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Philadelphia Soul, Opening Day Preview 2019

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The Philadelphia Soul will kick off the 2019 season on Saturday, April 27 at 3:30 pm against the Atlantic City Blackjacks. The three-time ArenaBowl champions will play host to the new expansion franchise at the Wells Fargo Center. Fans can watch live on NBC Sports Philadelphia+ or listen to the action on 97.5 The Fanatic.

After winning titles in 2016 and 2017, the Soul had a disappointing 2018 season that saw the team finish 7-5 and exit in the first round of the playoffs. However, this year’s squad is looking to return to championship form.

“One thing that hasn’t changed for the Philadelphia Soul: Our goal is to be the world champions,” said Soul owner Ron Jaworski. “We were not last year. Our goal is to be the world champions this year.”

Among those returning for the Soul are quarterback and former league MVP Dan Raudabaugh, 2018 Defensive Back of the Year James Romain, and 2018 First Team All-Arena wideout Darius Prince. Joining the experienced core are a number of promising new faces, including six AFL rookies.


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Sunday will be the Beginning or the End

October 27th, 2012 by Hanks Corner | 1 Comment | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

A Critical Game!!

There are only 16 NFL regular season games, so every game is an important one, however no game in the history of Andy Reid’s tenure in Philadelphia is more important than their match up on Sunday with the undefeated Atlanta Falcons. During the bye while Eagle fans did chores; talked to their wives and children while stewing  about what happened during the first half of the Eagles season Coach Reid laid the blame for the team’s 3-3 record on one guy, Juan Castillo.

While I agree that promoting an offensive line coach to defensive coordinator seems like a guy willing to stand out on a limb for a buddy, however  when the limb started to break Andy made sure that he was hanging onto the tree while is friend hit the ground. Michael Vick is still the starting quarterback; his boy Marty will still be calling too many passing plays while turning the best running back in the NFL into a glorified blocker  but it was the defense and more specificly the coordinator that shouldered the blame.

The game Sunday will show the world if Andy was right or wrong, the answer to that question will determine his own future.

The Falcons come into the Linc undefeated and rested, as they had their bye last week as well, however they have been begging to lose only to pull games out in the end, so it seems to reason that a desperate team at home should have the advantage against a team that is due for a loss. Vegas thinks so; all the analysts think the bird in Green and silver will win this match up, then why I am so scared of this game on Sunday?


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Defense: The Main Reason the Eagles are 3-1 and 1st in the NFC East

October 5th, 2012 by Hanks Corner | Comments Off on Defense: The Main Reason the Eagles are 3-1 and 1st in the NFC East | Filed in Eagles, Football, General


Last season during the bye week I saw Eagles’ defensive coordinator Juan Castillo in the Atlanta airport flying back to Philadelphia, my wife begged me not to say a word, but like all men I listen to my wife except in matters that really matter like the Eagles, so instead of yelling or screaming why an offensive line coach is now the defensive coordinator of my beloved team, I politely said Juan we need to do a better job on defense especially in the fourth quarter, I didn’t realize it would take a year before he finally would listen to this crazy Eagles fan.

Defense is the main reason the Eagles are on top of the NFC East with a 3-1 record, as they held Trent Richardson to only 29 yards while coming up with a game saving interception in Cleveland; holding the new and powerful Ravens offense with their elite quarterback Joe Flacco ( his words not mine) to only nine completions in the second half  and stopping them on the final drive.

Then on Sunday night holding back Eli Manning, who threw for over 500 yards against Tampa Bay and destroyed the Carolina Panthers the week before to only 17 points. The Giants still had a chance to win the game and despite some questionable pass interference calls late in the game, the defense kept New York off the board, which gave the Eagles another win.

Buddy Ryan is not back on the Eagles sideline, and Fletcher Cox and Jason Babin are not Reggie White and Jerome Brown, but this current group of Eagles are doing the one thing we all screamed about last year, they are making plays and stops when it counts in the fourth quarter. They still need improving like DRC and Asomugha need to go a better job of covering the slant but considering they are on an island on every play they are doing an outstanding job at corner; Ryans is still learning the system but rushes up the middle on the ” Wide Nine” defense, which killed the Eagles last year aren’t happening, in fact stopping the run is their strength ( I can’t believe I just wrote that!); and their deep line isn’t leading the league in sacks but they are doing something better they are putting pressure on the quarterback on every play with only four rushers. They lead the league in a more important stat in my opinion, hurries ( somewhere Mike Mamula is smiling).


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Brain Dawkins: One Player Every Eagles Fan Loves

September 29th, 2012 by Hanks Corner | 1 Comment | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

Eagles HOF

If you bring up Donavan McNabb, some people will say he was the greatest Eagles quarterback  in team history (Stats will back up that claim), while others will talk about how he never won the big one or how most of his passes ended up at Todd Pinkston’s ankles. Even though our memories tend to only remember only the good things in people, the same could be said for Ron Jaworski or Randall Cunningham, however no one will ever say a bad word about the man who will be honored at the Linc on Sunday;   who should be a first ballot Hall of  Famer, Brain Dawkins.

Flying High

Dawkins was named to the Pro-Bowl ( when it actually meant something) nine times; he had 1,311 tackles; 26 sacks and 37 interceptions but numbers don’t begin to tell the story of the man, who was an instant fan favorite from the time he was drafted by Ray Rhodes out of Clemson. We ask our football players to have heart and leave it all on the field in every game and to show that they care just as much as we do, Dawkins did all of that and more.

Usually half time at the linc is a time to get in line for the bathroom or to get one last beer but not Sunday, because when they honor BDawk. I want to see it and have the countless memories come rushing back into my head, like the first time I met him during the last game of his rookie year at Fed Ex Field. It was his last game and the first year at Fed Ex for the Redskins, the Eagles lost and we were stuck in the parking lot after a horrible season( anyone who has been to FedEx will attest that it is impossible to get out of that dump, it was even worst the first year) he was stuck in the lot with us and just started to talk to us about how this team will get better.


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Do the Eagles need to make a Change??

September 25th, 2012 by Hanks Corner | Comments Off on Do the Eagles need to make a Change?? | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

Vick or Nick??

I am 5’10” which means no matter how much I want to  I will never be a center for the Sixers; I am also over 50, which means I will never beat Usain Bolt in a race, there are some things that you can never achieve no matter how hard you work or desire,  which leads me to the question of the week, can the 32-year-old Michael Vick become a pocket passer? If you look at his first three games the answer is no.

Nick or Vick??

Vick has turned the ball over at a record pace, which isn’t a problem if he can deliver big plays but in Sunday’s game he could not do that, in fact he looked like a rookie who was confused by the blitz and  slow to react. I am not saying that the Eagles offensive line was at it best , they actually looked like Winston Justice and his friends when they played the Giants a few years ago, a revolving door leading to the quarterback but Vick needs to get rid of the ball quicker so he doesn’t get hit play after play

Lets just assume that this crazy experiment of Andy Reid’s of turning one of the greatest weapons in NFL history into a pocket passer just can’t work, as it is looking now here is what they should do, give up. That is right they should just let Michael be Michael and run around make plays and let his feet make the plays and when the defense is finally worried that he will run again then he can pass the ball to wide open receivers. It worked two years ago and it will work again.


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Eagles Turnovers… Are They Really That Important Anymore?

September 22nd, 2012 by Hanks Corner | 2 Comments | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

Eagles still Win!!

Before any football coach even gets his first whistle he learns that his team must take care of the football and the team that doesn’t turns the ball over will win the game, that still might be true in high school and college but is it still true in the pass happy NFL?

The Eagles have turned it over nine times in two games, a number that would have doomed them in the past but they are 2-0; Eli Manning threw three picks last Sunday yet he also passed  for over 500 yards to lead his team to victory, not to be out done his older brother threw three straight picks on Monday night in Atlanta  and even though the Broncos lost Peyton was one throw away from winning this game. I know it is early but I think we are seeing a trend in the NFL, a trend no coach or former player on ESPN is ready to admit, turnovers while important are not as important as they once were because of one simple reason, passing means less time goes off the clock on every possession, which means more possessions in every game to score points. The extra possessions a team would get in the past from turnovers is now balanced by more possessions because no one runs the ball anymore! The new reason teams will win football games is  scoring  the quickest, which means yes the Eagles need to reduce turning the ball over but they are in a great position in the new NFL . The Eagles have Shady McCoy, DeShawn Jackson who both can break a touchdown on any play. The “home run hitters” also have single and double hitters like Brent Celek, who had the game of his life last week and Jeremy Maclin, not to mention Clay Harbor and the biggest threat in the game their quarterback, Michael Vick.

Vick needs to become a better decision maker and stop throwing the ball across his body to the middle of the field but he needs to continue to strive to make the big play, which might end up as a  turnover, however big plays will also win the game, so as long as the Eagles defense can hold teams to field goals and the Eagles can score quick touchdowns they can continue to win. It might give every fan a heart attack on Sunday but it will result in wins.

Will the Eagles win on Sunday? The quick answer is yes for the following reasons: Kevin Kolb vs Michael Vick; the Eagles offense unlike the Patriots who the Cards beat last week can run and pass and even thought the Cardinals defense is very good the visitors will be able to put points on the board while the defense will shut down the Cardinals


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Why the Eagles will Beat the Ravens

September 15th, 2012 by Hanks Corner | 3 Comments | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

Are you Ready!!!

Before you double over from laughter  or scream at your laptop did you watch the Eagles play the Browns and did you see the Ravens destroy the Bengals on Monday night? Please read my reasons before you laugh or think I am just an Eagles homer .

I know Michael Vick threw four interceptions last Sunday against a team that most people have on the clock but when” Big Ben” has a terrible game; then delivers in the end we call him a gamer or a winner, why does Vick get crucified by the local and national media? Vick drove a team 90 yards to win the game, if another Eagles quarterback would have done that in Jacksonville instead of throwing up we could all die happy instead of waiting for our first Super Bowl victory so here is my reasoning for a big Eagles win.

Shady McCoy is the best running back in the NFL not matter what the Crab-eaters think of Ray Rice so instead of throwing the ball over 50 times the Big Red Head will run the ball; then run the ball and run it some more which will keep the Ravens off the field and give the Eagles a victory

The one good thing that came from last week was that the defense can actually play, they can cover; tackle and put pressure on the quarterback without blitzing while stopping the run. I know Joe Flacco is much better than Brandon Weeden however Trent Richardson was a stud at Alabama and the Eagles held him to 39 yards so they can control Ray Rice.


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