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TalkSportsPhilly engages the community through a variety of Charities that are Philadelphia based and support great causes.  Read up and join a cause!



FUEL the CURE’s mission is to motivate individuals to take action and cultivate a lifestyle of heightened social consciousness and charitable giving. FUEL the CURE was founded on the idea that individuals are capable of combining their resources (such as time, skills, social networks and money) to create events that are both fun and philanthropic. We encourage ourselves and others to incorporate the FUEL the CURE ethos – Find time, Take action, Create hope – into their everyday lives.


FUEL the CURE is a Philadelphia-based non-profit organization, founded and run by young professional volunteers. Each year, our team organizes various fundraising and volunteering events in support of local and national charities. As of December 2012, we engaged over 1,900 individuals in numerous volunteering and fundraising activities, and donated over $269,000 to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, Breastcancer.org, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, American Cancer Society, and St. Damien Hospital.
Visit their website at http://fuelthecure.net/  and give a Like to the FaceBook Page as well.

 Where Fun and Philanthropy Meet


The mission of Suiting Warriors is to support and empower veterans transitioning into civilian life by providing them with professional attire essential for competing in today’s job market. We recognize the service they provided to our Nation and we are committed to helping these men and women persevere in their new career search with continued confidence.


Suiting Warriors donates new and gently worn professional attire to veterans on Suit Gifting Days. Suit Gifting Days are on Wednesdays at the Wilmington, DE office. Plans to become mobile starting in 2014.


Annual Reds, Whites & Brews Event / Click image to go to SuitingWarriors.org

Vets need to register through website suitingwarriors.org


Our mission is simple, to Educate, Provide Awareness, and Fund Researchers who are committed to finding a cure.
StopCAIDnow is focused on providing tools to better educate Doctor’s and the community on ChildhoodAutoInflammatory diseases. There is such a strong need to understand these diseases so proper diagnosis can be made, and treatment can be started. This will help alleviate the inflammation process, and the pain that comes with it. The need for proper diagnosis is urgent for the prognosis of these diseases. If left untreated damage to the tissues, organs and vision(for some) will not only be irreversible, but devastating.

The foundation is working amongst top Doctor’s and Pathologist who are researching better ways to treat, educate, and finding a cure for CAID. The foundation is accepting proposals from such Doctor’s and will fund their project. The foundation provides a letter to those who fund the project explaining how their money is being used. We recognize those who help fund are a part of making the projects possible and get us closer to a CURE. The foundation not only recognizes this support, but is grateful. All major supporters/Sponsors will be listed on the website, and at the Gala.

Awareness through media, functions and conferences is also part of our mission.

It is the Doctors, and pathologist..who are doing the work. The goal for StopCAIDnow is to help them and spread global awareness (stopCAIDnowInternational), and fund their efforts in helping find a cure for these painful and debilitating diseases. StopCAIDnow is proud to have funded the first CME course in the nation on CAIDology to help educate many physicians and those in the medical field throughout the US and in Europe on these complex diseases. StopCAIDnow is proud to have the first Clinic for CAID at the Cleveland Clinic. Those suffering needed a remote place where they could be properly DX and treated by Doctors doing the research on AutoInflammatory diseases.

You can find more information @ giving.ccf.org/stopcaidnow
StopCaidnow is the voice for the children suffering, and the Doctor’s who are dedicated to helping the cause.


BrainHelper.org was founded to provide information and education on life issues and how they affect the brain.   It will provide a host of resources free for public use as well as covering topics including emotions, stress, and social issues.   You can become a member of this community by going to www.brainhelper.org and registering as a member.

BrainHelper.org has been operating since 2007 and has had over 4 million visitors in that time.  Many people utilize it as a great resource for links and the latest news on the Brain.  Stop in and check out the Brain Arcade for a little fun and some Brain games.  Take a look at the Pharmacology guide or take the Brain Map Tour.  All this and more is done for the community and the benefit of others.

BrainHelper.org has teamed up with Paypal to accept donations and to purchase any items in the store section. We are Paypal Verified to ensure you a safe and secure transaction. Thank you for your support in this project devoted to the human brain.  Just click on the button below to make a donation.

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