TSP NFT’s Opening Day…Sports Digital Art

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TSP NFT’s Opening Day…Sports Digital Art

Look Below for Original TSP NFT…

Below are images or shots or Digital Art or NFT’s depending on your view…

TSP finds the new industry and technology an interesting place in the Sports World.

What is NFT Crypto?

It’s a rising type of technology called a non-fungible token, or NFT. … Think of an NFT as a unique proof of ownership over something you can’t usually hold in your hand — a piece of digital art, a digital coupon, maybe a video clip.


Sixers NFT

March Madness 56 NFT


Sixers NFT … https://twitter.com/sixers



TSP hopes you enjoy these unique moments in Sports…

Look for more Digital Art and NFT’s from TalkSportsPhilly in the Future…

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