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Thoughts after period 2 of Flyers-Bruins game 4

May 6th, 2011 by Scott Dargis | Comments Off on Thoughts after period 2 of Flyers-Bruins game 4 | Filed in Baseball, Flyers, Hockey, Phillies

– I forgot that VS. was going to put the game on after the Red-Wings-San Jose game, because the coverage on Hockey Night in Canada has been fantastic. The color from Garry Galley and play-by-play of Dean Brown has made the game seem so epic.

– Bobrovsky looked fantastic that period. He is the main reason why the score is tied.

-Great job by Versteeg, he has played awful this series, but finally showed why the Flyers traded for him. He can make plays, finally made a good decision to wait shooting on Tim Thomas. Nice pass by Richards to set it up.

-Hartnell has had a rough game, but made a good decision on drawing that 4 on 4. The Flyers skate much better in the open ice.

-It would be a perfect time for JVR to step up. He has played fantastic this series and this would be the perfect time to step up when the captain is starting to play like one, he made a great pass to set up Versteeg.

-Tough loss for Cliff Lee. Hard to believe but he got out dueled by Derek Lowe.  16 k’s is hard to beat, but the offense worries me.


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Flyers-Bruins, Preview & Predictions

April 30th, 2011 by Scott Dargis | 2 Comments | Filed in Flyers, Hockey

Welcome to the time warp known as the Eastern Conference semifinals. While it might not be the exact calendar date, it was on the final Saturday of April last year that the Flyers and Bruins began their Eastern Conference semifinal series. While we all know how that series turned out, this year’s series promises to be just as thrilling, compelling, and hopefully not as worrisome. Though if the regular season was any indication, the Flyers may have a tougher time than they did against Buffalo.

The Flyers come into this series with their leading goal scorer of the regular season, Jeff Carter, on the injury list. He is hopeful to return at some point, but probably won’t be back until game 4 at the earliest of this series. By coming back I mean actually active on the ice, while we may see him earlier on in the series, he will probably be a shadow of himself like he was last year when he came back early from injury.

Even without Carter in the lineup, this is still a very powerful offense that can find efficiency from multiple sources. James van Riemsdyk had a coming out party in the first round. He scored four goals in the series and recorded the most amount of shots compared to anyone else in the playoffs. Danny Briere had six goals in against his former team. Briere has had more playoff points than anyone else since the lockout, he has found a way to raise his game at the time when you need it the most. Claude Giroux was very quiet in the scoring department in the first series, look for him to turn it around against the Bruins

The Bruins come in with some fire power on the offensive side of the ice. Chris Kelly and Nathan Horton led the team with 3 goals in the first round series. Boston’s most dynamic scorers, Milan Lucic and Patrice Burgeron can give the Flyers fits at times. And former flyer Marc Recchi always finds a way to make a play when he needs to.

With loss comes some gain, and the Flyers have gotten a huge boost, especially in the power play from the returning Chris Pronger. With the couple days off since the Sabres series to heal, Pronger should return to the ice time that we are used to seeing him play. He averaged just over 28 minutes  in the playoffs last season.


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