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The Evolution of Ben Simmons

April 8th, 2018 by Christian | Comments Off on The Evolution of Ben Simmons | Filed in Basketball, General, NBA, Sixers

By Christian Klemash

Ben Simmons has evolved. And this evolution hasn’t taken centuries, decades or years. It’s taken less than one full season in the NBA.

Relentless defense. Orchestrating the offense. Vocal leadership. Unparalleled court vision. Physical domination. Points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks. Simmons is doing it all. And he’s only 21. As of today, I would take him over any other player in the NBA. He is the best player in the league – a 6’10” point guard who can dribble through a minefield, play power forward and pass like Magic Johnson. He is the complete package – and he’s playing like he knows it.


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Sixers and the NBA Playoffs

March 29th, 2018 by Leo | Comments Off on Sixers and the NBA Playoffs | Filed in Basketball, General, NBA, Sixers

Here is a listing of the NBA Playoff Spots and the odds:

Record Conference Playoff Spots No
Team W L 1* 2* 3* 4* 5 6 7 8 9
Raptors 55 20 89% 11% ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Celtics 52 23 11% 89% <1% ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Cavaliers 45 30 X <1% 51% 32% 14% 2% <1% <1% ^
Sixers 44 30 X X 40% 41% 17% 2% <1% <1% ^
Pacers 44 31 X X 9% 24% 46% 17% 4% <1% ^
Wizards 41 33 X X <1% 2% 16% 36% 39% 7% <1%
Heat 40 35 X X <1% <1% 6% 40% 43% 11% <1%
Bucks 39 35 X X <1% <1% <1% 3% 14% 82% 1%
Pistons 34 40 X X X X X <1% <1% 1% 99%
Hornets 34 42 X X X X X X X <1% >99%
Knicks 27 49 X X X X X X X X 100%
Bulls 24 50 X X X X X X X X 100%
Nets 24 51 X X X X X X X X 100%
Magic 22 52 X X X X X X X X 100%
Hawks 21 54 X X X X X X X X 100%
  • Notes
  • ^ means the team will finish better than this playoff spot
  • X means the team cannot win this playoff spot
  • 50% – probability the team will win this playoff spot – green number indicates the team controls its destiny for this spot
  • 50% – probability the team will win this playoff spot – red number indicates the team does not control its destiny for this spot
  • Table Sorting Method
  • * denotes first round home field advantage in the playoffs


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Report: Sixers Considering Jamal Murray at No.1

June 6th, 2016 by Ryan Waterman | Comments Off on Report: Sixers Considering Jamal Murray at No.1 | Filed in Basketball, General, NBA, Sixers, Sports
Source: Andy Lyons/Getty Images North America

Source: Andy Lyons/Getty Images North America

Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram?

That’s been the question for the better part of the last three weeks, more so since it became public knowledge that the Philadelphia 76ers became the owners of the first-overall pick in the NBA Draft. However, recent reports have suggested that things are not as cut-and-dry as they seem.

Keith Pompey of is reporting that the Sixers vice president of player personnel Marc Eversley gave the impression that the team is considering one other player along with the duo of Simmons and Ingram, and his name is Jamal Murray. Eversley was quoted on Thursday saying, “Jamal Murray, we certainly got a chance to see him a couple of weeks ago. He’s certainly going to be one of those kids who’s going to be in contention for the No. 1 pick. We like him a lot. He’s going to bring a lot to wherever he goes in the NBA, certainly a talent.” I don’t know about you, but it certainly sounds to me like they’re big fans of this kid. 

The 19-year old combo guard from Kentucky has been widely regarded as one of the top-five prospects in this draft class, according to league insiders. Although, he hasn’t been looked at in the same light as Simmons or Ingram, this most recent report could change that.


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Should the Sixers Deal Okafor To Boston?

May 30th, 2016 by Ryan Waterman | Comments Off on Should the Sixers Deal Okafor To Boston? | Filed in General, NBA, Sixers, Sports, TalkSportsPhilly
 Source: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images North America

Source: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images North America

The NBA Draft is approaching quickly, and it’s now time for the lowly Sixers to take center-stage in the city of Philadelphia. Eleven days ago, it was revealed that the #1 overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft would belong to the Sixers, which elated the fans of Philadelphia. However, fans were quick to forget that the Los Angeles Lakers were awarded the pick behind us, meaning that Philadelphia would not be receiving the Lakers’ pick this year. So, instead of having four first-round draft picks, the Sixers now have three. In addition to the top selection, the Sixers will also pick at #24 overall (courtesy of the Miami Heat), and #26 overall (courtesy of the Oklahoma City Thunder via the Denver Nuggets).

Missing out on the Lakers draft selection has brought up an interesting possibility, that could be revisited. As many of you know, the Boston Celtics were close to pulling the trigger on a “mystery deal” at the trade deadline, prior to it falling apart. Coincidentally enough, the Sixers were also receiving interest in the 2015 #3 overall pick Jahlil Okafor. This led to a report claiming that Boston’s “mystery man” was Okafor. The proposed deal would’ve seen Boston’s first-round pick (via Brooklyn) head to Philadelphia, as well as either Marcus Smart or Avery Bradley. For whatever reason, that deal didn’t come to fruition back in February. Although, there are reports claiming that talks could re-open, now that the Sixers know what pick the Celtics hold. That brings me to my ultimate question. Should the Sixers trade Okafor to Boston?

Ultimately, I say no. As much as I would love having two of the top three selections in the draft, the risk of providing Boston with a superstar is one that cannot be taken. Okafor is a player that has the capability of putting up 20/10 on most nights, and that’s something that can’t be taken for granted in the NBA. While the NBA is primarily a 3-point league now, the luxury of having a talented big man can’t be ignored. Almost every successful team has at least one strong big in the front-court. San Antonio has LaMarcus Aldridge, Cleveland has Kevin Love, and Oklahoma City has Serge Ibaka. My point, is that despite popular opinion, the front-court does actually have an effect on the game.

Short-term, fans would likely say that it’d be smart for them to move Okafor to Boston. They’d likely land Marcus Smart, and #3 overall. That move would give them a legitimate point guard, in addition to a pair of top-three selections, with which they’d likely select Ben Simmons and Kris Dunn. Would it fill out their team?  Certainly it would, but at what cost?  Marcus Smart has character issues, those of which he displayed fully during his time at Oklahoma State. Couple that with the uncertainty that whoever they select at #3 doesn’t pan out, and this deal could be a recipe for disaster.


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2016 NBA Mock Draft

May 30th, 2016 by Ryan Waterman | Comments Off on 2016 NBA Mock Draft | Filed in Basketball, General, NBA, Sixers, Sports, TalkSportsPhilly


The NBA Draft Lottery is officially twelve days in our rear-view mirror, and the Philadelphia 76ers are on the clock. They have until June 23rd to make the decision that will alter the course of the franchise. Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram? In what is widely considered to be a “two-player draft”, there are a number of good prospects that fall past that top-2 threshold. Prospects such as Buddy Hield, Kris Dunn, Jaylen Brown, and Dragen Bender among others round out the top-10. Over the past 10 days, I have spent time researching the prospects of this upcoming draft, and I feel that this representation of the NBA Draft will come close to the real thing. Without further hesitation, let’s get right down to it..

1.) Philadelphia 76ers- Ben Simmons (PF/LSU)

With the 1st pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, the Philadelphia 76ers select…Ben Simmons. Those will be the words uttered by commissioner Adam Silver on draft night, as the Sixers begin the post-Hinkie era. I’ll be honest, while I’m not thrilled with the way Simmons performed in his lone year with LSU, you’d be crazy to pass up on the possibility of a once-in-a-lifetime prospect. 

2.) Los Angeles Lakers- Brandon Ingram (SF/Duke)

The Lakers had luck on their side twelve days ago, as they were able to avoid surrendering their pick to the Sixers. Now that they’ve finished in second to the Sixers, the Lakers will have to settle for the second-best player in the draft. Ingram’s a very-good, borderline great player, and he’ll fit in wonderfully with a Lakers team that includes D’Angelo Russell, and Julius Randle. The future for Los Angeles post-Kobe, is bright following this selection. 


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Philly Sports Week in Review

April 11th, 2016 by Ryan Waterman | Comments Off on Philly Sports Week in Review | Filed in Basketball, College Sports, Eagles, Flyers, Football, General, Hockey, NBA, NFL, Sixers, TalkSportsPhilly
Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

For the most part, it’s been a dull year in Philadelphia sports. The Sixers have…well, sucked for a third straight year, the Eagles played very poorly and wound up missing the playoffs for the second-straight season, and the Phillies are just getting started. In the matter of a week though, sports has become the talk of Philadelphia. Dull no more, the city is buzzing with talk of all major sports teams. To get a better idea of just how much has changed in a week, let’s take a look at the week in review for Philly sports.




#2 Villanova Wildcats def. #1 North Carolina Tar Heels 77-74 to win the NCAA Championship


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NBA Trade Deadline: 4 Targets for Philadelphia 76ers

February 18th, 2016 by Ryan Waterman | Comments Off on NBA Trade Deadline: 4 Targets for Philadelphia 76ers | Filed in Basketball, General, NBA, Sixers, Sports, TalkSportsPhilly


Ah, “Deadline Day” is upon us. As with every NBA trade deadline, the rumor mill is on fire. Superstars, role players, bench warmers, you name it and they are rumored to be on the move. The Trade Deadline has also brought us a number of monumental trades, that shook the league to its’ core. The 2011 edition of the Trade Deadline saw Deron Williams of the Utah Jazz traded to the then-New Jersey Nets. In return, the Jazz received guard Devin Harris, a pair of first-round picks, cash considerations, and one of the organization’s cornerstones in Derrick Favors. While that deal was huge, arguably the biggest trade in deadline history happened just two days prior, when Carmelo Anthony was moved to the New York Knicks in an incredible 12-player deal. The point I am getting at here, is that the Trade Deadline is the day for huge trades to go down. This year is no different, as players ranging from Blake Griffin to Al Horford are reportedly on the block.

With it being the day of the Trade Deadline, teams are bound to be active. Most teams are looking to improve on their playoff chances, by acquiring rental players or better overall talent. Some teams that are out of the playoffs are looking to shed salary. Then, you have teams like the Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers are currently in a fantastic position when it comes to the deadline. With the current financial situation (or lack thereof…), the Sixers have become known as a “dumping ground” for ridiculous contracts, such as Javale McGee last season. The teams’ current financial situation allows them to be in a similar position this year, although I believe they could target longer-term options also. With that said, let’s take a look at the top 5 targets for the Sixers, before we reach the 3:00 Deadline.


4.) Jeff Teague- Point Guard/Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks have spent the last two seasons with fantastic regular-season squads, but have yet to step up in the playoffs. As a result, there have been a number of discussions centered around blowing the team up. If the Hawks go through with their discussions, one of the first to go will be Jeff Teague. The talented 27-year-old got off to a slow start in his career, not playing a whole lot during his first two seasons. However, he made the most of his chance, when given the opportunity in 2011. He saw his points per game average skyrocket from 5.2 PPG in 2010, up to 12.6 PPG in 2012. Since then, he’s averaged no less than 14 PPG. The one time All-Star would be an ideal fit for the Sixers, as he’d fill the void currently at point guard. Ish Smith has been playing amazingly since re-joining the team, but it’s not every day that you have the chance to acquire an all-star to run the point. One would imagine that a return would have to include Nerlens Noel, at the least.


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