Philly Court Corruption… Christopher Angelo Shenanigans Part 2

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TalkSportsPhilly and Christopher Leomporra have been doing a long running story on Discrimination of TSP in Philly Sports and in the process was dragged into court corruption all over the Jersey and Philly areas.  Frankly, I was shocked when I saw how the court and justice system works in America, especially in this area.

As we have seen in the last year and longer, there has been a great call from the American people and people around the world on the Injustices and the largest mass incarceration of human beings currently in the world and in the history of the world.  Pretty amazing since we are supposed to be a beacon of Freedom and market ourselves as the best and most humane in the world.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.

The PhillyWood Story/Movie is a very involved story and has been in the works since 2015 but the true start to the story starts back in March of 2012.  Please reference the links below for the 3 part story on a National Stalking case of Kourtney Reppert that myself and TSP helped out during the ordeal.

In the first part of this new series of stories on court corruption in the Jennifer Sherlock vs Christopher Leomporra case, we discussed the improprieties of the courts, police, DA’s Office, and Defenders Association related to the case.  That part started the focus on Judge Marsha Neifield and Nicholas Williamson of the District Attorney’s office in Philly.  Link to article below:

In this second part we are going to focus on TalkSportsPhilly’s and my original Defense Attorney Christopher Angelo and the corruption and unethical actions conducted by him and the discriminatory Mental Health Unit set up in the Philadelphia Court System headed by Judge Neifield.  Christopher Leomporra was also stalked by Jennifer Sherlock to discriminate TalkSportsPhilly out of events and Detective Michael Schlosser of the Philly Police, including intimidation and having officers show up at Mr. Leomporra’s residence and work places including friends and their places of employment and obviously on the internet.

Christopher Angelo was acting as a prosecutor the whole time he was assigned as my lawyer since December 2018 until he switched over to the prosecutor’s office in August of 2019 without even notifying me before he left, leaving open cases in the Defenders Association including mine.  The absolute conflict of interest happening in courtroom 1103 under Judge Neifield is that Christopher Angelo was actually sitting on the prosecutor’s side of the room as my case was being called with a new lawyer not up to date with the case and still isn’t.

As they were throwing me in jail on my birthday May 6, 2019 for posting a motivational video on Facebook, which is my job and field I am educated in, Christopher Angelo was in the courtroom.  Obviously very unethical and it doesn’t take too much thought to know he passed on inside information from when he was my lawyer to Nicholas Williamson and Judge Neifield.  Every person I explained this too couldn’t even believe they could do that, how more unethical can you get.  It seems this is a regular practice in the Philadelphia Justice system, once again I have complaints in not answered yet, more to come, and this is part of the reason there is so much violence in the streets of Philly caused by the corrupt and violent Justice system operating in Philly.  Police just recently murdered 2 disabled people in Philly recently due to incompetent training of their Police officers in health situations and the promotion of violence by Philly officers because there is no accountability within the Justice System.

There is much more to this story and will be released in pieces throughout the holiday season and 2021.  Here is a graphic of Email communications between myself and Christopher Angelo of the Defenders Association now at the DA’s office under Larry Krasner.  They are all aware of this case as I’ve tagged and sent the story to media, police, FBI, and the courts among others.  I will release the details of these emails in a later article.  Thank you for your patience as the story is released over time.  Also below is the video of my actual crime of trying to make peace with Jennifer Sherlock who has had me blocked and discriminated against all across Philadelphia and New Jersey.  Unbelievable isn’t it…

Here is link for Part 1 of PhillyWood Story of Court Corruption:


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