Cowboys and Eagles Battle for 1st in NFC East

November 1st, 2020 by Leo | Filed under Eagles, Football, General, NFL, TSP Radio.

Needless to say to those in the know, thank God the Eagles are in the NFC East.  For most teams the season would be pretty much over and sights set on a rebuilding year and spoiler roles.  Fortunately, the Eagles have a helping hand from above currently with being in 1st place in the NFC East with a poultry 2-4-1 record.

The Cowboys come in with even a less impressive record of 2-5 and believe it or not, whoever wins this Sunday Night Football game will be in 1st place.  Many predict a 6-8 win season will be good enough to be the NFC Champs.  Below is the injury report for the Cowboys vs Eagles game.

The Eagles are favored to win this week, mostly because Dallas is down to their 3rd string QB and the Eagles are on a 1 game winning streak roll.  All kidding aside, the keys to an Eagles win is solid play from the defensive front with a couple of sacks and Carson Wentz performing well with his rag tag line and receivers.

Leo’s prediction is a 27-21 win over the Cowboys!


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