Judge Marsha Neifield and Nick Williamson accused of Court Corruption, Part 1

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There is a long history of corruption within the Philadelphia Court System and the Philadelphia DA’s office among other corruption throughout all of Philly government and business world.  I myself have been a witness on multiple occasions while doing a story on corruption within the Philly Police, Philly DA’s Office, Philly Courts, and with a case brought by a local PR person whom has ties with Mayor Kenney and Governor Tom Wolf.

TalkSportsPhilly has been a victim of a corrupt and broken system for years.  The FBI and ACLU among other agencies like the American Disability Association have received complaints on Judge Marsha Neifield, Nick Williamson, and Christopher Angelo formerly of the Defenders Association, now at the District Attorney’s Office after switching sides from being a Defender in cases to the DA’s office in the middle of open cases he was defending. Christopher Angelo has also been passing along information from his clients he defended over to the DA’s Office in use for prosecution of his former clients.

Complete ethical violations practiced in the Philly Courts and especially the Mental Health Unit.  This was reported to TSP by Vincent Van Laar of Bochetto & Lentz when working a corrupt case in the Burlington County NJ court system.  Christopher Angelo of DA’s office in Philly unethically contacted Mr. Laar during the case in NJ which of course went bad because of incompetent defense and improprieties of Christopher Angelo and the Philadelphia Justice System.  Vincent did warn me of that court unit stating to get out of it and it’s unethically run.  Vincent was absolutely correct as I watched and studied the courtroom and personnel in course of the PhillyWood Story and my own corrupt case brought forth by a malicious prosecutor.

TSP has been doing a story on corruption and crimes committed since 2015 after witnessing the corruption within the court first hand back in 2013.

The Story is currently in works and is being developed as a Story/Documentary and hopefully movie of this travesty in Philadelphia Justice for 8 years going on 9 years.  The last DA from Philly, Seth Williams was found to be corrupt and removed but that’s just the tip of the iceberg in the Philly Justice System.

I have much evidence and video of the discrimination’s, corruption, and bullying done by local authorities and certain media outlets in an effort to censor TSP from bringing forth the story.

Please be patient and stay tuned with this article, it will be updated throughout the Holiday season and litigation to begin in early 2021.  It is an involved story which includes Police, Judges, Lawyers, Local Media, PR media companies, Cinnaminson, Moorestown NJ, local and national celebrities and internet celebrities as well.  Please be patient and open minded on this truly horrid story carried out on a disabled person/people with malice intent by the Courts and Lawyers because of complaints filed by Christopher Leomporra about the abuse and corruption endured by Mr. Leomporra through the Courts, Police, Lawyers, and Media.

All of this has merit and TSP has the evidence to prove it but is being stonewalled and censored from being able to tell the story or litigate in court.


In the Meantime, familiarize yourself with other stories of corruption and lawlessness in the Philly Courts, Police, DA’s Office, and the Philadelphia Dept. of Prisons.

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