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What will the Eagles Record be in 2014?

September 6th, 2014 by Leo | Comments Off on What will the Eagles Record be in 2014? | Filed in Eagles, Football, General, Polls


Well, another Eagles season is upon us and after a division winning season last year under Nick Foles and Chip Kelly, the question remains will the Eagles do better this year??  Many are expecting the Eagles to win the division again and go further into the playoffs than last year.  A few are even calling for a SuperBowl, but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Below is a poll with different picks on the Eagles season, what do you think their record will be??


What will the Eagles Record be in 2014?

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2014 Eagles: A Team Of Destiny?

August 10th, 2014 by Ryan Waterman | Comments Off on 2014 Eagles: A Team Of Destiny? | Filed in Eagles, Football, General, NFL


The Nick Foles era is well underway, and it was made crystal clear during a week 6 thrashing of the Oakland Raiders, in which Foles threw for 406 yards and a historic 7 TDs.  Perhaps last season’s 29 TDs – 2 INTs ratio was a fluke, or perhaps it was the start of something great. Either way, Nick knows that it won’t be easy to match those numbers, but he won’t roll over and take a step back either.  Foles was quoted in an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer as saying: “Our team isn’t measured by my 27-2.”

“Can I be a good-enough leader to where I can make these guys better players around me to where it makes the team better and we win? Now, I might not ever reach those [statistics] again. … I hope I do.  I want to get better and I want to be a better player. But if you’re just looking primarily at statistics, you might not ever.  ” It’s clear that Foles isn’t expecting to put up numbers similar to the year prior, however Foles seems more than ready to take the reigns of this team.

With that said, the Eagles are in a better position to succeed this year, than last year. Even if Foles doesn’t put up the same numbers (which is highly unlikely), this team is loaded with talent.  Players like LeSean McCoy to Brandon Boykin to Jordan Matthews to the newly-signed Malcom Jenkins, this teams is stacked.  The offseason acquisitions of scat-back Darren Sproles and monstrous wideout Jordan Matthews more than made up for the loss of all-pro wideout DeSean Jackson on offense.

While, the acquisition of lockdown safety Malcom Jenkins has shored up the defensive secondary, it still remains the primary weakness of this team. The defense as a whole is a solid unit, but the lack of secondary talent and depth has proved to be a problem and could do so once again. Cary Williams, Brandon Boykin, and Malcom Jenkins are the secondary leaders, but can’t carry the load themselves.  The acquisition of Nolan Carroll could prove beneficial to a weak secondary, and may push a playoff team into a championship contender.

The Eagles posted a 10-6 record last year with a rookie coach, a rookie QB, Bryce Brown, Nate Allen, and DeSean Jackson on the squad. Was that a fluke or destiny? To me, it seemed like destiny.  Everything broke the Eagles way last season. We avoided Aaron Rodgers, we ran into a puddle of clay defense in Chicago, and perhaps most importantly….Brandon Boykin came up HUGE with that interception that sealed the division against Dallas.  If that’s not destiny, I don’t know what is…


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Eagles Free Agency News Heading Into Tomorrow

March 11th, 2014 by Sam Shipley | Comments Off on Eagles Free Agency News Heading Into Tomorrow | Filed in Eagles, General, Sports


With NFL Free Agency starting tomorrow at 4 p.m. there is always a lot of buzz around the NFL on possible deals and where players will go. The Eagles are in prime position to be players in this years free agency, with over $20 million in cap space. There have already been rumors about players the Eagles might target so here they are:

  • The Eagles, according to reports, seem to be out of the mix for former Cleveland Browns safety TJ Ward.
  • Buffalo Bills safety Jarius Byrd, also seems to be a reach at this point, but it is still possible that the Eagles land him.
  • Names that have been mentioned with the Eagles so far are: Mike Mitchell, Malcolm Jenkins, Corey Graham, and even Champ Bailey.

It is still very early as free agency is still over 24 hours away, but the rumors will be flying in fast and furious as they have been all day today. Make sure you stay updated right here on TSP for all the latest Philadelphia Eagles news as free agency begins.


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