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Eagles drop a tough one to Bears 30-24

November 8th, 2011 by Scott Dargis | Comments Off on Eagles drop a tough one to Bears 30-24 | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

Before last night if you told me that the Eagles were going to make Matt Forte fumble the ball twice and score 14 points off of those turnovers, I would have told you that there would have been no way the Eagles could have lost. Yet due to a combination of: Jay Cutler not being sacked once, ONCE!, the mediocre play of the secondary, a failed fake punt, and two turnovers of their own the Eagles now find themselves looking up at a very daunting mountain to climb if they want to make the playoffs.

After falling down 10-0, there was a prime opportunity to capitalize just before half time. After Brian Rolle scooped up a Matt Forte fumble and ran it to the house, the Eagles forced the Bears into a quick three and out. Desean Jackson who was in desperate need of making a breakout play stood back near his own 20 waiting for the ball. A big play would come, but not the one that Jackson wanted to make.

Jackson simply could not hold onto the ball while the Bears defenders ripped and clawed at the ball eventually forcing a fumble, which was questionably recovered by the Bears, (I’ll get to that later on). All of the momentum that the Eagles had to fight so hard vanished with that turnover. After two games of doing a fantastic job of holding onto the football, that turnover bug stung the Eagles at a crucial part. There was a minute a two timeouts to work with, plenty of time for Vick to get the ball down the field for a field goal. Can’t play a game of what ifs and should haves though.

Give the defense credit they forced the Bears into a 3rd and goal situation only to have a very questionable flag thrown on Jason Babin for roughing the passer. It sure looked like Bears RG Chris Spencer pushed Babin into Cutler. Then two plays later Marion Barber found the endzone, 17-10 to end the half, all of the momentum at least for the moment gone.

If the Eagles do not make the playoffs, the second half of this game could very well be where most people point the finger and ask the question of what happened here?


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