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TSP Poll: What will the Eagles Record be this year??

August 23rd, 2019 by Leo | Comments Off on TSP Poll: What will the Eagles Record be this year?? | Filed in Eagles, Football, General, NFL, Polls

Well another Eagles Season is upon us and pre-season is just about over with the Eagles opening day game on September 8th against the Washington Redskins and the Linc, (1:00pm FOX).  With several backup QB’s going down in pre-season and Carson not playing, the Eagles decided to bring in Josh McCown for a 1 year deal to fill the backup position for Carson Wentz.  The big question for me is, will Carson be able to complete his first NFL season and play in his first Playoff game since entering the NFL? Only time will tell as the season goes on.  TalkSportsPhilly wants to ask the fans, what do you think the Eagles record will be in 2019? 

Answer Poll below schedule:


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5 Takeaways From Birds-Pats Preseason Game

August 17th, 2014 by Ryan Waterman | Comments Off on 5 Takeaways From Birds-Pats Preseason Game | Filed in Eagles, Football, General


Friday Night was the Eagles second preseason game, as they took on the New England Patriots in lovely Foxboro, Massachusetts. While it still only the preseason, this game opened some eyes and made me aware of some new concerns. Without further adu, let’s take a look….

1.) The officials are going to call EVERYTHING this season.

Oh man, is this season’s officiating going to be fun. They are calling everything, ticky-tack or not. The slightest little touch is now considered “illegal use of hands” If a receiver gets poked by a defender, it’ll be “illegal use of hands”. It’s ridiculous….the sport is football, not touch football, not flag football, not ballet….football! Let the men play, hits are hits, none of this “illegal use of hands” crap, just let them play the game. Ugh..

2.) Curtis Marsh is a defensive liability

I never thought that one specific player could infuriate me so bad. Well, Curtis Marsh did just that. It’s like he’s just not football-smart and panics on every play. Tonight, he has taken at least 4 penalties that I know of, and got toasted for three touchdowns. Simply put, Marsh lacks the speed, size, and overall football I.Q to be anything more than a practice squad player. Cut ties now, while you still have the chance.


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