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All In The Name: Josh Hamilton vs. B.J. Upton

November 19th, 2012 by Mike H. | Comments Off on All In The Name: Josh Hamilton vs. B.J. Upton | Filed in Baseball, Phillies, Sports

Earlier in the offseason, I wrote a piece in which I stated that Ruben Amaro and the Phillies should completely stay away from the free agent class for centerfielders. Alas, what you or I would do is generally the exact opposite of what Amaro does.  I’m still advocating staying away from signing either option as both have their flaws that throw up red flags to me.

The case for not signing either one:

First of all, both have their off the field problems.  Hamilton’s a walking anxiety disorder. He suffers from alcoholism, has trouble staying on the field, and is already on the wrong side of 30. As we know most “elite” players who are signed to massive contracts after age 30, generally don’t live up to their contract.  He is also left-handed. On a lineup already saturated with left-handed hitters, Hamilton doesn’t help the need for a right-handed power bat. On the other hand, B.J. Upton is a right-handed bat with pop, but tends to strike out on par with Ryan Howard. While Upton does manage to stay on the field, his level of “effort” seems to make people wish he wasn’t in the lineup. The biggest reason why neither player should be signed is purely financially motivated. Both are looking for multi-year deals in the neighborhood of 5-7 years at 15-25 million per year. (more…)

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Offseason Storylines

November 3rd, 2012 by Mike H. | 1 Comment | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies

Off-Season Storylines

The way that the new MLB CBA breaks down, the offseason starts bright and early Friday night/Saturday morning at midnight. The Phillies have some work cut out for themselves heading into 2013, with priorities set on centerfield, third base, and the bullpen. With over 135 million committed to just 10 players, the Phillies don’t have much wiggle room as far as big free agent signings can go. The Phillies definitely could/should be active on the trade front, but, as always, the biggest question is: “Who is available versus who is tradeable?”

So let’s take a look at some viable options for the Phillies heading into the 2012-2013 offseason. As we head into this, I’ll give you a little insight as to how I assess players:

  • NL/AL West: I rarely trust pitchers from the left coast. Too many pitcher’s parks that effect their stats, i.e. Chad Qualls.
  • Previous Team: Sometimes being the best player on a bad team doesn’t translate to success on a (potentially) good team.
  • Previous Year: Success and failure the previous year shouldn’t disguise the type of player you’re really getting.


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ESPN Sources: Josh Hamilton Has Alcohol Relapse

February 2nd, 2012 by Johnny G | Comments Off on ESPN Sources: Josh Hamilton Has Alcohol Relapse | Filed in Baseball, General, MLB, Sports


ESPN sources are stating that Texas Rangers’ slugger Josh Hamilton has had a relapse with his alcohol addiction on Tuesday.

The Rangers said in a statement that they are “aware of a situation but have no further comment at this time.”

The news was first reported by the Dallas Morning News on Tuesday. There are not many details regarding the situation but Hamilton did have an issue a little over three years ago in a bar in Tempe, Arizona. There were several photos taken (two of which are above) of Hamilton and three unidentified women in bar. This is a very sad story if this has negative implications on his life and career. The Rangers have dealt with Hamilton’s issues very well over the years, going as far as eliminating alcohol from post-season victory celebrations.


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