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No One Inducted to the Hall of Fame for 2013

January 9th, 2013 by AmyMac | Comments Off on No One Inducted to the Hall of Fame for 2013 | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies

By Amy McGinnis

For the first time since 1996, the Baseball Writers’ Association of America elected zero candidates into the Hall of Fame.  There were 37 candidates on the ballot this winter, and not one of them will be a 2013 inductee. I have to say that I think the BBWAA got it right, although personally, I would have elected Fred McGriff.  It’s hard for me to believe that the Crime Dog will be 50 this year; it doesn’t seem like 20 years ago that he took over at first base in Atlanta.  (Incidentally, it’s also strange for me to see Ryan Klesko on the ballot, because I remember his first game in left field for the Braves when he was 21.  I suppose the bottom line here is that I’m just old.) McGriff’s numbers over his 1986-2004 career are certainly Hall of Fame worthy – he hit a career .284 with 493 home runs.  Aside from his statistics, though, Fred McGriff should be recognized for the way he played and the context in which he played.  McGriff was a slugger during an era when power hitters broke records by way of needle injections.  In fact, I find it somewhat insulting to McGriff that his name is mixed with those of cheaters (looking at you, Piazza, Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, McGwire …).

The argument can be made that those who used steroids during their careers should not be included on the Hall of Fame ballot.  I’ve heard many people cite the unfairness that Pete Rose is disqualified due to gambling, but PED users are not.   The thing we need to remember, though, is that Rose gambled while it was explicitly forbidden.  The PEDs that were used in the late 1990s and early 2000s were not illegal in MLB at the time.  As much as I hate that steroid users from that time are permitted on the Hall of Fame ballot, I understand that it wouldn’t be fair to exclude them on the basis of syringe usage. (As a side note, I’d like to see Pete Rose’s ban lifted.)

That being said, I’d submit that the Hall of Fame election is a solidly constructed selection process.  Unlike for the All-Star Game, which has developed into a bit of a joke, Hall of Fame ballots cannot be completed by random baseball nerds and other morons.  It’s not the Gold Glove awards, either, where there’s a winner for each position (ahem … even outfielders in 2005).  What I like most about the Hall of Fame induction process is that a candidate cannot be selected by statistics or popularity alone.  Votes are not given; they are earned.  I’m able to put a quarter in my Faith in Humanity Restoration fund today, knowing that the BBWAA made a sound decision.  Cooperstown should not be tainted by the likes of Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.  I like the message that the Baseball Writers’ Association of America sent to players today:  An election needs to be earned, and no one did that. They’d simply rather have no one inducted this year.

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Manny’s Legacy vs. Hall Of Fame; It Ain’t Rosey!

April 12th, 2011 by DJChris | Comments Off on Manny’s Legacy vs. Hall Of Fame; It Ain’t Rosey! | Filed in General

Who Cares?

So Manuel “Manny” Aristides Ramírez Onelcida has retired from Major League Baseball. He went out without celebration, without a goodbye, without a parade, and most importantly, without a fan base (Tampa Bay cannot be considered a fan base by any stretch of the imagination). That is sad. In Manny’s illustrious career, he has accumulated 555 HRs, 2574 Hits, 1831 RBI, and maintained a 312 BA. Simply. This guy was good.

As I watched this Shakespearean tragedy play out last week, I heard rhetoric and hyperbole from many of the baseball puritans, sportswriters, anal-lyst, and talking heads who have banished Manny from the Hall of Fame. How his legacy is ruined. How it’s one of the worst endings of a baseball career in history. And more. Even worst was the writers who stated that they would never vote Manny Ramirez into the Hall of Fame.

Well, let’s discuss The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum for a minute. Because I’m going to guess that Manny Ramirez has never been there, even for a visit and I would place a very heavy bet on the odds of him ever attending in the future. Any takers? I’m also going to take a wild guess that only 1 out of 25 of you who read this post has ever been to the The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. So, why would Manny, Barry, Pete or whoever else has been verbally banished from this Holy Shrine really care if they’re in it or not? I live in upstate New York, about 65 miles from Cooperstown, NY. I have been to the Hall numerous times. Even ate a Hot Dog on the Holy front steps with an orange soda, as only a Philadelphian would do (It wasn’t a Frank’s, Thanks). And I will tell you; I wasn’t that damned impressed. The Hall gets about 350,000 visitors a year. A very small sample of MLB’s fan base. You would think that because of all the emphasis on who gets in and who is kept out, they could at least draw a million fans there per year. But they can’t and they won’t! You know why? Because, everybody who has meant anything to this recent era of baseball is being kept out; Starting with Pete Rose to Barry Bonds, Rafael Palmiero, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGuire, and Manny Ramirez. A-Rod might get in there, but he will be very old or dead before “they” let him in. So our children and our children’s children might travel hundreds of miles to Cooperstown to look at plaques and paraphernalia belonging to Andre Dawson and Bert Blyleven. Big whup.

Take a look at these names:
Aaron, Ashburn, Averill, Bell, Brock, Brown, Burkett, Carey, Charleston, Clarke, Clemente, Cobb, Combs, Crawford, Cuyler, Dawson, Delahanty, DiMaggio, Doby, Duffy, Flick, Goslin, Gwynn, Hafey, Hamilton, Heilmann, Henderson, Hill, Hooper, Irvin, Jackson Kaline, Keeler, Kelley, Kelly, Kiner, Klein, Mantle, Manush, Mays, McCarthy, Medwick, Musial, O’Rourke, Ott, Puckett, J. Rice, S. Rice, Robinson, Roush, Ruth, Simmons, Slaughter, Snider, Speaker, Stargell, Stearnes, Thompson,Torriente, L. Waner, P. Waner, Wheat, B. Williams, T. Williams, Wilson, Winfield, Yastrzemski, Youngs.


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