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Top 10 Philly Athletes of the Past 50 Years: One Man’s View

July 28th, 2019 by Jim Chesko | No Comments | Filed in Baseball, Basketball, Eagles, Flyers, General, Hockey, Phillies, Sixers

Philadelphia’s been the home base for a great number of incredible athletes over the years, but who are the best of the best?

If you’re a faiBobby Clarke and Bernie Parentthful viewer of Comcast SportsNet (I admit, I’m a heavy watcher), you know that CSN has recently been counting down its list of the Top 10 Philly Athletes of all time. (In case you haven’t been paying attention, Numbers 10 through 4 were Bernie Parent, Chuck Bednarik, Carl Lewis, Julius Erving, Steve Van Buren, Joe Frazier and Steve Carlton; will the final trio be Clarkie, Schmidty and Wilt? We shall see.)

Anyway, it got me thinking about MY list. First, however, the parameters: I decided to limit my Top 10 to players whom I’ve seen in action during the past the 50 years and who’ve played the bulk of their career in Philadelphia. So, no Jimmie Foxx or Lefty Grove (way before my time), no Pete Rose (despite how much he meant to the Phils’ 1980 World Series team), no Steve van Buren or Chuck Bednarik (amazing careers for both, but – again – before my time), no Richie Ashburn … and no Kobe Bryant.

Before giving you my personal Top 10, how about a few Philly greats who just missed the cut? Getting “honorable mention” status would be Charles Barkley, Brian Dawkins and – although he spent just four of his prime NBA years as a 76er – Moses Malone. All right, here goes…

10) JOE FRAZIER – Philly’s greatest boxer, “Smokin’ Joe” was an Olympic gold medalist and undisputed World Heavyweight Champion from 1970 to 1972, who had those three memorable battles with Muhammad Ali. Career record of 32-4-1.

9) CARL LEWIS – The Willingboro, New Jersey, sprinter and long-jumper won nine Olympic gold medals and an additional eight World Championship gold medals in the 1980s and 90s. (We won’t penalize Lewis for his inglorious 1993 attempt at singing the national anthem at a Bulls-Nets NBA playoff game.)


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Flyers Wives Carnival: TalkSportsPhilly Perspective

March 13th, 2015 by Leo | Comments Off on Flyers Wives Carnival: TalkSportsPhilly Perspective | Filed in Events, Flyers, General


Just a few weeks ago the annual Flyers Wives Carnival was held at the Wells Fargo Center and TSP was on hand for first time coverage of the event.  The Flyers Wives Carnival benefits the Flyers Charities which consists of over 200 organizations throughout the Philadelphia region.  This year was special as they added a 65 foot ferris wheel and a host of new attractions for the fans to enjoy.

It was a dreary, cold and ice filled day heading over to the event and I was concerned that the weather would greatly affect the event.  To my surprise it seemed like a ton of fans came anyway to enjoy the attractions and get a chance to mingle with current Flyers and alumni alike.  I inquired to several people if this was the usual crowd for the event, they stated it was about half the turnout they normally get, which showed me how big the event is cause the floor was packed and both concourses were crowded and a lot of fans in the seats waiting for their opportunity to meet and get autographs and pictures from the Flyers.

There were big name players such as Giroux, Simmonds, Voracek, Lecavalier, the Flyers coach Berube and Alumni such as Brian Propp and Bernie Parent interacting with the fans all over the complex.  There was plenty of free attractions like the Hardest Shot, Face painting, and Jeopardy for the kids and adults to enjoy and other activities to help raise money for the Flyers Charities.

All and all if you have never gone to the Flyers Wives Carnival before I would highly recommend attending the event next year because it is a really unique opportunity to meet and interact with the Flyers and their organizations while supporting great causes.


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Barbs HD Annual Big Puckin’ Hockey Party

February 16th, 2015 by Leo | Comments Off on Barbs HD Annual Big Puckin’ Hockey Party | Filed in Events, Flyers, General


Every year Barbs Harley Davidson in Mt. Ephraim holds its annual Big Puckin’ Hockey Party as a free event for the public.  Let me tell you it was a packed house, people came from all over the Deleware Valley area to have a meet and greet and have all types of items signed by the Flyers alumni.  This year the signing included seven Flyers’ legends: Bernie Parent, Bill Barber, Dave Schultz, Brian Propp, Joe Watson, Don Saleski, and Frank Bialowes.

Fans started lining up at 9am for the 12-2pm autograph signing.  The line wrapped around the store 3 times and included hundreds of fans.  When I talked to the staff, they said “This year is the biggest turn-out yet, about double the amount of last year”.  It took about an hour or so to make it through the line to get to the players and I was surprised to see just how many people had the patience to wait for their opportunity.  This just showed the die-hard love the Philly area has for its Flyers.

Barbs HD kept the crowd entertained with music and served Pizza and refreshments throughout the Puckin’ Party.  They were also giving out discount coupons to the people for any merchandise purchased at the store.  In fact, the signing had to be extended about an extra hour to accommodate the amount of people.

There was a variety of items being signed from old Spectrum seats to Motorcycle gas tanks, posters, pucks, game programs, and pictures.  Barbs HD regularly schedules events to hold for the public and a calendar of upcoming events can be found at their website


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