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How I, if I were the commissioner, would handle the MLB All-Star Game

November 15th, 2013 by Kyle Lutz | Comments Off on How I, if I were the commissioner, would handle the MLB All-Star Game | Filed in Baseball, General, Sports

There’s always been numerous issues with and regarding the All-Star Game in years past, so here’s a few ideas I have that I would implement and use in order to fix these issues.

01. Go back to the old home field advantage system: don’t make the All-Star Game determine which league representative gets home field advantage in that year’s World Series

This idea is truly ridiculous. The All-Star game is a fun, entertaining, no-pressure game for fans to enjoy and for players to relax from the everyday game-to-game pressure and stress. Thus, by making the All-Star Game count, with the winning team getting home field advantage in the World Series that year, it’s unfair and just plain ‘ole stupid.

First off, what makes the most sense, and is fair, is giving the World Series home field advantage to the team with the better win-loss record that year. Not only did the better team statistically out of the two perform better and work harder to achieve their on-field results in that year, but it creates a mismatch. The mismatch often occurs when the team that has home field advantage, due to their league winning the Midsummer classic, has a worst record than the opposition.

For example, say a team has home field advantage there, and they won 86 games that year, either as a division winner or a wild card team, and they’re facing the away team who had more victories than they did: we’ll say, for this example, 98 wins. You’re talking a major, or minor, difference in wins, and thus an unfair advantage for the team that didn’t play as successfully or as hard as the opposition that season.


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My Open Letter to Carlos Ruiz

December 1st, 2012 by AmyMac | Comments Off on My Open Letter to Carlos Ruiz | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies

Carlos Ruiz has been suspended for 25 games.

Dear Chooch,

It’s okay that I call you “Chooch,” right?  I mean, we’ve been doing business as Starting Catcher and Fan / Not-So-Secret-Admirer of One of Your LHPs for several years now, right?  So, Chooch … please tell me this 25-game suspension is some sort of joke.  Not a funny one, but a joke.  Please?

You’re really going to let us begin another regular season without our full roster?  Last spring was a disaster without Utley and Howard, and this spring we’ll begin the season with a backup catcher.  (I should interject here and say that it had better be Erik Kratz.)  In 2012, you’ve claimed the eighth suspension in MLB for the year (the most since 2007 if you’re counting).  This is your second positive test  for use of methamphetamines, for shit’s sake.  I’ll tell you that Major League Baseball no es feliz right now, buddy. No. Es. Feliz. I’m not all that feliz either, to tell you the truth. (more…)

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Why the Blue Jays and Marlins Trade is bad for Baseball!

November 15th, 2012 by Chris Pierce | Comments Off on Why the Blue Jays and Marlins Trade is bad for Baseball! | Filed in Baseball, General, Sports

Is this good for Baseball??

Yesterday the Florida Marlins agreed to trade Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, John Buck and Emiio Bonifacio to the Toronto Blue Jays in exchange for Yunel Escobar, Henderson Alvarez, Jeff Mathis, Jake Marisnick, Adeniy Hechavarria, Justin Nicolino and Anothny DeSClafani.
This is bad for the Phillies and bad for baseball.  In the days when you have billionaire owners coming into professional sports more and more of them are going to want to spend money to win championships.

The Phillies owners are a partnership which means that they only put in a certain amount of money each year and all have to agree to spend that money.  So the likely hood that the Phillies would ever make such a blockbuster deal is very unlikely. Any team that ends up with Mark Cuban as their owner will try to make trades like this and will tip the imbalance in baseball even more.  More and more sports are becoming a business and it is hurting the purity of the game.  Teams like the Astros, Indians, Twins Reds and even the Phillies with their current ownership structure would never have a chance to win a world series again.

Baseball owners in general should be outraged that this happened as well.  Jeffrey Loria just built a brand new stadium in Miami a city that struggles to draw fans to their games even with names like Reyes, Johnson and Buehrle, so there is no way they are going to fill more than 8,000 seats a game with a AAA team at best on the field.  The next team that is going to try to build a stadium is going to have that much harder of a time getting money from their state and city because of Loria and his stupidity. (more…)

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Selig hints at future of MLB

April 6th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Selig hints at future of MLB | Filed in General

Big Plans for MLB?

Bud Selig has goals in mind for Major League Baseball. Unless his role as comissioner is extended, he has a very short window to execute these plans. In a recent interview with Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, Selig divulged a couple of these plans.

Despite the watered down product, and increasing salaries to premier talent trickling down to lesser players, Major League Baseball has no intentions of contracting. I would not be surprised that this has nothing to do with Major League Baseball’s intent. I believe the strength of the MLBPA is so strong that there is no chance that the players would even remotely allow it. Click to continue reading. (more…)

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