Eagles vs Vikings NFC Championship Preview

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In the beginning of the season, no one saw the Eagles actually going to the NFC Championship game, yes we in Philly say we are going to the SuperBowl every year but this time it may actually be true.  Once again the Eagles are in the Underdog position which personally I like, even if it’s undeserved, and I also think the Eagles will win this game too.  I believe there are a lot of factors in the Eagles favor and the teams matchup very similar in strengths and weaknesses.

First off, Home field advantage is huge and the fans can be a big factor in the game, second I think the weather will favor the Eagles as well since the Vikings are a dome team but there is no denying that they can handle cold weather as Minnesota is no picnic in the winter time.  Both teams are sporting relatively inexperienced QB’s in this type of game and both teams have an outstanding D, which of course is why both of them are there.  It’s the D or lack there of D that will decide the game and many look for it to be a low scoring game and a close matchup.  I myself am predicting an Eagles win with a score of 24-20 and an Eagles trip to the SuperBowl.

For the first time in 13 years, the Eagles will host the NFC Championship on Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field.  Just how unlikely is it for these two to square off at 6:40 p.m. ET on Sunday for the NFC title?  The last time a conference championship matchup featured two quarterbacks who weren’t their team’s respective Week 1 starter was at least 1970. The last time two quarterbacks with fewer than three games of playoff experience faced each other in the conference championship game was 2006.

Since Carson Wentz went down in week 14 with an ACL injury everyone has counted the Eagles out.  Yet the Eagles and Nick Foles managed to win home field advantage, tied in the NFL with the best record, and won the Divisional playoff game against the Falcons to make it this far.  No, Nick is not Carson but he is a competitor and has the ability to lead this team to a win.  Make no mistake this will have to be a team effort.

Here is a preview video from NJ.com on the game:


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Since Foles has taken over the starting reins from Wentz — not counting when he was removed after just one quarter in the Eagles‘ Week 17 meaningless game against the Dallas Cowboys — the Eagles have seen their points per game drop (31.1 to 22.7), total yards per game drop (390.5 to 297), total passing yards per game drop (247.5 to 203), rushing yards per game drop (143 to 94) and third-down percentage drop (45.3 to 32.5). Against a Vikings defense that is No. 1 in total yards, No. 2 in rushing defense and No. 2 in passing defense.

You can see from the numbers above the difference the Eagles have had since losing Carson.  So to pick up from that the D needs to step up, the running backs need to run hard, the receivers catch the ball, the coaches make solid decisions, the special teams come up with a big play, and no major turnovers, then the Eagles will go to the SuperBowl.

NOW, lets rock the house Eagles Fans!!!


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