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Is Jim Thome a Hall of Famer?

March 8th, 2015 by Kyle Lutz | Comments Off on Is Jim Thome a Hall of Famer? | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies

It’s about time for another “is ____ a Hall of Famer” post. This past June, I talked about whether or not I thought former Phillies’ shortstop Jimmy Rollins is/will be a future Hall of Famer, and less than a month later, I explained why I felt that former Flyers’ right-winger Tim Kerr deserves to be inducted in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Here, I’ll discuss whether or not former Phillies’ first baseman Jim Thome deserves to be in Cooperstown (where the National Baseball Hall of Fame is located, in New York). He was drafted in the 13th round, 333rd overall, by the Cleveland Indians in the 1989 MLB Draft, out of Illinois Central College. Throughout his career, Thome played for six-different teams: the Indians (1991-2002, 2011), the Phillies (2003-05, 2012), the Chicago White Sox (2006-09), the Dodgers (2009), the Twins (2010-11), and the Baltimore Orioles (2012).


-5x All-Star (1997-99, 2004, 2006)
-Silver Slugger Award (1996)
-AL Comeback Player of the Year (2006)
-Roberto Clemente Award (2002)
-NL Home-Run Champ (2003)

Career Statistics


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Deconstructing The Phillies: Corner Infield

October 25th, 2014 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Deconstructing The Phillies: Corner Infield | Filed in Baseball, Phillies

Next up in the series is the corner infield positions. What should the Phillies do at the hot corner? Can the Phillies do anything with Ryan Howard? There’s definitely depth at the major league level, but who is the right man for the job? I’m still playing GM and keeping a running tally of the moves and roster spots being taken both in my vision and my counterpart’s. If you’re even remotely intrigued and/or agree with my overhaul, click past the jump to see where I’m going this week. (more…)

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The 2012 AmyMac Awards

October 2nd, 2012 by AmyMac | Comments Off on The 2012 AmyMac Awards | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies

The AmyMac Awards

By Amy McGinnis

As the Phillies’ 2012 season draws to a close, I have some awards I’d like to give.

Best Silver Lining for the End of the Sellout Streak:  We were able to throw some fans-since-2008 bandwagoners overboard this season.


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Phillies Fire Sale coming?

July 3rd, 2012 by Robert Fetsick | Comments Off on Phillies Fire Sale coming? | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies

Phillies Fire Sale!!

With Jim Thome being traded to the Orioles on Saturday, then Chad Qualls being traded to the Yankees, the Phillies are now engaging trading Cole Hamels.  With the Marlins sweeping us three games recently it almost seems impossible to make playoffs now.

I think trading Hamels wouldn’t be such a bad idea because of who we might get in the trade for him, being that he is a premiere player.  Then, if Phillies can’t re-sign Hamels in free agency to comeback, they would probably get two 1st round picks with the team that would sign Hamels because he will be a Type A Free Agent.  Could Shane Victorino be next too?  Yes,  there is good chance Victorino could be traded because right now he’s not doing good, but whoever trades for him he may get better because it could be a good change of scenery for Victorino. There would be a bunch of teams lined up to call the Phillies about Victorino, because earlier this season the Blue Jays and a bunch of other teams called the Phillies about Victorino.  In my opinion, if Victorino was traded then Juan Pierre would be our everyday center-fielder this year.


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If You’re Upset About the Phils, Reading This Won’t Cheer You Up

July 3rd, 2012 by AmyMac | 1 Comment | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies

By Amy McGinnis

Everyone is asking what I think about possible trades this month.  To be honest, I don’t want to talk about it.  Sure, rumors stress me out, and the trade deadline at the end of the month causes some anxiety, but this season, I’m mostly just … sad.

The Thome trade last week was bittersweet.  He belongs on an American League team where he can get nightly at bats.  He deserves to be on a team that has a chance at contending in the playoffs.  The truth is, though, I see it as the beginning of something I didn’t want to see: the Phillies will have to become sellers.  This first half of the season has been a disaster.  We might have a chance at the Wild Card, but we wouldn’t stand a chance against the American League.  9 of the AL’s 14 teams are currently above .500.  Right now, Miami can barely see us in their rearview mirror.  Don’t get me wrong; I would never suggest bagging the remainder of the season.  It’s important – and mandatory, in my eyes – to play hard until the last out on September 30th in Miami.  Waving a white flag is unacceptable to me, and it’s necessary to complete the season with dignity. 

Everyone is looking for someone or something to blame.  Where did things go wrong?  What happened to our World Effing Champions? I don’t think that we can pinpoint one cause; several elements have contributed to the situation we’re in.  Charlie Manuel couldn’t manage his way out of a paper bag, and there hasn’t been leadership when the team has needed it.  Ruben Amaro Jr. made big moves over the past few years, which has been very exciting, but it was with the “win now, worry about the future later” mentality.  I was just as happy as the next gal on that mid-December night in 2010 when we found out that Cliff Lee loves us back.  I remember thinking, though, “Great! I love Cliff! I wonder if he can play RF and bat in the five hole.”  Amaro gave us big names on the roster, and we all love them, but our farm system is depleted.  Our players aren’t exactly young, and on top of injuries that have had big chunks of our lineup on the sidelines, we’re also seeing general wear and tear.  It’s not a big deal for a 22 year old player to get a little banged up; when he’s 33, his body doesn’t bounce back as well.  Now that the team is unraveling, we’re looking around.  Who’s in charge here? (Blank stare from Manuel.) Who can we bring up from Lehigh Valley? (Crickets.)  Well, we’re not going to end up having a fire sale, are we? (Nervous smile from Ruben.)

I don’t think the month of July is going to be enjoyable for us Phils fans.  We’ll probably see a fan favorite or two get shipped out in exchange for prospects.  It’s a tough pill to swallow when you know what needs to happen, but you don’t want it to.  It’s like breaking up with a long-term boyfriend whom you love and adore, but you know the relationship needs to end. 

Trust me when I say this: watching Cole Hamels leave Philadelphia is the last thing I want.  I’d shave my head to keep that man here.  I’m not naïve, though.  I’m fully aware that other teams are interested in acquiring him.  I was prepared to launch a campaign to convince Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels that Zack Greinke is who he really wants and needs.  I don’t think that I have prepared myself for the possibility that Cole will leave, to be honest.  In 16 starts in 2012, Hamels has a 3.08 ERA with 9.0 K/9 and 2.3 BB/9.  I’ve seen his changeup and I know damned well that he can put the ball where he wants (looking at you, Bryce Harper).  At 28, Hamels is the kind of player you can build a team around.  I can’t keep teams from wanting Cole, and my sparkling personality isn’t enough to make Cole want to stay in Philadelphia when he could play for a team that can contend in October.  Generally speaking, I’m not up for talking about Cole’s future right now.  The truth is, I’ll always be a fan of his, and I don’t mind traveling to stalk him.  Ummm … crap, I mean cheer for him.  I’d travel to cheer for him. 


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Poor Decisions

June 8th, 2012 by Mike H. | 6 Comments | Filed in Baseball, Phillies

Yes, hindsight is always 20/20, but sometimes having foresight is just as close. This past offseason, the Phillies front office took on the task of “tweaking” the Phillies back into being World Series contenders. For the most part, they chose to make low risk, high reward types of signings with Jim Thome, Brian Schneider, and Chad Qualls. Altogether, the three players signed for a mere 3.2 million dollars, but has it been worth it?

  • Jim Thome: .100/.217/.100 with 0 XBH, 0 RBI, 3 BBs, and 11 Ks
  • Brian Schneider: .258/.281/.403 w/ 2 HRs, 3 2Bs, 5 RBIs, 2 BBs, and 12 Ks
  • Chad Qualls: 5.32 ERA, 1.636 WHIP,  and 1.86 K:BB ratio

Granted Thome missed a significant amount of time being on the DL, but did anyone really expect him to play regularly? The guy has purely a DH since he left Philly the first time. I actually had fans tell me they thought he’d play 2-3 times per week. Going into the season, I was on record saying I’d be happy with him playing 2-3 times per month. Why any National League team would sign someone who hasn’t been anything but a DH for the last 5+ seasons is a poor decision in my book.

To date, Schneider has been an upgrade over the 2011 version of himself, but he is nothing more than a back up catcher. The Phillies had bigger fish to fry knowing that Ryan Howard would be out to start the season. While Howard was originally expected to be out until early to mid-May, the Phillies put all their eggs a basket that included John Mayberry Jr., Ty Wigginton, and Laynce Nix to hold down first base. Mayberry has been a flop since Greg Gross has been given time to help him with his swing. Nix and Wigginton have both performed admirably, but are being over utilized for what they were intended to be used for.

You truly couldn’t blame Chad Qualls for signing with the Phillies. I mean if someone offered you 1+ million dollars to do a job you sucked at, would you say no? Of course you wouldn’t. So the blame lies squarely on the Phillies front office and Charlie Manuel. The Phillies front office should have known that Qualls’ “success” was a result of pitching the majority of his games in Dodger Stadium, AT&T Park, and PETCO Park. Outside of those three stadiums, Qualls had an ERA over 6.50. You also have to blame the manager for continuing to throw him out there.


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Countdown To Opening Day 2012: 1 Day

April 4th, 2012 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Countdown To Opening Day 2012: 1 Day | Filed in Baseball, Phillies

One day left. The rosters have been set. It seems like an eternity since Ryan Howard collapsed coming out of the batter’s box to end the season, but tomorrow starts a new season. Team TSP pod casted about life without Ryan Howard last weekend, and it got me thinking, how exactly does this lineup look with both Howard and Chase Utley out for undetermined amounts of time? We looked at what Galvis has to do to improve the level of the position over 2011 yesterday. Today, I wanted to look at not only what the Phillies need to do to replace Howard’s impact, but to also replace Raul Ibanez’, as it appears that left field and first base will be platoons with some of the same players.

In 2011, Ibanez and Howard combined to hit a rather pedestrian .249/.315, with the majority of the failure lying on Ibanez’ shoulders. The four players on the roster who look to see extensive time at either first base or left field, Laynce Nix, John Mayberry, Jim Thome, and Ty Wigginton, combined to hit a slightly better .254/.327.

While it is only slightly better, the numbers may actually better than they appear. Nix and Thome are significantly better against right-handed pitching. Mayberry is significantly better against left-handed pitching. If used properly, the four-man platoon may not combine to reach Howard’s and Ibanez’ power potential, but they should be able to provide the offense with a little more consistency. If Manuel can manage their use properly, the Phillies could potentially be without Howard and Utley and not skip a beat offensively.

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