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Philly Sports, Entertainment, and News NFT’s

June 8th, 2022 by Leo | No Comments | Filed in America's Got Talent, Charity, Events, General, Matrix, PhillyWood, Sports, Twitter

This is a Part of a series of Digital Art and NFT’s about the Philly Sports World, News, and Entertainment.  Keep an eye out on several series coming out this Summer and next year…Assuming we don’t destroy ourselves in the meantime with stupid authoritarianism and Greed.

If you would like to offer any money for these pieces of Art, Please contact TalkSportsPhilly


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Philly Sports Digital Art NFT’s

May 10th, 2022 by Leo | No Comments | Filed in America's Got Talent, Eagles, General, PhillyWood, Sports, Twitter

TalkSportsPhilly is creating a set of NFT’s and Digital Art of random subjects and the Philly Sports World/Universe. Below is one edition of the PhillyWood Project and Inclusively Exclusively Back-Stage Pass for Future Editions:


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Happy Fourth of July from TalkSportsPhilly

July 1st, 2021 by Leo | Comments Off on Happy Fourth of July from TalkSportsPhilly | Filed in America's Got Talent, General, Matrix, PhillyWood, TSP Top Gun

TalkSportsPhilly would like to send out a Happy Fourth of July to the Philly area and Jersey Shore. In our 11th year as a media company and Sports media in General, we are hoping for a fun filled Fourth of July weekend and hope you have one too.  Salute to the People of the USA and Philly!! The Birthplace of FREEDOM!!

Check out the Contest page and sign up for current contest and if you would like to Join in, then go to the Join In page and fill out the info.  Happy Birthday!!

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PhillyWood Story-Movie Music Videos

April 21st, 2021 by Leo | Comments Off on PhillyWood Story-Movie Music Videos | Filed in America's Got Talent, General, Matrix, Philly Babes, TalkSportsPhilly, TSP Top Gun

Below is a Playlist of some of the PhillyWood Story/Movie… Wild Ride

Smiles 33


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Hi Sports Fans…

April 11th, 2014 by hotskylar33 | Comments Off on Hi Sports Fans… | Filed in America's Got Talent, General, Philly Babes, TalkSportsPhilly, TSP Radio

Hey Phillies, I’m on the scene 🙂

How about that game last night, the Phillies were looking good , then blah. It’s okay, we have a strong, healthy team, and the season just started.  There are many more games to come.  I am very excited to be your Babe of the Year 2014.  I can’t wait to go to games and meet you guys.  My page will be up soon.  I will be on TSP Radio this Wednesday at 12:30pm, please listen in!  Go Phillies!!


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Leo interviews TSP’s Babe of the Year 2013 Sarah Clayton

April 17th, 2013 by Leo | Comments Off on Leo interviews TSP’s Babe of the Year 2013 Sarah Clayton | Filed in America's Got Talent, General, Interviews, Philly Babes, TalkSportsPhilly
TalkSportsPhilly likes to pick one girl a year to be TSP’s Babe of the Year.  In 2012 it was Kourtney Reppert, and Kourtney certainly represented TSP and the Philly Sports/Modeling world with style and were honored to have her as part of the site.  This year Sarah Clayton has been picked as the Babe of the year for 2013.
Leo:  Did you always want to be a model?


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Leo Interviews Philly’s Hottest Sports Babe/Model Kourtney Reppert!

May 4th, 2012 by Leo | 3 Comments | Filed in America's Got Talent, General, Interviews, Philly Babes, Sports, TalkSportsPhilly

Philly’s Hottest Kourtney Reppert

by Christopher Leomporra

Philly is famous for its passionate sports fans and Philly is also known for having some of the most beautiful women as well! I have been lucky enough to get to know one of Philly’s most beautiful and hottest one’s Kourtney Reppert over the past year.  Kourtney is highly intelligent and has a realness to her that most women in her position can’t manage to hold on too. We were able to find common ground in our backgrounds, both being from the Philly area and both having lived in LA/Hollywood.  Just recently as we were having a conversation on FaceBook, Kourtney was gracious enough to grant me an interview for

Let me give you some background on Kourtney and her Sports Modeling career.  Kourtney Elizabeth Reppert grew up in a small town in Leesport, Pennsylvania, which is about an hour from Philadelphia. Kourtney started to pursue a career in modeling in 2006 when people noticed and suggested she had what it takes to be successful. She joined ModelMayhem in 2007 and as her career started growing she started getting modeling  jobs for companies and print advertisers.

It wasn’t long after that Kourtney got recognized as one of the Hottest models in the Philly area.  Kourtney was designated Philly’s Hottest Flyer/Phillies Fan & Philly’s Hottest Blonde from the #1 Rock Station WMMR.  She has been featured in Sports Illustrated & interviewed by top online sites like & Maxim Radio!  As her career began to blossom, she decided to take a risk and move to the big leagues of Hollywood, which has payed off nicely for her.


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