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The Best & Worst of Ruben Amaro Jr (Part 2: The Worst)

November 5th, 2013 by Mike H. | Comments Off on The Best & Worst of Ruben Amaro Jr (Part 2: The Worst) | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies


Although I’ve obviously had this portion of the two-part series done for a while now, I figured I’d better get it out of the way before Amaro makes a significant move of stupidity before Christmas (because we all know Rube likes to get his shopping done early). I think that it is important to note prior to revealing this list, that they are not in order of financial pain, even though the majority of Ruben’s self-inflicted problems are monetary ones. (more…)

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Review of Hunter Pence’s Return

August 8th, 2013 by | Comments Off on Review of Hunter Pence’s Return | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies
Former Phillie

Former Phillie

by Brittany Collins

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Hunter Pence returned humbly to Philadelphia for the Giants vs. Philadelphia series last Tuesday through Thursday.


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Nationals End Their Season

October 13th, 2012 by AmyMac | 1 Comment | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies

C'mon, Jayson! Where's your Natitiude???

By Amy McGinnis

I probably took far too much joy in typing that title.  There are several reasons that I hate the Nationals, the biggest of which is Jayson Werth.  I didn’t like him as a Phillie, and I don’t like him as a National.  It wasn’t easy for me to cheer for St. Louis, but I did it … and you can imagine my excitement to see the Cardinals come back to beat Washington in Game 5 of the NLDS.

I’m sure Jayson Werth will find a way to badmouth Philadelphia fans for this, and not take responsibility for those words when asked about them weeks later.

Chin up, Werth.  You’ll be watching the rest of the playoffs from your couch, just like the rest of us … and you’ll get paid about a gazillion dollars to do it.  Maybe now that you have extra time on your hands, you can see about getting that long overdue haircut.  You could always call your old buddy Raúl Iba – oh, my bad.  He’s busy.  Looks like Hunter Pence is, too …  at least the former Phillies right fielder who advanced to the NLCS is the likeable one.


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Victorino to Dodgers, Pence to Giants

August 1st, 2012 by AmyMac | Comments Off on Victorino to Dodgers, Pence to Giants | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies

Aloha and Mahalo, Shane.

By Amy McGinnis

With another Trade Deadline  in the books, there are mixed reactions among Phillies fans.  I had already come to terms with the idea that we would be sellers at the end of July, so I think that today, I fell into the “Let’s do what’s best for the team to move forward” category.  I had more than a few friends in the “I need someone to talk me off the ledge” group, and I understand that mentality, too.  Four weeks or so ago, I was depressed about what I saw coming, and I didn’t want to talk about it with anyone.  By now, though, I think I’ve accepted that 2008 was the year of World F*cking Champions, and 2012 is the year that we retool.  I’m trying to be optimistic (the fact that Cole is still here helps in that department; I won’t lie).  So, here we are, at the end of July, and as they say … the show must go on.

As I type this, it’s the bottom of the ninth inning in Washington, and the Phils are giving us all a little “never say die” lesson.  Though this season has been a nightmare, Philadelphia knows what it means to fight back.  A prime example is the fourth inning of this game.  We’ve all known that Cliff Lee can hit; stealing second wasn’t something I saw coming.  A nod to Victorino, maybe? Rollins saw the stolen base and it’s as if he decided that it would be an outstanding time for an in-the-park home-run.  The fourth inning of tonight’s game is what I love about this team.  If you were expecting a white flag, then you came to the wrong place.

It’s sad to see Shane Victorino leave.  It’s the right thing for the team at this point, and it’s necessary; my daughter Ella is still heartbroken.  We wish him the best of luck in Los Angeles, we’ll always receive him well at CBP, and we’ll never forget what he put into this team and the city of Philadelphia.  Mahalo, Shane.  In exchange for Victorino, the Phillies now have righty reliever Josh Lindblom, AA righty reliever Ethan Martin, and a PTBNL or cash.  For those who maybe don’t agree that Vic should have been sent to the Dodgers, it’s hard to argue with the fact that our bullpen needed help.  It’s a pretty fair trade.


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Phils Stretch Their Streak to Four

July 19th, 2012 by AmyMac | Comments Off on Phils Stretch Their Streak to Four | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies

4 Games in a Row...What's Happening??

By Amy McGinnis

Cliff Lee will take the mound this afternoon in Los Angeles as the Phils look to sweep the Dodgers (not a typo) and continue their winning streak (also not a typo).

On Monday night, Joe Blanton pitched a solid eight innings – I love seeing that side of Big Joe – and Papelbon shut it down in the ninth.  Blanton gets a win, Papelbon secures his twentieth save, and Ryan Howard hits his first home-run for 2012.  Not a bad night.


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Phillies Notes: Utley, Victorino, Pence

June 12th, 2012 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Phillies Notes: Utley, Victorino, Pence | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies

Back by the All Star Break?

The Phillies are one step closer to the return of Chase Utley. Utley is supposed to make his season debut, albeit in a rehab appearance for Class A Clearwater, Tuesday at home against the Tampa Yankees. With Utley starting his rehab assignment, barring any future injury, he now has 20 days before he must be taken off the DL. That puts a worst case scenario of July 2nd as to when Ut HAS to be taken off the DL if he is healthy. I’d imagine, knowing Ut’s tenacity and the Phillies’ impatience (at times), it’ll be a short rehab assignment with number 26 making his season debut towards the end of the next home stand.

In other news, the Dodgers and Andre Ethier have agreed to terms on an extension that reportedly is valued at five years and 85 million dollars (17 M AAV). That type of dollar amount could help clear up what it would take the Phillies retain either Shane Victorino or Hunter Pence. Ethier, 30, holds a career .291/.363/.481 line with 119 home runs and 20 stolen bases (51.3% success rate). Ethier could also be considered a defensive liability in the field, but his offense makes up for that.

Does Ethier's extension effect Victorino's?

Victorino, 31, is heading into free agency for the first time this offseason and will be 32 before opening day. With the Phillies, Victorino holds a career .282/.347/.444 line with 87 home runs and 175 stolen bases (81.8% success rate). So while his career numbers are slightly less than Ethier’s, Victorino also has the benefit of a higher standard of defense in his pocket. Previously, I reported that a 4/48 M dollar deal with a vesting option for a fifth should be reasonable. With Ethier’s extension, Victorino, even with a proposed discount, could be looking at an AAV range of 13.5-15.5 million over the life of his next contract.


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Hanley Handles Hamels

June 3rd, 2012 by AmyMac | 1 Comment | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies

By Amy McGinnis

Phils dropped a game to the Marlins yesterday, but it wasn’t from lack of effort.  Cole Hamels, after his second loss this season, took responsibility for the Marlins’ score.  Rightfully so, I’d say, considering he blew a three run lead.  Hanley Ramirez homered off Hamels twice, tacking on three runs.  Interestingly enough, Cole’s other loss this season was to Miami, and it was at Citizens Bank Park.  He is now 8-2 with a 2.81 ERA.  He’s still a standout pitcher, not only in Philadelphia, but throughout MLB.

Although Ricky Nolasco recorded the win, our offense looked pretty good.  In the first inning, we saw Pence and Pierre in a double steal, and Pierre later scored.  Rollins knocked in Polanco in the second; Pence homered in the third and had another RBI in the eighth when he scored Rollins.  It seems that Pence has found his momentum, but in true 2012 fashion, the Phils (namely Wigginton and Rollins) stranded runners.  That, coupled with Ramirez being too much for Hamels, cost us the game.

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about the loss yesterday.  I’m so happy to see our lineup looking like a collaborative effort.  They seem more in sync with one another than they have thus far this season.  At the end of the day, they’re looking better to me.  I’d rather not see the “RISP and fewer than two outs” scenario get blown, but yesterday’s instances weren’t nearly as heinous as they’ve been this season.

On the other hand, it’s a little frustrating to see the Phils come up short in winnable games.  I agree (for once) with Charlie Manuel, who said, “We could’ve definitely won the game.”  Well, yeah, we could have, if Hamels hadn’t spoon fed pitches to Ramirez and our offense had brought runners home.  I can’t complain, though.  I’d much rather see good effort and lose 5-4 than see a dugout full of players who look as if they don’t care much.

A special thank you to Chris Leomporra, who took me to yesterday’s game.  Now that I think about it, if you’re looking for someone other than Hamels or Ramirez to blame for those three runs, Chris is your guy.  He left his seat exactly twice, and each time he returned to find out that Ramirez had homered.  In all seriousness, it was a very fun TSP kind of day at the ballpark, and if anything, I was able to get somewhere in the neighborhood of 7,000 pictures of Cole. I call that a win.

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