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Welcome! to TalkSportsPhilly.com, a unique place to talk about the latest happenings in the Philadelphia Sports World and beyond. TalkSportsPhilly was founded in 2009 to be the go-to talk website about everything sports in Philadelphia. We encourage participation and membership is FREE, so you can join in anytime you want.

TalkSportsPhilly will be continually adding content and features to the website. Eventually we plan on branching out nationally into other major city markets for sports news.  We are currently looking for Contributor’s for the site. If you are interested in writing articles about a particular team or other sports-related posts, your opportunity awaits.   Become a part of the Philadelphia Sports Media market and a voice in the Philadelphia Sports News scene, one of the most passionate in the world.

TalkSportsPhilly is a Sports Media Site that is for entertainment purposes.   The views and opinions expressed by our members, contributor’s, and fans do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TalkSportsPhilly.com.  We are a portal through which Philadelphia sports fans have a voice to express themselves, by cheering or jeering their team’s moves;  an open forum where fans can vent, talk passionately and celebrate together.

We encourage participation and cross talk…

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13 Responses to “About TalkSportsPhilly”

  1. Willie McGonigle says:

    How bout doing a story on the Philadelphia Liberty Belles women’s football team

  2. ChrisLeo33 says:

    Check out talksportsUSA.com, the site is still in development but you can keep an eye on it, will be ready for opening day in baseball, woohooo

  3. DannaPrse says:

    Hi, just wanted to say that this is a nice sports site. I liked several posts and the radio links are great to have, ty.

  4. seanfrancissmith says:

    Dudes I have 2 articles in pending one called dejavu about Sundays Eagles game against the Niners. Second is called Ruben’s stupidity regarding letting Lee go and the Yanks getting Vasquez. PUSH them through PLEASE!

  5. CindyB says:

    I love your website, very cool. I look forward to more great posts, they have been interesting to read.

  6. seanfrancissmith says:

    I am having trouble creating an account! I need to talk to the IT dude! Go Phillies!

    • Leo says:

      Click on BECOME A MEMBER on the menu bar above.

      You should just have to create a username and give email and password will be emailed to you. Log in with the password given to you.

      After successful login, go to your profile, which is listed once you log in, and change password to a password you want to use.

      If all else fails, I can create an account for you and email you the login information.

  7. Dan175jr says:

    I like your site and am glad I found it, are you new? Looks like some good stuff here so I’ll be back.

  8. chrisleo33 says:

    We welcome Rossi as a new contributor and hope to see more coming on board soon.

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