Eagles vs Browns Preview and Prediction 2020

November 22nd, 2020 by Leo | Filed under Eagles, Football, General, NFL, TSP Radio.

This week the Eagles face a much improved Cleveland Browns team holding a 6-3 record in a much tougher division than the Eagles.  As we saw last game against the Giants, the Eagles fell flat on their face with an ugly 27-17 loss.  Now the Eagles head into Cleveland with a 3-5-1 record and still in first place in the horrid NFC East.

Once again, within the horrid NFC East, even if the Eagles lose again this week, they will still hold 1st in the Division because it’s the Giants bye week this week.  With Dallas and Washington at 2-7, even if they win and Eagles lose, the Eagles still hold 1st place.

Here is a listing of the Eagles injury report for the Browns game:

The Formula to Win:

The same as all year:  The lines are key, no or low sacks on Carson and sacks and pressure on Baker Mayfield.  If the Eagles lines don’t hold their own and if the Eagles can’t establish a running game, then the Eagles will lose.

Turnovers, whether from the Eagles or Browns will play a pivotal role on who wins the game.

The Browns have been great against the pass, but they got run over by Las Vegas and they have issues when teams commit to the ground game.  The run game for the Eagles is also necessary to win and the Eagles can do that against this Browns team, lets see.

The Browns are 3rd in the NFL on the ground, and rushed for 231 yards last week against Houston with Nick Chubb back, and now they’re going against an Eagle defensive front that’s giving yards in leaps and bounds.

There’s not a lot of hope the Eagles will win this game this week, and as I stated earlier in the article, it really doesn’t matter much if they lose as far as 1st place in NFC East.  But if the Eagles can manage to pull off a miracle in Cleveland it’s a good chance they will win the Division in 2020.

With all that said, TSP is going to hope for a win but from what we have seen so far this year, our prediction is a 28-24 win for the Browns.  Lets pray we are wrong.  You can do this Eagles, prove us wrong please.

The other thing in Philly’s favor is the Eagles have a tendency of losing games they should win and winning games they should lose.  Maybe that will hold true again this week.


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