Report: Philadelphia Eagles Coaching Search is Over

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Well, we’re a little over two weeks into the Philadelphia Eagles search for a new head coach. There have been many names rumored, fewer names confirmed, and the list has continued to grow shorter

The team began their search by interviewing running backs coach Deuce Staley. Pat Shurmur was next up, and had his own personal tryout by coaching the team against the New York Giants, in the regular season finale. Upon the completion of the season, the team interviewed former Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase (later hired by the Miami Dolphins), former New York Giants offensive coordinator Ben Mcadoo (later hired by the Giants), Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson, Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter, and former Giants head coach Tom Coughlin.

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It appears as if that search, has finally come to an end. Following losing out on the services of Gase, Mcadoo, and Coughlin, multiple media outlets are reporting that the Philadelphia Eagles plan to hire Doug Pederson as the team’s new head coach.

While it’s now public knowledge that Pederson will be coming to Philadelphia, the team cannot make an official announcement.  Adhering to NFL rules, the Eagles cannot officially announce the hiring of Pederson, until the Chiefs season has officially come to an end.

Many Eagle fans are familiar with Pederson, in one way or another.  Some remember him as the QB for the Eagles, back in 1999.  Others remember him as the offensive assistant from 2009-2012.  No matter how he’s remembered, it seems that the initial reaction to this hiring is split.  Those that aren’t fans of it seem to view this as too much of an Andy Reid re-dux. On the other end of the spectrum, you have those (including myself) that view this as a good hire.  While it’s true that Pederson has only ever coached under Andy Reid, that’s certainly not a bad thing. Reid had a lot of success here in Philadelphia, and has produced eight head coaches in his time.

Nonetheless, Pederson has found success in Kansas City running the offense, mostly on the ground.  In his three seasons as offensive coordinator, the Chiefs rushing offense has finished no worse than 10th in the NFL.  Jamaal Charles tallied over 1,000 yards rushing in both 2013 and 2014, and was well on his way to that achievement again in 2015, before tearing his ACL. With that knowledge in mind, one has to believe that DeMarco Murray is currently grinning from ear-to-ear.

Now that Pederson has been “named” as the Eagles head coach, he can start assembling his staff behind the scenes. Pat Shurmur and Billy Davis are both expected to be gone. It seems that Pederson has already started putting his staff together, based on this tweet.

Flajole served as the defensive coordinator of the former St Louis Rams from 2009-2011, under Pat Shurmur’s tenure as head coach. It’s unclear what position Flajole would serve as, but it was pointed out on Twitter that Wikipedia (we all know how reliable Wikipedia is..) is reporting that Flajole is going to be named as the Inside Linebackers Coach for the Eagles.

As far as the rest of the staff, it’s unclear what direction Pederson plans to take the team.  It’s being reported that the Eagles will likely go through a scheme change again, as the West Coast scheme could make its’ return to Philadelphia.  In regards to the defense, very little is known…except for this report from Don Banks of SI.Com.

Many fans have spent the better part of the last two weeks clamoring for many names, ranging from Adam Gase to John Harbaugh.  None of these names will be walking the Eagles sidelines next season, and that already has fans up in arms.  To all of you angry fans out there, need I remind you that Andy Reid wasn’t the “sexy” pick either when hired in 1999.  He was brought in over names with better backgrounds, and that led to criticism from both fans and media….much like this Pederson hiring. For that exact reason, I urge Eagle fans to at least give Pederson a chance to prove himself.   He may surprise us all…..

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