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Who’s At Fault Here?

August 19th, 2013 by AmyMac | Comments Off on Who’s At Fault Here? | Filed in Baseball, General, Sports
Alex Rodriguez wax drilled in the left arm with a 92 mph fastball last night.

Alex Rodriguez wax drilled in the left arm with a 92 mph fastball last night.

By Amy McGinnis

At Fenway Park last night, the Red Sox hosted the Yankees, and things got interesting in the 2nd inning.

Of all the people wondering why Alex Rodriguez is playing despite his 211-game suspension, the Red Sox top the list. Last week, John Lackey was asked if he has a problem with Rodriguez continuing to play.”You bet I do. How is he still playing? He obviously did something and he’s playing. I’m not sure that’s right … It’s pretty evident he’s been doing stuff for a lot of years I’ve been facing him.” Last night, in the second inning, starting pitcher Ryan Dempster took action.  His first pitch, at 89 mph, flew behind Rodriguez, nearly hitting him in the left leg.  By the fourth pitch, with a 3-0 count, Dempster made contact with Rodriguez – he drilled him in the left arm with a 92 mph fastball. Yankees manager Joe Girardi said, “You’d have to be really unaware or not paying attention to not know he threw at him on purpose.”  There’s really no question that it was intentional, even though Dempster later stated, “I was just trying to pitch inside.” (If you plunk someone intentionally, at least own it.)  Boston fans cheered while home plate umpire Brian O’Nora ran to toward the mound and issued warnings (with finger pointing, for effect) to Dempster and to both benches.

Joe Girardi flew from the dugout, screaming at Dempster and O’Nora … the red-faced, hat off, vein-popping type of screaming.  O’Nora had warned the benches, but he hadn’t wagged his finger at the bullpens, so they promptly emptied.  When all was said and done, no punches were thrown, A-Rod took first base, Girardi was ejected, relief pitchers jogged back to the bullpens, and Dempster prepared for the next batter.  That’s not a typo, folks – Dempster stayed in the game.  Nearly four hours later, once the game had ended, Joe Girardi was still furious.  He made it very clear to the media that drilling a player isn’t acceptable, regardless of any scandal.  “Whether I agree with everything that’s going on, you do not throw at people and you don’t take the law into your own hands. You don’t do that. We’re going to skip the judicial system? It’s ‘My Cousin Vinny.'” On ESPN, Curt Schilling stated what everyone was already thinking … “It was as intentional as it gets.”


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How Is A-Rod Different From the Other Twelve Suspended Players?

August 7th, 2013 by AmyMac | Comments Off on How Is A-Rod Different From the Other Twelve Suspended Players? | Filed in Baseball, General, TalkSportsPhilly
Alex Rodriguez plans to appeal his 211-game suspension.

Alex Rodriguez plans to appeal his 211-game suspension.

By Amy McGinnis

I’m sure you’ve all read that Alex Rodriguez plans to appeal his suspension that is set to last through the 2014 season.  That sounds like a waste of a lot of people’s time, if you ask me, but I don’t make decisions for him.  A-Rod will be 40 at the end of his suspension (if he serves it), and he has been a giant disappointment for the Yankees of late … can’t we just call it what it really is? Rodriguez is done.  Somewhere, Pete Rose is placing a wager on whether or not MLB wises up and bans Rodriguez altogether.

Of the thirteen suspended players, Alex Rodriguez earned himself the heftiest suspension.  Why is that? Why did the other twelve each get a 50-game suspension, when Rodriguez was suspended for 211 games?  The answer is easy: A-Rod tested positive for PED use just like the other twelve players, but he also lied and obstructed the Biogenesis investigation.  Rodriguez is in the middle of his ten-year contract, of which he is still owed about  $96 million (the contract runs through 2017).  If his suspension remains intact, the Yankees will save roughly $34.2 million.  It’s pretty bad when your team’s fans want you gone.  Adrianne Apgar, a diehard Yanks fan, says, “His career is over any way you slice it.” Personally, I hope that MLB uses Rodriguez as an example, and if I were Bud Selig, I’d come down on A-Rod like the hammer of Thor.

There’s one other interesting difference that I’ve found – Alex Rodriguez is the only suspended player who was born in the United States.  The other twelve were all born in either Venezuela, Nicaragua, or the Dominican Republic.  In all of Major League Baseball, 24% of players were born in Latin American countries.  I’m not implying anything; I just find it interesting.


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A Win For Cole as Phils Sweep Fish

June 5th, 2013 by AmyMac | Comments Off on A Win For Cole as Phils Sweep Fish | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies
Hamels records his second win for the season.

Hamels records his second win for the season.

By Amy McGinnis

I never thought that I’d sit at my computer and type this, but after thirteen starts, Cole Hamels finally nailed down his second win for the 2013 season.  With a 2-9 record and a 4.56 ERA, Cole’s numbers thus far look as though they belong in the back end of the rotation.  While that’s a tough pill to swallow, it helps that Kyle Kendrick (6-3 with a 3.12 ERA) has been dominant thus far this season.  Watching KK pitch a complete game is exciting; however, I’m just as thrilled when I don’t have to set eyes on the likes of Antonio Bastardo.  The Phils’ bullpen, with the exception of Papelbon, continues to look like garbage.  Any night without extended “relief” from our ‘pen is a good night.

Philadelphia’s pitching certainly paid off this week with a series sweep.  Yes, I realize it was Miami … I can still be happy about it.  The exciting part is that the Phils are managing to match quality pitching with productive offense.  Domonic Brown has been blowing up the scoreboard, but his hitting has proven to be contagious.  Obviously, as a fan of Brown’s, I’m thrilled for his NL weekly and monthly honors (not to mention the fact that he leads the NL with eighteen dingers).  It’s the big picture that counts, though, and it seems that Dom Brown has brought our offense back to life.  We have a four game winning streak on our hands, kids.  What’s more, we’re finally treading water at .500.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Major League Baseball, threats of suspensions loom over the heads of players such as Ryan Braun, Alex Rodriguez, and about twenty others associated with the Biogenesis clinic in Miami.  This can’t possibly come as a surprise to anyone, and I remember watching Brewers games last summer and saying, “Seriously … someone give him a cup to piss in.” Braun’s first positive test for PED use didn’t stick, thanks to the mishandling of testing procedures by MLB. Throwing sportsmanship to the wind, he had the audacity to accept the 2011 National League MVP award.  Ryan Braun, I sincerely hope that your suspension exceeds the number of remaining games in 2013.  You, sir, continue to be a disgrace.


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Could A-Rod Be Changing His Pinstripes?

October 19th, 2012 by Mike H. | Comments Off on Could A-Rod Be Changing His Pinstripes? | Filed in Baseball, Phillies, Sports

A-Rod as a Phillie??

One of the biggest whirlwind discussions of the offseason will be the Opening Day location of Alex Rodriguez. While Rodriguez himself has stated he will not ask for a trade and that he intends to be in New York, rumors have surfaced that the future Hall of Famer would be willing to accept a trade to another large market. Rodriguez’ contract still has $114 M of guaranteed money remaining over the next five seasons, it also has $4 M in signing bonus (that I’d presume the Yankees are responsible for regardless) plus another potential $30 M in marketing if he passes Willie Mays, Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, and Barry Bonds. Rodriguez currently sits 13 behind Mays for fourth all-time.

Immediately, you can eliminate New York as the Mets will likely lock up David Wright. The Dodgers are a possibility, but how far over the luxury tax are they willing to go? The Angels could be a fit, but I’m not sure they are in the market for a third baseman. But who knows, no one thought they were in the market for C.J. Wilson AND Albert Pujols last year. Does anyone really see either Chicago team as a viable destination, because I really don’t. So wouldn’t that make Philadelphia the largest market with a potential need at third base? And more importantly, should Philadelphia be interested in acquiring the aging slugger?


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Dallas Braden – Alex Rodriguez Feud

May 8th, 2010 by Christian | 10 Comments | Filed in Baseball, General, MLB, Phillies, Video

Not sure how many of you are following this story, but Alex Rodriguez and A’s pitcher Dallas Braden have been embroiled in a mild feud and exchanging words in the press after A-roid ran across the mound after making an out back on April 22nd.

The video below shows the incident and Braden’s comments after the game.

Things have heated up a bit since then…

“There are things that are going to have to happen,” Braden told CSN Bay Area. “Out of respect to my teammates, out of respect to the game. I think he’s probably garnered a new respect for the unwritten rules and the people who hold them close to their game. But I think you’re right, we don’t do much talking in the 209.”

Braden was referring to Stockton, Calif., known as 209, where he is from and attended high school.


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Is Bill Conlin Delusional?

March 13th, 2010 by Johnny G | 25 Comments | Filed in Baseball, General, Phillies

Nice try Bill

 Let me start off by saying, I realize the newspaper industry is a sinking ship. With the advancement of the internet and the ease at which news can be acquired, it has all but crippled this business. With that being said, articles such as Bill Conlin’s, that basically states the 2010 Philadelphia Phillies have the best infield in the modern era should not be used simply to sell papers. I want to give Bill the benefit of the doubt here and say he doesn’t honestly believe what his articles states and that this was simply a tactic to boost sales but I am not so sure. The insanity of the basis of this article is that the Phillies don’t even have the best infield for the 2010 season, let alone the last 5 years, 10 years, or as Billy boy states, the modern era. 

Conlin conveniently omitted the catching position from the infield to help his argument but it still doesn’t fly. Ryan Howard is a phenomenal power threat but his major struggles against left-handed pitching is what puts him right on par with Mark Teixeira. Tex is a switch-hitting, gold glove first basemen. He has not hit under .280 since his rookie year. These are two big time threats, Howard with more power, Tex with a higher average and better defense. We’ll call this one a push. 

The Phillies clearly have the advantage at 2b, as Utley has put up some of the best numbers at his position in the history of the game. Robinson Cano is often extremely undervalued in this match-up though. Last year Cano hit .320 with 25 homeruns and 85 rbis, certainly nothing to sneeze at. Utley has also improved significantly defensively since his rookie season and is now one of the top defensive second basemen in the game. Utley is the better player but this isn’t as much of a landslide as many Phillies fans would lead you to believe. 


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