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My Thoughts of BDawk at The Sports Cave

January 22nd, 2013 by talks7 | Comments Off on My Thoughts of BDawk at The Sports Cave | Filed in Eagles, Events, TalkSportsPhilly

Brian Dawkins is the Man!

By Bud Vaughn

I recently got the pleasure of shaking the hand of probably, my all time favorite football players.  Brian Dawkins, or “Weapon X” as he so deservedly was called.  The 9 time pro bowl safety out of Clemson University played 13 of his 16 year career with the Philadelphia Eagles. The final 3 came with the Denver Broncos.  He presence on the field brought an energy and passion to the game I have not seen since within the Eagles.  I don’t know which was more explosive, his hits or the fireworks show that preceded his entrance onto the field .

Receivers who were sent to his part of the field knew at some point they were going to get hit HARD.  During one game in 2002 against the Houston Texans Brian recorded a sack, an interception, forced fumble and a touchdown reception, which has never been done before in the history of the NFL. When I walked into the Sports Cave where he was signing autographs, I had a “thought He’d be bigger” moments, sorry Brian.

That just made me that much more impressed with his level of play.  He was very nice to all the fans.  I loved the hat he wore.  Now that I have retired my Dawkins jersey, which is now signed , I can only hope that an Eagle of his caliber will rise up soon.  He has my vote for a defensive coaching position with the Eagles. Can you think of anyone else who knows Jim Johnson’s defensive mind better than Brian? Throughout his career I never heard of him getting anything but praise from people who met him or seen him out and about.  I wish I had the opportunity to tell him thank you for everything.  I also thank The Sports Cave for putting together such a great signing. (more…)

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A 1 on 1 with the #1 Eagles fan

December 6th, 2012 by Emily Phung | 1 Comment | Filed in Eagles, Football, General, Interviews, Sports

Shaun showing braun

If you are an Eagles fan, you may have noticed through the years that one fan stands out particularly the most. He can be seen in the stands with a war painted face and outfitted in head to toe in Philadelphia Eagles game day gear. This fan is so actively cheering team that the camera never shies away from getting his reaction throughout the game. Fans seem to gather in big crowds around him since he is as celebrated as much as the players themselves. So infamous is Mr. Shaun Young  that he was recently recognized by the Eagles organization as their number #1. Who exactly is Shaun Young? Here’s the inside scoop about the Eagles number #1 fan from yours truly.

Emily: When did you start watching football?

Shaun: I have always been passionate about sports since I was young. I was always actively involved in some kind of sport including football. I particularly love dissecting a team’s defense. It was only natural for me to begin following it.

Emily: Have you always been an Eagles fan?


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My Love Affair with the Eagles ‘Weapon’ X

October 3rd, 2012 by Emily Phung | Comments Off on My Love Affair with the Eagles ‘Weapon’ X | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

Weapon X BDawk Style

Growing up near Philadelphia, specifically Lancaster County, I was raised to appreciate all Philadelphia sports. I particularly grew a passion specifically for football. The reason I had a love affair with the Philadelphia Eagles is all due to Randall Cunningham, Brian Westbrook, and Brian Dawkins.

Due to Brian Dawkins’ recent retirement, I began to remember all the fond memories that I have had of him. This is my own dedication to the infamous and beloved #20. Who was B Dawk to me? Well, he was honestly the spirit of what Philadelphia embodies. Our fans are known to be one of those most passionate fans in the professional football circle, and basically we will do anything no matter how extreme to show it.

Eagles fans have no shame. We wear our emotions on our sleeve and act on it. Freedom of expression is honestly what drew me into Dawkins as being one of my favorite players of all times. He showed every emotion possible without being embarrassed what others thought. As a teenager, watching someone that was so animated in character as well as personality certainly drew me in. I was intrigued, and as a result, I too began to have the same confidence in life. That confidence was that I was able to tackle everything and to be who I wanted to be on or off the field of life.

Weapon X was certainly the most appropriate nickname for Dawkins. There was nothing that he could not do. He played not only the safety role quite well, but he was a team player. He caught interceptions, ran touchdowns, and was a cheerleader for the team as well as for the fans. Dawkins had exuberant positive energy, and it certainly showed! He generated the excitement for the crowd by doing crazy stunts, dance moves, and anything that had shock value to entertain them. Weapon X was a superhero in human clothes, and that’s why he is so beloved by Philadelphia Eagles fans alike.


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Brain Dawkins: One Player Every Eagles Fan Loves

September 29th, 2012 by Hanks Corner | 1 Comment | Filed in Eagles, Football, General

Eagles HOF

If you bring up Donavan McNabb, some people will say he was the greatest Eagles quarterback  in team history (Stats will back up that claim), while others will talk about how he never won the big one or how most of his passes ended up at Todd Pinkston’s ankles. Even though our memories tend to only remember only the good things in people, the same could be said for Ron Jaworski or Randall Cunningham, however no one will ever say a bad word about the man who will be honored at the Linc on Sunday;   who should be a first ballot Hall of  Famer, Brain Dawkins.

Flying High

Dawkins was named to the Pro-Bowl ( when it actually meant something) nine times; he had 1,311 tackles; 26 sacks and 37 interceptions but numbers don’t begin to tell the story of the man, who was an instant fan favorite from the time he was drafted by Ray Rhodes out of Clemson. We ask our football players to have heart and leave it all on the field in every game and to show that they care just as much as we do, Dawkins did all of that and more.

Usually half time at the linc is a time to get in line for the bathroom or to get one last beer but not Sunday, because when they honor BDawk. I want to see it and have the countless memories come rushing back into my head, like the first time I met him during the last game of his rookie year at Fed Ex Field. It was his last game and the first year at Fed Ex for the Redskins, the Eagles lost and we were stuck in the parking lot after a horrible season( anyone who has been to FedEx will attest that it is impossible to get out of that dump, it was even worst the first year) he was stuck in the lot with us and just started to talk to us about how this team will get better.


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