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Brad Lidge to Retire

December 3rd, 2012 by AmyMac | Comments Off on Brad Lidge to Retire | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies

October 29, 2008

By Amy McGinnis

Brad Lidge, now 35 years old, has told his agents that he’s ready to retire after 225 career saves (he’s 37th on MLB’s all-time list, for those of you who are counting).  In 603 career appearances, he went 26-32 with an ERA of 3.54.  Even more impressive than his 225 saves is Lidge’s 11.9 K/9 (not a typo).  It seems that after all these years (six in Houston, four in Philadelphia, and one in Washington), Lidge is ready to spend time at home with his family.  I’d like to wish Brad a happy and relaxing retirement, but more than that, I’d like to say “thank you.”

When I think of Lidge, like many of you, I’ll fondly remember 2008. He went 41 for 41 in save opportunities, helping the Phils plow through into the post-season, where he was a perfect seven for seven. Sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago, but on any given day, I can close my eyes and re-live Round 2 of Game 5 in the 2008 World Series.  I remember thinking to myself, “I can’t believe this is about to happen.” Then it did – Brad Lidge owned Eric Hinske at the plate and dropped to his knees while we watched Carlos Ruiz charge the mound for the most epic hug of my lifetime.  (Incidentally, I can also hear Harry’s voice saying, “One strike away; nothing-and-two, the count to Hinske. Fans on the their feet, rally towels are being waved. Brad Lidge stretches. The 0-2 pitch — swing and a miss, struck him out! The Philadelphia Phillies are 2008 World Champions of baseball! Brad Lidge does it again, and stays perfect for the 2008 season! 48-for-48 in save opportunities, and let the city celebrate! Don’t let the 48-hour wait diminish the euphoria of this moment, and the celebration. And it has been 28 years since the Phillies have enjoyed a World Championship; 25 years in this city that a team that has enjoyed a World Championship, and the fans are ready to celebrate. What a night!”

Best wishes in your retirement, Brad Lidge, and thank you so much for the memories.

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Brad Lidge Says The Nats Are the Most Talented Team He’s Ever Played On

March 12th, 2012 by Johnny G | Comments Off on Brad Lidge Says The Nats Are the Most Talented Team He’s Ever Played On | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies

Brad Lidge has officially ventured over to the dark side. After winning a World Series, two pennants and four straight division titles with the Phillies, he now says the Nationals are the most talented team he’s ever played on. It stings a little bit. Here’s the quote:

“[The Nationals are] probably the most talented team I’ve ever been on, and I’ve been on some great teams. So I’m very impressed with that– very young and very exciting.”

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Phillies Could Be In Trouble

February 5th, 2012 by Commons8 | 6 Comments | Filed in Baseball, General

I took each position in the division and gave each Opening Day starter a number one to five, one being the best, five being the worst. The lower the team’s overall number, the “better” the team. Keep in mind, these are my personal rankings for each position. Discussion is suggested.

These types of rankings are never reliable forms of predicting the standings at the end of the year, but they do give you an interesting look at how the roster of a team was built. Even with these rankings, I still think the Nationals will give the Phillies a good run for 3rd Place this upcoming 2012 season.

Click On Image To Enlarge


Let us know where you disagree on the rankings.


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Looking For Relief

June 29th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Looking For Relief | Filed in Baseball, Phillies

The Phillies own the best record in baseball. They have already taken the first two games from a team that most people think is World Series bound in the Boston Red Sox. They are a staggering 21 games over .500 at the halfway point of the season. The most amazing part is who they are doing it with. Not so much the beginnings as the end of the games though. The Phillies have definitely been a snake bitten team in 2011, and the area in which has seen the most damage has been the bullpen.

Bastardo must be Spanish for "Absolutely Filthy"

In 2010, Brad Lidge was pencilled in to close out games. Ryan Madson was the lights out set up man. J.C. Romero and Jose Contreras were your lefty-right combination for the 6th and 7th innings if needed. Half way thru the 2011 season, Lidge, Madson, and Contreras are all on the disabled list and J.C. Romero was DFA’d. Enter Antonio Bastardo and Michael Stutes.

Both are having break out years and are currently anchoring the Phillies bullpen. Bastardo had been up and down the last two seasons, but is finally breaking out and putting it all together. Stutes was a prime candidate to make the big league roster out of Spring Training, but ultimately was sent to AAA Lehigh Valley to start the season. Despite the great job they are doing, the Phillies will enter the trade deadline market in search of a reliever or two.

One reliever they are keeping their eye on has had success before in a Phillies uniform. He’s been automatic in the playoffs. He’s motivated to prove he’s got “what it takes” as he is potentially a free agent at year’s end, and most importantly, it won’t cost the Phillies a dime. Yes, I am talking about Brad Lidge my friends. Lidge threw a bullpen session Wednesday before the Phillies game and will be likely to throw another one Friday. If all goes well, Lidge could start a rehab assignment shortly after the 4th of July holiday.


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Roster Moves On The Horizon

May 18th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Roster Moves On The Horizon | Filed in Baseball, Phillies

Is Utley coming back to soon?

Jayson Stark made his weekly appearance on 97.5 FM on Wednesday. He brought a bit of good fortune to the Phillies fans. His sources have relayed to him that it is very possibly that Chase Utley could be in Philadelphia manning second base by the beginning of next week and almost certainly by the end of the home stand.

Personally, I think that move is a little premature. The quality of the pitching in High A Clearwater is significantly different than that of major league pitching. I would rather see Utley play a couple games, even if only three games each, at AA Reading and AAA Lehigh Valley. Utley’s time table on his rehab assignment expires on the 30th, meaning that, barring the inability to play, he has to be back on the active roster by the 30th of May. Which is more than 10 days away. Lehigh Valley has two more games in Scranton and then has a home stand that lasts until the 29th. Reading has one more game in Portland and then has a home stand until the 26th. So why are we rushing him?

Stark and Missanelli also went on to talk about the possible promotion of Domonic Brown. Stark went on to say that despite the Phillies top prospects’ .341 batting average, that the holes in Brown’s swing are so big, that he will be easily picked a part in the majors. Anyone want to bet me that these problems will either be improved enough or solved by the end of the third week of June or the beginning of the fourth week?

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Closer Controversy?

April 20th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Closer Controversy? | Filed in Baseball, Phillies

Should Lidge automatically resume his role as closer should he be activated from the DL?

We knew heading into the season that Brad Lidge would not be the closer on Opening Day. We knew that Ryan Madson would be setting up for “interim” closer Jose Contreras. What most of us thought was that Contreras would move back to the 7th inning if and when Lidge was healthy. We also thought that if Lidge could not return as the closer that he would switch roles with Madson in order to gauge Madson’s value beyond 2011. Scott Boras, Madson’s agent, intends on marketing Madson as a closer, yet Madson has not had all that much success in doing so. So far, Contreras has done nothing but dominate in his role. (more…)

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Lidge out until All Star Break

April 7th, 2011 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Lidge out until All Star Break | Filed in General

Today, a report on revealed that Charlie Manuel does not expect Brad Lidge to be ready until the All Star Break. Lidge is currently on the 15-day disabled list for a strained right rotater cuff. He is supposed to rest the arm for 3-6 weeks before being re-evaluated and potentially starting a throwing program. Jose Contreras has been named the interim closer in the mean time.

Having Lidge out for an extended period of time must be a relief for the Phillies decision makers. At this point, it is all but a formality that the Phillies will NOT pick up Lidge’s 2012 option and they may look to a potentially very deep free agent class for closer type relievers. If Madson would sign at a team friendly price, the Phillies could look to a player like Mike Gonzalez. While Gonzalez has lost the role in Baltimore, he did have much success while in the NL East. 2012 should be a transition year for the Phillies bullpen. I would think Romero, Baez, and Lidge all head to different teams in 2012, and players like Schwimer, Mathieson, Stutes, and De Fratus get the opportunity to take over.

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