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Four Teams Now Interested In Cole Hamels

April 28th, 2015 by Joe Buscemi | Comments Off on Four Teams Now Interested In Cole Hamels | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies, TalkSportsPhilly


There is no secret the Phillies are in the midst of a very painful rebuilding process. No one is more aware of this situation than Phils ace, Cole Hamels. Headlining the trade rumor mill since the start of spring training, the Phillies front office now finds themselves scrambling to make a decision on “Kid Cole”, especially one that is in best interest for the future of the organization.

The Phillies inadvertently dug themselves into quite a deep hole, due to the poor decisions made by upper management the past few years. After winning the World Series in 2008, the team was all in on winning again and turned into heavy spenders.

At the time it seemed to make the most sense, however some moves and contract extensions were not in the best interest of the team’s long-term success and are now heavily suffering the ramifications for it. They pretty much have decimated their farm system and have been stuck with Ryan Howard’s abominable $125 million dollar contract since given the extension in 2010. The Phillies still owe him $60 million over the next two years and if they want to try and move him anywhere they would have to eat at least $40 million of it, with no guarantees of anything great in return.

Thanks to this and other moves (Hunter Pence trade comes to mind, amongst others), upper management has pretty much depleted the farm system in its entirety, making it incredibly difficult to turn the corner in the upcoming seasons.


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Nationals End Their Season

October 13th, 2012 by AmyMac | 1 Comment | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies

C'mon, Jayson! Where's your Natitiude???

By Amy McGinnis

I probably took far too much joy in typing that title.  There are several reasons that I hate the Nationals, the biggest of which is Jayson Werth.  I didn’t like him as a Phillie, and I don’t like him as a National.  It wasn’t easy for me to cheer for St. Louis, but I did it … and you can imagine my excitement to see the Cardinals come back to beat Washington in Game 5 of the NLDS.

I’m sure Jayson Werth will find a way to badmouth Philadelphia fans for this, and not take responsibility for those words when asked about them weeks later.

Chin up, Werth.  You’ll be watching the rest of the playoffs from your couch, just like the rest of us … and you’ll get paid about a gazillion dollars to do it.  Maybe now that you have extra time on your hands, you can see about getting that long overdue haircut.  You could always call your old buddy Raúl Iba – oh, my bad.  He’s busy.  Looks like Hunter Pence is, too …  at least the former Phillies right fielder who advanced to the NLCS is the likeable one.


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Atlanta’s Abominal Tribute to Chipper Jones

October 6th, 2012 by AmyMac | 1 Comment | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies

Is this how we say Goodbye?

By Amy McGinnis

Last night’s Wild Card Game at Turner Field is an outstanding example of what I’ve said for years: Chipper Jones deserves better.

Love him or hate him, Chipper Jones has had a career in MLB that speaks for itself.  In 1990, he was the Braves’ first pick in the first round of the Amateur Draft.  His first season in the bigs was 1993, and he has remained an Atlanta Brave ever since.  He was voted into eight All-Star Games, and earned the 1999 National League MVP award.  His career numbers – a .303 batting average, 2,726 hits, 1.623 RBIs, and a 0.930 OPS – make the future hall of famer a very big deal in Atlanta.  Or do they?  In 2012, Jones’s salary was $13M, less than half of what Yankees third baseman Álex Rodríguez made.  $13 million is no small chunk of change, but it makes me wonder if it could have been more if Braves “fans” would have bought tickets and shown up to games.  Jones  has been set to retire after the completion of his 2012 season, and last night, Chipper had his last at-bat.  Fans at Turner Field made sure that the game was memorable for Jones – and for the rest of us – with their display of disgusting behavior.


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Phils Take 2 of 3 Against Cards

August 14th, 2012 by AmyMac | Comments Off on Phils Take 2 of 3 Against Cards | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies

Olivia continues to protest the Pence trade.

By Amy McGinnis

This past weekend, the Phils hosted the Cardinals for a three game series at Citizens Bank Park.  Friday night was essentially the Roy Halladay Show, when Doc showed us that when he’s healthy, he’s still a beast.  After the 3-1 win, Chase Utley said, “We wouldn’t have been in that situation if Roy hadn’t pitched the way he did.  The Cardinals have a very good offensive team.  For him to pitch like that against those guys, it tells you something.”  It surely does – it tells us that Doc must be feeling better.

Cliff Lee pitched on Saturday, when the Phils lost 4-1; Lee remains winless at home in 2012.  It seems that 2012 is to Cliff Lee what 2009 was to Cole Hamels (I wonder if the media and fans will get a chance to crucify him for an “I want this to be over” remark.) My favorite part of Saturday’s game, though, was Howard’s at bat in the first inning, and I loved it for a few reasons.  1) He scored Dom Brown, and I’m happy to see #9 back in Philadelphia, 2) Howard is really showing some hustle on the basepath, and 3) Chase Utley slid into second base, effectively making Furcal stumble for a second.  Watching Utley break up a double play like that shows that he really knows how to take control of a play.

On Sunday, I took my three daughters (Ella is 8, Ava is 6, and Olivia is 4) to the afternoon game.  Olivia is still bitter about the events on July 31, so she wore her Pence shirt … and took a nap during innings three through six.  Ella has gotten over Victorino’s move to LA and is currently vying for the position of president of the Dom Brown Fan Club.  As we walked into Citizens Bank Park, I told them that the Phillies should try to be especially aggressive  in the first inning, because Lance Lynn would be most likely to let up runs then.  At the end of the first, after the Phils had tacked on three runs, Ava said, “Thank you for teaching us about baseball, Mommy.  You’re smart about it.”


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Sleepless in St. Louis?

February 23rd, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Sleepless in St. Louis? | Filed in General

The Cardinals appear to be starting the 2011 season on the wrong foot. Fans will already be disappointed come opening day due to the front office’s lack of ability to extend Albert Pujols. Now comes word that ace Adam Wainwright is heading back to St. Louis to have his pitching elbow examined. The trip has led to many members of the front office, including thr GM, to think Wainwright may need Tommy John surgery. Some early speculation is that the Cards will take a look at Kevin Millwood to try to fill a void. Should we fire up the Blanton to St. Louis rumor mill yet?

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Hot Stove Breakdown Part 5

December 6th, 2010 by Johnny G | 1 Comment | Filed in General

Goodbye Jayson

  • Lance Berkman signs 1 year $8 million deal with Cardinals
  • Adrian Gonzalez traded to Red Sox for Prospects
  • Rod Barajas signs 1 year $3.25 million deal with the Dodgers
  • Jayson Werth signs 7 year $126 million deal with the Nationals
  • Mark Reynolds traded to Orioles for David Hernandez and Kam Mickolio

1. On the surface, I like what the Cardinals are trying to do here: find a legitimate power threat for a corner outfield spot on a short term deal. I just don’t know if Lance Berkman was the right choice. A couple of years ago I probably would be more convinced that Berkman could handle the defensive workload for left field but at this point, and after knee surgery last season, it makes you wonder. You have to give credit to the Cardinals here for keeping the deal at one season and thinking outside the box, though. Berkman certainly has the ability with the bat to make this deal look like a bargain and the Cardinals are probably very optimistic about his ability to bounce back after a strong showing to end his season. I don’t have a problem with this deal for the Cards and coming back to the NL will probably a nice treat for the big puma.


2. This trade is a perfect example of two very good General Managers and two very good front offices coming together to make a trade that improves both clubs. This is the future of baseball deals and how trades should be made. Jed Hoyer and Theo Epstein came together to make a deal that sent Adrian Gonzalez, San Diego’s most valuable asset to the Red Sox for a crop of tremendous young talent that will be of assistance to the Padres as early as 2012. Adrian is a player with such a good feel for the strike zone and such great power to all fields, I feel like the change in parks will be much more of a factor than the talent differential between the NL and AL. Petco Park is just massive and really limited Adrian’s potential on the offensive side. To put that into perspective, over the last two years on the road Adrian’s numbers look something like this: .311/.402/.610 with 48 homeruns and 90 walks. We’re approaching triple crown talk with those numbers and with the short right field and Green Monster in Fenway, I can’t even fathom what he might do with 81 games there. The Padres received a nice haul for their slugging first basemen and the main piece to this deal was right-hander Casey Kelley. After being selected in the first round of the 2008 draft and receiving top 5 bonus money for the draft class, Kelley was a two way prospect until last season. Kelley will mostly sit anywhere from 90-94 mph and has a tremendous curveball and an improving change-up with solid depth to it. If all goes well, Kelley projects as a top of the rotation workhorse for years to come. The second piece to this trade is first basemen Anthony Rizzo. Rizzo looks to be the eventual replacement for Gonzalez at 1b in San Diego and the two are actually quite similar. Rizzo, like Gonzalez, has great feel for the strike zone, is an excellent defender, with tremendous power. Between the two, Rizzo is probably a notch below Gonzalez in all categories but that still is a very valuable player to have if he can develop properly. The final piece would be Reymond Fuentes, a centerfielder with tremendous range and phenomenal speed who looks to have the capability and potential to hit for average down the road. All in all, this is a trade that any true baseball fan really enjoys hearing about. This deal improves both clubs tremendously and gives San Diego some salary relief and prospects to build for the future. Great job on both sides.


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Hot Stove Breakdown Part 3

December 1st, 2010 by Johnny G | 5 Comments | Filed in General

* 1. Dodgers Sign Jon Garland to 1 year $5 million deal.
* 2. Rangers sign Yorvit Torrealba to 2 year $6.25 million deal.
* 3. Cardinals trade Blake Hawksworth to the Dodgers for Ryan Theriot.
* 4. Dodgers sign Juan Uribe to 3 year $21 million deal.
* 5. Giants sign Miguel Tejada to 1 year $6.5 million deal.

1. There’s nothing too bad about this Garland deal. I expected a couple of teams to get fooled by his fluky season last year and overpay for a mediocre innings eater. He recorded just 136 strikeouts in 200+ innings but it was also the highest number of strikeouts in his career. Its extremely unlikely that a guy with a 3.92 K/BB ratio can pitch to the tune of a 3.47 ERA. If it is possible, Garland would have to be extremely stingy with his walks and giving up 87 on the year isn’t exactly the definition of stingy. The Dodgers played this right, though. They are slotting Garland into the back end of the rotation in a pitcher’s park similar to Petco and they’ll let him take the ball every fifth day. Believe it or not, there is value to a pitcher who can eat up innings on a consistent basis, just don’t get fooled into having Jon Garland on your fantasy team or anything crazy like that.


2. I really don’t like this deal at all. The Texas Rangers seem to have a knack for finding some really, really, bad catching options out there. Saltalamachia, Teagarden, Molina, and now Torrealba to continue the tradition. Yorvit is a career .257 hitter who doesn’t walk much and has very little power. He’s never hit 10 home runs in a season, he’s never had more than 35 walks in a season, and he’s never had an OPS+ higher than 85 (100 is league average). Does he make up for it on the defensive side? Not really. He struggles with his consistency to throw the ball and has slow feet behind the plate. Even with one of the best offensive seasons of his career last year, he still rated negatively on Win Probability Added. This wouldn’t be so bad if the Rangers didn’t lock themselves in for multiple years but that’s what Free Agency is all about.

3. Another head scratcher here for me. The Cardinals give up a fire-baller out of the pen who could also start if his team wanted to go that route with him for Theriot, who is such a defensive downgrade over Brendan Ryan, its difficult to put into words. Don’t get me wrong, Ryan has struggled mightily with the bat, but so has Theriot. Just last season Theriot hit .243 with a .323 OBP, one home run, and four stolen bases. What exactly does Theriot put on the table? Nothing. They plan to immediately start him over Ryan, who is one of the best defensive shortstops in the game. This on top of the refusal by Tony LaRussa to play Colby Rasmus on a consistent basis is really starting to make me question the Cardinals organization as a whole. The Dodgers on the other hand get some significant value for a stop gap utility player who they were going to non-tender in a couple of days anyway. Theriot made $2.6 million last year and was eligible for arbitration. Nice deal for the Dodgers.


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