TalkSportsPhilly’s 10th Anniversary

February 9th, 2020 by Leo | Filed under General, PhillyWood, Sports, TalkSportsPhilly, TSP Radio.

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of TalkSportsPhilly in the Philly media.  It has been a privilege to be in the Philly Sports Market for so long.  It’s not easy participating in such a competitive market as Philadelphia.  One of TSP’s premises was to allow anyone a opportunity to be in the sports market that normally would be locked out of the corporate sports market.  We gave opportunity to many writers over the years ranging from High School, College, to professionals in between jobs and wanted to stay active.  Over the years, this rag tag group of writers has published thousands of articles, covered tons of events, participated with charities, produced video and radio shows and gathered a large following on Social Media.

We are hoping to have an event this year to celebrate the 10th anniversary if we are able.  TSP has overcome some significant hurdles during its 10 years (details in PhillyWood Story) and has been able to survive and co-exist with the big boys of Comcast, 94 WIP, 97.5 Fanatic, Fox 29, and other local media.  It has been an honor to provide a unique style of coverage and wide range of diversity to the Philly Sports Market.

TSP looks forward to continuing its sports coverage and has a movie in the making of TSP’s journey thru the Philly sports world and city called the PhillyWood Story/Movie to be released some time soon.  We have developed off shoots to the original TSP site to include PhillyWood (Entertainment connections between HollyWood/Philly) and Philly Babes.  We maintain a Radio show on BlogTalkRadio and are expecting much more TV and video coverage in the future.

So please, let TSP thank all its fans, contributor’s, writers, and sponsors for a thrilling ride thru the Philly Sports World and beyond.  Keep an eye out for the PhillyWood Story, it should be a National Story on the Internet and Social Media and the trials and tribulations associated with it.

God Bless and Thank you,


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