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Phillies Beat Reporters Full Of Glitter And Unicorns

April 25th, 2012 by Mike H. | 27 Comments | Filed in Baseball, General, MLB, Phillies, TalkSportsPhilly

Misinformation passes for reputable reporting?I hate to bring up sore subjects, but a few weeks ago, when Johnny G and Mikey Miss were having their little tiff, Missanelli pointed out that people such as your TSP contributors only wrote things to cause trouble and to see if something would stick to create a name for ourselves. I’d like to point out that sites like TSP are a great alternative to get honest opinions as it is becoming clearer that the majority of “reputable” sources for reporting information is clearly tickling the testicles of the Phillies front office.

Yesterday, Ruben Amaro released an update on Ryan Howard’s injury. He used the following statements.

It really has improved. The wound itself has gotten smaller, and we just want to get it over the hump so he can start his activities down in Clearwater.

Because the Achilles is healed, and all this time waiting for the wound to heal over — the residual effect is that we’re going to try to be aggressive with him when he can start baseball activities.

We’ll see when he starts what he’s able to do, what he’s not able to do.


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Missanelli Won’t Leave Us Alone

March 4th, 2012 by Johnny G | 7 Comments | Filed in Baseball, General, MLB, Phillies, TSP Radio

Well, Mikey Miss is back at it again. I really tried to put this issue to bed. I listened to a lot of opinions from our readers on facebook and via e-mail; They all had the same idea in mind. Be the bigger person and just walk away. I thought that was pretty good advice, so after Missanelli’s last e-mail which basically called me a “bad guy” for posting his ridiculous rants, I didn’t even respond. That was three days ago and I finally thought this whole little feud was over. Turns out I was wrong. I am apparently very much in the mind of Mike Missanelli, so much so that he is trying to pinpoint exactly who I am from previous encounters. Here’s what Missanelli said to me after three days of no contact:

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Missanelli Just Can’t Help Himself

February 29th, 2012 by Johnny G | 2 Comments | Filed in 94WIP, General, Interviews, Sports

It’s becoming more and more evident that Missanelli just doesn’t get it. How much more can one person regurgitate the same information? Why won’t he just answer the questions based on his article on Sunday? I’ve already proven that the links he sent me STILL have the same information I corrected him with. This is just getting too hard to believe. Here is the next around with Mike Missanelli:

From: Mike Missanelli

To: John Gallante

Hahaha. You dont think Im very knowledgeable? You have any idea what my background is? You should do some research. I was a newspaper reporter for the Inquirer for 10 years. Editor in chief of a sports magazine, a TV sports anchor, a talk radio host for more than 15 years now, a college professor who teaches a course in Sports Law, and an attorney. I feel sorry for kids like you. You’re just a kid. You need to grow up.


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Missanelli: “You’re Just a Fan”- That’s a Violation

February 27th, 2012 by Johnny G | 28 Comments | Filed in General, Phillies, TSP Radio, Wings

Last night, when I sent my article to Mike Missanelli’s e-mail address, which basically tore his latest article on to shreds, I never expected a reply.  It turns out I got much more than that. Mikey Miss went absolutely bat shit crazy. I don’t know if he hit the sauce too hard last night or he just has some type of anger management problem, but Mikey does not like when his mistakes are pointed out to him. He sent e-mail after e-mail of pure nonsense through the mid-evening hours that reeked of arrogance. As I traded replies with Missanelli, I started to get e-mails from other fans that were hearing about this story through TalkSportsPhilly’s Facebook page. It turns out others were receiving vicious replies as well, sometimes just for asking a simple question about the latest article. Thankfully, we have all the e-mail exchanges and we’re going to share them with you. The exchanges listed are with me, Christian Klemash (author at TSP), and a Phillies fan who wishes to remain anonymous. Let’s get this started:

I started off by sending Missanelli a link to the article and asking him if he’d like to explain himself for the unprofessional errors and fabrications he made in his article. His response was classy:

 Mikey Miss: Fuck off. Douche bag. My facts and figures are correct. But I guess you would know better since you’re NOT in business. Idiot.

Ahhh, fuck off, douche bag? Nice. I guess I need to be “in the business”, to know basic factual information about players. Carlos Ruiz’ salary in 2013 is real inside info. (more…)

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Missanelli’s ManCrush on LeBron

April 22nd, 2011 by Christian | 3 Comments | Filed in General

Hi Mikey...

Let me preface my forthcoming critique of 97.5 FM’s Mike Missanelli by saying I actually enjoy his radio show and think he seems like one of the cooler sports personalities in this city.  The fact that he’s actually replied to a couple of my email blasts says a lot.  Apparently, he understands he’s not the second coming, and that’s refreshing.

That notwithstanding, I was driving home earlier and heard Mikey Miss in the midst of an absolute on-air love fest for LeBron James.  Mikey was extraordinarily impressed with LeBron’s “24, 14 & 6” performance last night against our hometown, powerhouse team… the Sixers!  Why that performance against one the weakest teams in the playoffs left Mikey awestruck still eludes me.

Then he went over the edge, comparing LeBron to…  Michael Jordan.  Mikey Miss, you MUST be kidding.  LeBron’s good, but he simply isn’t the same caliber of player that Michael Jordan was.  Jordan’s the best I’ve ever seen, and I’m 43 years old.


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