Owens have to say about journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick? “He is allowing us to make plays that weren’t there before.” That’s some pretty high praise from a Wide Receiver who was not satisfied with Donovan Mcnabb, Tony Romo, or Jeff Garcia. After turning the offense over to Fitzpatrick and firing Head Coach Dick Jauron, the Bills have also replaced Marshawn Lynch as the starting tailback with the explosive and dynamic Fred Jackson. Now that Fitzpatrick has figured out a way to get Owens more involved in the offense, the offense is also much more dynamic. Coming off an impressive victory over the Miami Dolphins, where the Bills defense rattled Dolphins’ QB Chad Henne, the team is clicking on all cylinders and is looking as good as it has all season.

On the other hand you have a Jets team who comes in with rookie QB Mark Sanchez, who continues to struggle with turnovers and is single handedly holding his team back from competing week in and week out. Expect the Bills defense to follow the same script that each defense has used against Sanchez and the Jets all season. Blitz, blitz, and blitz some more. Each week Sanchez has looked more and more like a rookie and I don’t see the trend stopping this week. Just last week Sanchez was throwing late over the middle and off of his back foot against the blitz, which are both cardinal sins at the quarterback position.


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