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TSP Radio and Talk Radio Podcasts, 10th Anniversary

April 22nd, 2020 by Leo | No Comments | Filed in 94WIP, Events, General, Interviews, TSP Radio

Well, as most know who follow TalkSportsPhilly on the Internet and our various adventures in the Sports World of Philadelphia and Beyond, it is TSP’s 10th Anniversary year.  And what a year it has been, saying sarcastically :).  Over the years we have done different podcasts on a variety of subjects and guests.  It hasn’t been the mainstay for TSP like the Internet and Social Media but another outlet of content for sports in a different format.  A few co-hosts even moved on to larger broadcasts and continue in Sports today.

TSP would like to Thank all that supported, participated, contributed, and read and listened over the last 10 years and will be here for many years to come.

Below is a Radio Player with a lot of different episodes on it if you want to take a listen, just Sports Talk:


TSP Radio 


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Report: Jordan Howard healthy, ready to play

December 26th, 2019 by Leo | No Comments | Filed in 94WIP, Eagles, Football, General, NFL, PhillyWood, Sports

TSP Eagles Analysis by 94 WIP

As I read this article by Eliot Shorr-Parks, I inquired to him earlier about comment and talk about the last Eagles game, Eliot never got back to TSP to answer, We do agree that Howard coming back will plug a huge whole in the Eagles lineup.  A strong runner is the key to opening up this whole Eagles offense, what there is left of it though. Lets keep our fingers crossed and TSP thanks Eliot and 94WIP for their contribution to this article, hopefully further collaboration happens in the future.  Another Game review will be released before game on Sunday against the Giants.  Happy Holidays to all!

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NFL Draft Day Is Here … in Movie Form, at Least

April 14th, 2014 by Jim Chesko | Comments Off on NFL Draft Day Is Here … in Movie Form, at Least | Filed in 94WIP, Football, General, NFL, TalkSportsPhilly


If you’re a hardcore fan of the National Football League, there is perhaps no more-anticipated out-of-season day than Day One of the draft. Who will go No. 1?  How many trades will be made? (Will the Eagles take a wide receiver with their Round One pick?)

Well, we’ll have to wait until May 8 for those answers in the real world, but in the meantime we have the new movie “Draft Day,” directed by Ivan Reitman (“Ghostbusters,” “Meatballs,” “Stripes,” “Dave”),  about a pro football executive in crisis mode on the big day.  That executive is Sonny Weaver Jr., fictional general manager of the long-suffering Cleveland Browns, son of Browns recently deceased former coach Sonny Weaver Sr., whom – it turns out – Junior had fired. Yes, he fired his father!

The Browns GM is played by Kevin Costner, who – with this football flick – checks off another sport in his filmography, which already included baseball (“Bull Durham,” “Field of Dreams,” “For Love of the Game”), bike racing (“American Flyers”), golf (“Tin Cup”) and, of course, dancing with wolves!    (more…)

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Mike Vick’s Alma Mater Dogs Him Out

April 15th, 2011 by DJChris | Comments Off on Mike Vick’s Alma Mater Dogs Him Out | Filed in 94WIP, Eagles, Football, General, NFL

High School Vick

Why is it that adults blow perfect opportunities to teach kids with real world situations? As fathers and mothers, what do you do when you’re kid is in a pickle? Whether it has to do with bullying or seeing adults smoking or drinking. What about when they see something explicit on television? We have a split second to teach or protect them from shock. But that’s a decision that we must make if it is the appropriate time.

Students at Michael Vick’s alma mater, Warwick High School in Newport News, VA  planned a protest to support Michael Vick’s High School jersey be displayed in the high school.  The students were so sophisticated that they even built a Facebook page to gain support for the action.  The students were threatened that discipline would follow if they did not squelch the protest and remove the Facebook page. Ultimately, the Facebook page was removed and the protest is over. This is the second such protest at the school.,0,2461790.story

What a blown opportunity.  Isn’t that what America is about? Isn’t that how America was built? Isn’t that why we do not pay taxes on Tea? What about the constitution and peaceful demonstration?


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