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Sixers 2013-14 Season Preview

October 30th, 2013 by Sam Shipley | Comments Off on Sixers 2013-14 Season Preview | Filed in Basketball, General, Sixers


It is no secret that the Sixers are going to struggle this year. They traded away their best player, Jrue Holiday on the night of the NBA draft to acquire a first round pick in next seasons loaded draft and big man Nerlens Noel. Down the road was this a good deal? Most likely, but it certainly does not benefit the Sixers this season in anyway especially with Noel not even suiting up this season.

Last year on opening night, the city was filled with optimism. The Sixers were supposed to finally take that big leap after acquiring Andrew Bynum and become contenders. We all know how that story played out.

New General Manager Sam Hinkie, has made it clear that this season will be the first year of a rebuilding process, and nothing makes that more clear than the team slogan “Together We Build”. The Sixers currently have four rookies on the roster, headlined by first round drafts pick Michael Carter-Williams and Nerlens Noel. And only two players have been in the league for more than six seasons, Kwame Brown and Jason Richardson who have played 12 seasons each.

The goal is obvious this season, see the development of the young players, but ultimately win the sweepstakes for Andrew Wiggins. Wiggins is talked about to be the next big thing in the NBA, and when I say big I am talking Kobe Bryant and LeBron James big. The kid has just pure talent and will make an instant impact for years wherever he lands.

So what are the Sixers odds of being the worst team in the NBA this year, which gives them the best shot to get Wiggins? A Las Vegas sports book has the Sixers over/under for win total at just 16.5 this season which is the lowest for any team in about a decade.


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Nerlens Noel Out For The Year

October 22nd, 2013 by Sam Shipley | Comments Off on Nerlens Noel Out For The Year | Filed in Basketball, General, Sixers


The 76ers are expected to hold out first-round draft pick Nerlens Noel for the entire season, coach Brett Brown said today.

Noel was acquired on draft night in a trade that sent Jrue Holiday to the Pelicans. The plan for Noel was to return somewhere in the middle of the season, after recovering from a torn ACL he suffered in college last season on February 12th.

The news came at todays pregame press conference before the Sixers take on the Cavaliers tonight, “We don’t want to waste this year. I think from a skill perspective, it’s an opportunity for us to break down his shot, really work on his free throws and start a little bit from ground zero.” said Brown. The Sixers obviously are no stranger to losing big men to knee injuries after losing Andrew Bynum for an entire season last year. For Sixers fans, they could fear this is the same scenario as this was the believed reason Noel slipped to sixth on draft night. Teams around the league were scared away by his knee condition, and as a result he was drafted sixth by the Pelicans before the trade to the Sixers.

Noel’s agent Andy Miller has denied the reports that his client is out for the year, saying “there have been no decisions made at this time”.

It looks like this will be a bit of a waiting game to find out the truth, but the fact of the matter is Noel will be out for a long time. It is just a matter of if he will play this season or not. If he doesn’t it is kind of deflating for Sixers fans and the organization because there is a new reason to be optimistic for this team, but a big part of the optimism had to do with Noel.


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The Future of the Sixers

February 26th, 2013 by Sam Shipley | Comments Off on The Future of the Sixers | Filed in Basketball, General, Sixers, TalkSportsPhilly, Twitter


With 28 games to go the Sixers are currently 22-32 and 4 games back of the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference playoff race. However, it seems like it is a lot more then just 4 games. As a fan I have come to terms with the fact that if this teams does decide to make a miracle push and get into the playoffs, even with a healthy Andrew Bynum, they will be eliminated in the first round. So with that being said, what should the future bring for the Sixers? Lets start off with the biggest question of them all:

Andrew Bynum

Some people are going to agree with me and others will not, but I would not resign Andrew Bynum. I understand that he is a great player, but in order for him to be that great player he needs to be on the floor and not on the bench because he is injured. This team has been irrelevant since the year we went to the Finals which is unacceptable. I don’t want to hear that they are rebuilding because I am sorry if it takes a team 12 years to rebuild and they still can’t be a winning team something is wrong there. Bynum will only hold this team back from being a true contender because of his inability to stay healthy. Lets just say he re-signs and we make the playoffs next year as a top 3 team in the East, and in that very first game of the playoffs his knees act up and he has to sit out for the rest of the playoffs, then what? Other then Jrue there is not another player on this team who can carry us to a finals appearance or even a Eastern Conerence Finals appearance, and we all see how Jrue carrying the team has worked out this season. Instead of re-signing Bynum to a ridiculous contract, I say we go after a Al Jefferson and then with the money left over that was going to go to Bynum we fill out the roster with better players then Royal Ivey, Damien Wilkins, Kwame Brown, should I go on?

I love Bynum and loved what he brought to the Lakers, but I am sorry that is something I do not want to wait to find out if he can bring us with the risk of going down at any given time. I am tired of waiting to win, I want to win now.

Evan Turner


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Evaluating Jrue Holiday So Far

November 26th, 2012 by Sam Shipley | Comments Off on Evaluating Jrue Holiday So Far | Filed in Basketball, General, Sixers

Jrue Holiday Is Off To A Great Start

It is no secret anymore, Jrue Holiday has become the Sixers top player this season and it’s not even close. Coming off a season where Jrue didn’t perform as well as we knew he could, Jrue has put that season in the past and has moved on. After 14 games so far this season Jrue is averaging 18.6 ppg, 9.2 apg, 3.9 rpg, and is shooting 45% from the field. On top of that, he has five double-doubles so far this season which is tied with Chris Paul for 2nd most in the NBA trailing just Rajon Rondo. Just to put last season in perspective compared to this one so far, Jrue had just one double-double in 66 games last season.

What makes Jrue’s performance so far this season so impressing is that he is doing all of this without the newly acquired Andrew Bynum. The reason I say this is, when the Sixers traded for Bynum he was supposed to be the impact big man to help Jrue evolve and become a better player. As we all know, Bynum has yet to play a game this season. Of course the increased perimeter shooters that the Sixers acquired in the summer (Nick Young, Dorell Wright, Jason Richardson) are helping Jrue’s assists numbers, but he still has to get them the ball when they are open. Holiday has taken the teams leader role, and also is turning into the teams “star” player.

Lets compare Jrue to some of today’s top point guards in the NBA:

Jrue Holiday: 18.6 ppg, 9.2 apg, 3.9 rpg, 45% fg


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Sixers Extend Lavoy Allen, Holiday Seeking Extension

July 3rd, 2012 by Sam Shipley | Comments Off on Sixers Extend Lavoy Allen, Holiday Seeking Extension | Filed in Basketball, General, Sixers, Sports

Lavoy staying in Philly

Last night the Sixers extended Lavoy Allen’s contract to keep him with the Sixers for at least two more seasons. Allen signed a 2 year deal that will pay him $6 million total, which is a very good deal for him and the Sixers. Allen showed that he is a key player on this Sixers roster in the postseason. He was arguably the only player in the postseason that gave Kevin Garnett fits because of Allens defense. Garnett had trouble getting his shot against Allen because of Lavoys strength, Garnett was not able to get into the paint as much. Allen averaged 6 points and 5 rebounds in just 19 minutes per game in the playoffs, and was very efficient doing so by shooting 56% from the field. Lavoy could potentially be a starter at some point this season, and many executives are high on him because of his defense. So am I.

Jrue Holiday on the other hand is still looking for a contract extension as his rookie deal is coming to an end. Holiday is seeking the max according to sources. Holiday is highly liked around the league, and is said to be one of the next top point guards in this league at some point. Holiday brings great size, good shooting ability, energy, and great on ball defense to the Sixers. He also is a above average passer, which the Sixers really need. His assists totals didn’t show it last year, because Holiday really didn’t play the Point Guard spot traditionally last season. Doug told Jrue that he wants him to shoot the ball more, and because of that Holiday was the guy who would come around screens or play a little bit of iso ball. Another reason is Lou Williams handled the ball quite a bit last year when he was in the game, so Holiday was playing off the ball much like he did in UCLA. However, I can’t say I am ready to give Holiday that big of a contract. I am all for a contract in maybe the 10-12 million a year range, something like 4 years-50 million. The Sixers want Holiday to be the Point Guard of the future, and want to pair him with Turner for years to come and I love that duo for the next 10 seasons. So if they want to keep that young duo, give Holiday something that will please him but won’t kill the future spending.

Holiday was also named to the U.S.A. Select Team today, he will train against the Olympic Team next week in Las Vegas. That will be a great experience for Holiday, he will be around the best in the world and learn from them. I am curious to hear how Jrue does against guys like CP3 and Deron Williams on a daily basis.



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Andre Iguodala Leads Sixers To First Series Win Since 2003

May 12th, 2012 by Sam Shipley | 2 Comments | Filed in Basketball, General, Sixers

Sixers Win! Sixers Win!

Andre Iguodala stepped up to the free throw line with 2.2 seconds left and knocked down the 2 biggest free throw’s of his career. A C.J. Watson desperation 3 pointer went off the back rim, and that was it. The Sixers won their first playoff series since 2003, and won their first series at home since 2001.

Iguodala and Evan Turner jumped on the scorers table and began to celebrate with the crowd, as the curse of being “one and done” was no more. After 8 seasons of agony, pain, struggle, the Sixers finally were able to have a celebration of their own and were able to do it in front of their home crowd.

Iguodala’s two free throws gave the Sixers a 79-78 win and a 4-2 win in the series, as the Sixers became just the fifth 8th seed  in NBA history to upset a #1 seed. Ever since signing his $80 million dollar contract, Andre Iguodala hasn’t been exactly what you would call a “fan favorite”. He has never averaged 20 ppg in his career, he made the all-star game just 1 time in his career, but on this night during his 2 free throw attempts all of the hatred toward Iguodala was put on hold. This was his night, his moment, and now Andre himself has finally delivered this city a first round playoff win for the first time in his career.

Iguodala finished Game 6 with 20 points, 7 assists, and 4 rebounds on 7-12 shooting, by far his best game of the series. Andre battled through that Achillies injury, and delivered the type of game that Sixers fans want to see every night from him.


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Late Surge Gives The Sixers The Win In Game 3

May 6th, 2012 by Sam Shipley | Comments Off on Late Surge Gives The Sixers The Win In Game 3 | Filed in Basketball, General, Sixers

Sixers Win!

Game 3 had a “must win” feel to it for the Sixers. They were just coming off a big win against Chicago in game 2, and didn’t want to give any life right back to the Bulls. The night was started with Dr. J giving the game ball to the officials at half-court which brought the crowd of 20,000+ to their feet.

The game had a very slow start to it, due to a lot of fouls, missed shots, and bad passing. Both teams seemed to come out flat, especially the Sixers. Neither team was able to have any consistency on offense, and that resulted into just a 19-17 Bulls lead after one. Like I said there was a lot of fouls called, the Sixers were in the penalty halfway through the 1st quarter and Jrue Holiday was actually limited to little playing time in the 1st half due to 3 early fouls.

The 2nd quarter was a repeat of the 1st quarter and at the half the Sixers held a 1 point lead which I was happy about because of how bad they played. Coming out of the half, they led 40-39 and you had the feeling this was going to be one of those grind out games that was going to come down to the final minutes. Then the 3rd quarter started and those feelings began to vanish. The Bulls came out and just completely dominated the Sixers and outscored them 21-11, just one game after the Sixers outscored the Bulls 36-14 in game 2. After 3 the Sixers trailed 60-51. There was a scary moment in this one though as Joakim Noah severely rolled his ankle on a fast break halfway through the 3rd quarter and was able to just play for a few minutes after. His status for the rest of the series remains in question.

The beginning of quarter was no different, as a Rip Hamilton 3 pointer put the Bulls up 14 at one point, and with just under 10 minutes to go the Sixers faced a 69-56 deficit. However, this crowd would not give up on this team. They were loud all night long and I believe helped surge what would be one of the most propelling comebacks I have seen by the Sixers in quite sometime. After a Spencer Hawes bucket the Sixers cut the lead to 69-64 halfway through the 4th, and the crowd was going insane as you felt the momentum beginning to shift over to the Sixers. The inspirational videos started to come on, including Rocky’s famous scene when Adrian says “win” which put the crowd into a bigger frenzy.


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