2nd Anniversary of TalkSportsPhilly’s Persecution Part 1

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PhillyWood Story/Movie

As the headline suggests and for those who are following the PhillyWood Story/Movie since 2015.  Today, is our Second Anniversary of the discrimination and malicious prosecution of Leo by the City of Philadelphia, Jennifer Sherlock, and a corrupt Police department and courts.  It is a very long story with many parts to it.  TSP will go thru all the corruption and people involved in the persecution and discrimination of TalkSportsPhilly and Leo.  In the course of all this chaos created by the state and malicious players, TSP uncovered court corruption in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Police corruption including intimidation in Philadelphia, Moorestown, and Cinnaminson, unethical lawyers, and media suppression of the story by local media because initial baseless accusations came from a known media person in Philadelphia. (Links to other PhillyWood articles at bottom of page)

As I said, there are many parts to the story coming up, as unbelievable as it may sound at points, it is all true and I will take lie detector tests and speak in Public about it, will the other players do so as well??  Good question, but we know any honest, ethical person, would do so without hesitation if what they are accusing is true, which they won’t.  I have anonymous sources as well as my own evidence with video, audio, graphics and communications made to during this long standing discrimination of TalkSportsPhilly throughout the Philadelphia Media and Sports world because one media person had a personal grudge against Leo and TalkSportsPhilly and used those connections to influence them to persecute Leo and TSP because we tried to make Peace and solve the problem 2 years ago.

I’ll post video of the alleged crime that has facilitated a 2 year persecution including 5 separate jailings for posting sports articles and speaking against injustice by Judge Neifield, Neil Williamson, and Christopher Angelo of the Philadelphia Court system.

Below is a video of Blatant discrimination done by Zarwin Baum and the Crystal Tea Room in Philadelphia.  Worse than the Starbucks discrimination national story from the recent past.  TSP has plenty more to support our claims:


Here is a Second video of this particular discrimination from the March Madness Tournament event that all of Philly sports, media, politicians and business people throughout Philadelphia attend.

2nd video of this particular discrimination, TSP and Leo have been a political target by both Pennsylvania and New Jersey Government for years, all true…


This is Part 1 of this series of stories behind the PhillyWood Story/Movie.  Keep an eye out for further parts of this series in December 2020 and January 2021.

Stand Up for your Rights and don’t be bullied or discriminated against by multiple people, organizations, and government.  This is a compelling story of one man’s plight against a rigged and corrupt system while being targeted for almost 8 years by local authorities, businesses, and prominent people throughout the Philadelphia area.

Here is video of the Crime of trying to make Peace, still on trial for it 2 years later, Unbelievable isn’t it…


Here is a link for those suffering discrimination if needed: U.S. Equal employment opportunity commission to start.

Part 2,3,4 of this series will be out later this month and January 2020

Links to other PhillyWood Story articles: (being made into Documentary and Movie)








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